Youwin Connect 2017 : List of shortlisted Applicants For The YouWiN Connect Online Training Programme

The list of shortlisted applicants for the YouWiN! Connect Online Training Programme has been 
published on the website- (Click on Success List on the Home page).
Emails have been sent to the shortlisted applicants.
Also, kindly check your emails (inbox or spam) for further instructions.
CONGRATULATIONS !!!! Bala Saleh, Npower Community on Facebook.

List of Shortlisted Applicants for the YouWIN Connect Online Training Programme.

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What is YouWIN Connect?

YouWiN! Connect is a multimedia enterprise education initiative of the Federal Ministry of Finance (FMF) which aims to support young entrepreneurs as they PLAN, START and GROW their businesses. YouWiN! Connect seeks to promote entrepreneurship as a viable career option for young
Nigerians which in turn will create jobs and wealth.
There are three components to the YouWIN Connect Programme

1. YouWiN Connect Enterprise Education – (Print, Social Media, TV & Radio)

The YouWIN Connect Enterprise Education is a weekly print/online publication, television and radio broadcast series that aims to achieve the following;
Build entrepreneurial capacity through exposure to relevant SME development materials and tools such as technical, legal and financial skills in business management.
Inspire budding entrepreneurs by sharing real-life experiences from business owners and professionals.
Disseminate relevant entrepreneurship education content to foster enterprise amongst the Nigerian youth.

Use of Social Media to engage and network with Nigerian youth entrepreneurs
This does not require any form of registration and all information are provided free the pubic.

2. YouWiN! Connect Capacity Building

This is an online/in-class extension of the YouWiN! Connect Enterprise Education and targeted at young entrepreneurs. It aims to build entrepreneurial capacity (online and in-class training) through exposure to relevant SME development materials and tools such as technical, legal and financial skills in business management.
 To be considered for participation in the YouWIN Connect capacity Building, ;

You must be Nigerian Citizen
Aged between 18 – 40 years.
Have Post secondary school qualification (includes university, polytechnics, diplomas, NCE etc)  and Have Proposed and/or existing Business must be located in Nigeria.
Your Business must not entail production or distribution of weapons, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, gambling or any activities in contradiction of the Nigerian constitution.
Must be a Potential / existing entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas or plans for expansion respectively.
Your Proposed Business must be in one of the programme target sectors.

YouWiN! Connect Capacity Building Targeted Sectors

Information and Communication Technology
Computer programming, consultancy and related activities
Information service activities
Production of computer, electronic and optical products

Crop and animal production
Fishing and aquaculture
Food processing and production
Production of beverages
Animal waste processing
Animal feed processing

Production of textiles
Production of wearing apparel
Production of fashionable hair related products (wigs, hairstyles, e.t.c.)
Beauty product and/or accessories.

Manufacturing and Retail
Production of leather and related products
Production of wood and wood products
Production of furniture
Production of fabricated metal products
Production of rubber and plastics products
Production of paper and paper products
Retail trade

Building construction and related services
Civil engineering and related services

To apply for the YouWiN! Connect Capacity Building  Visit Once you register, a system generated acknowledgement email and passcode is sent to your email inbox. The passcode is required to login to the application platform.

3. YouWiN Connect Series Fund

This is an annual venture capital fund set up by the Federal Ministry of Finance which will offer equity investment to start-ups and early stage SMEs through qualified fund managers under a co-investment model.
For more info about the YouWIN Connect Program, You can contact the secretariat Via email and/or the YouWiN! Connect call centre viz;

Call Center

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