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All You Need to know to Start Making Money on Expertnaire

Have you ever wished there is an easy way to make money online? May be making money while you sleep! Then, that exactly is what you are about to discover in this blogpost as I reveal to you what expertnaire is all about. 

One unique thing i like about expertnaire is the fact that affiliates are making money, i mean big money through the expertnaire affiliate system. Could it be that it’s the most powerful clickbank alternative in Nigeria? If you check youtube, you will see alot of earning testimonials and expertnaire reviews. Some claiming to have made millions of naira through the platform with in just few months. But how much can you actually make through the platform?

The amount of money you will make on expertnaire depends on alot of factors like, how good you are at creating sales funnels and marketing affiliate products. Even if you are a complete newbie just looking for a way to earn additional income online, you can shorten your learning curve by learning affiliate marketing through the 72 hours implementation program which has been proven to be highly effective in transforming complete newbies into a sales machine in as little as 30 days. If you work this system, the system will work for you. Expertnaire is not a scam but a legit online business.

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So What is expertnaire all About?

Expertnaire is a Clickbank alternative in Nigeria where you can have access to high value digital products to promote and make money as an affiliate marketer or list your product for affiliates to sell and make you money as a vendor. If you are thinking who owns expertnaire? The owner of expertnaire is Omotoso Toyin, a Nigerian and also the admin of 7star courses.

Joining this clickbank alternative in Nigeria is  a win-win for both affiliates and Vendors because everyone makes money on the expertnaire affiliate system.

What are the features of expertnaire affiliate online business and why should you get involved in the platform?

  1. It scrutinize every product before being listed on the platform. So that only best gets to the market place.
  2. it pays very high commission to affiliates on product sales. There are products that can earn you up to 50,000 naira per single sale of it on the platform.
  3. it  pays affiliate commissions every Friday automatically without affiliates having to request for commission withdrawal
  4. it’s relatively new so there is still huge market for its product unlike other already saturated affiliate networks
  5. It’s  owned by a Nigerian and most of the products on the platform are actionable guide which can easily be implemented in Nigeria
  6. It  has a very responsive support, on email, telegram and WhatsApp
  7. It runs weekly training for affiliates on zoom
  8. It runs free offline training for their affiliates once in a month in their head office in Lagos
  9. It does cash giveaways and contests and have even given free car gifts to deserving top affiliates
  10. It has helped a lot of youths to have a source of consistent income, there are students making money on the platform, corpers making up to 500k monthly from the platform and even workers, I mean professionals like doctors, Engineers, lawyers etc. earns additional income through the platform.

Now that you know what expertnaire is all about, then how do you earn through the platform?

There are 2 ways to make money through the expertnaire platform.

  1. You can make money on expertnaire as an affiliate
  2. You can make money on expertnaire as a vendor

Making money as an affiliate on the expertnaire requires you to register  as an affiliate. There are 2 ways you can do that.

  1. If you already know how to create your sales funnel, all you have to do is register on expertnaire website and pay your 10,000 Naira yearly subscription.
  2. If you are complete newbie, you should join through the 72 hours implementation program where you will learn from expert how to properly promote affiliate offers and make huge commission. Also, you get a 1year free membership so that you have access to affiliate products you can promote through the expertnaire platform.

How to Earn on expertnaire as an Affiliate Marketer.

So, this is how affiliates earn, they login and choose hot products from the expertnaire affiliate market place, then create their sales funnel, write their follow up emails into the autoresponder, then run Facebook ads directed to a landing page or lead capture page. Then wait for sales to start coming in even when they are sleeping.

It’s explained in details in the 72ig program and if you will like to see how to make money doing affiliate marketing, you can visit this link https://bit.ly/3stepsonlinebusinessinnigeria

How to make money on expertnaire as an Vendor or Product Creator.

 As a Vendor, you are required  to first create your product, then submit it for the expertnaire team to scrutinize and evaluate to determine if the products can benefit the end buyers of such product. Once the product passes the scrutiny, then the products is listed in the market place and affiliates will promote and make sales. Once there is a sale of the product listed by a vendor, the sales amount is divided into 3 parts, affiliates get their own commission, expertnaire gets their own commission for the listing then the 3rd part goes to the product creator. Since the product creators are not actively promoting, they can be making money even when sleeping because the affiliates are doing the promotion for them.


Haven shown you what expertnaire is all about, if you want to make money on this clickbank alternative in Nigeria, you can either be an affiliate promoting other people’s products or you be a vendor creating your own products and listing on the platform. I have personally made over 140,000 naira selling other people’s product on expertnaire so i know the platform is working. Expertnaire is not a scam but a legit online business.

See my proof of earning on the expertnaire platform

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Click on the link for detailed step by step expertnaire registration guide so that you don’t make any mistakes and also be able to take advantage of 1 year free membership on the expertnare affiliate system.

What is expertnaire All about? Watch the 10 cool features of the clickbank alternative in Nigeria

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