Viraltrend Registration: How To Make 2500Naira Daily Online in Nigeria

Viraltrend is a social media company where you can register as a promoter and make money online in Nigeria. It’s one of the easiest way anyone can make money online in Nigeria. With your free facebook account, instagram account, twitter account, Youtube account, you could be making upto 2,500 naira or more daily doing simple tasks that can help business go viral like follow, likes, subscribe, tweet, retweet, share etc. It’s so easy to do those task and not doing your viraltrend registration immediately is like leaving money on the table.

The signup fee for viraltrend registration is one of the lowest for any online income program in Nigeria and you will still get it back into your grant wallet. You can withdraw your earning every single day to your bank account once you have earned upto 2,500 Naira so no need of waiting till month end before you get paid. If you are still think whether viraltrend is scam or real then I will post some screenshots of my personal earnings so that you can be sure viraltrend is real.

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About Viraltrend.

Viraltrend was launched in December 2018 by a social media influencer with instagram handle @legacywealth1. Prince legacy wealth is the CEO of Digital Wealth Concepts Limited and he is a viral marketing expert. Through this his social media company, has helped a lot of businesses to expand their fan base on different social media platforms helped those that want to win contests get the likes and follows required and ultimate help online business owners get the right exposure to make sales.

Legacy wealth started viraltrend to one, help those struggling to promote their businesses online to go viral on social media platforms and two help youths that wants to make money online have access to easy and legit way to make money online. All you need to make money on viral trend is your internet enabled device, viraltrend registration and login daily to do the social media tasks.

How does Viraltrend works.

In my provious post on viraltrend review, I have written in details how the viraltrend work but before I show you how to do the viraltrend registration, I will still go over how viraltrend works so that you don’t miss any details.

I have already told you in the introduction to this post that Viraltrend is a social media marketing company helping businesses to go viral on social media. So all you will be doing on this viraltrend income program centers about social media tasks. You already know how to post on facebook, how to like and share post you do it every day. You know how to follow and post on instagram, you know how to tweet, retweet on twitter and you know how to watch youtube videos, like, comment and subscribe to a youtube channel. You do all of that for fun before or just to while away time but with viraltrend it’s a different ball game. If you do any of those task, you will earn money.

I know many people will doubt the program because it looks just too easy to make money. But this is real. Viral trend is not scam, it real and it pays. Viral trnd pays 90% of what advertisers pay for a specific task to you as a promoter once you do any of those social media task no matter how easy it look. Once you do a task through the platform, no cheating, you get paid instantly.

Why you should join Viraltrend Now.

You might have seen different way of making money online in Nigeria, but you have never seen a easier way to make money online more than with viraltrend.


  1. Viraltrend pays your earning daily to your banks account. Minimum withdrawal is 2,500Naira. Once you have earned upto that in a particular day, no waiting. You place a withdrawal request and money hits your bank account within 24 hours
  2. The startup for your viraltrend registration is so little. With 500Naira you can become a basic promoter and with 2,500 Naira you can become a premium promoter
  3. Task to do to make money on viraltrend are so easy. No need to start learning how to do them. Just do your viraltrend registration and start earning.
  4. You will earn a multi-level affiliate commission so Viraltrend can be a passive source of income for you. Basic members will earn referral commission of 30% for every referred member and a further 5% indirect referral commission while Premium members earn 50% direct referral commission and a further 10% indirect referral commission.
  5. You will get your registration fee back as a grant bonus which can withdraw once it’s upto 10,000 Naira.
  6. You will earn grant bonus for every referral you signup on the viraltrend platform.
  7. You can do Viraltrend task at home and in your spare time
  8. The Viraltrend platform is user friendly and so easy to navigate.

Viraltrend Registration

Follow the steps below to register your Viraltrend account and start making money online in Nigeria with your free social media accounts.

  1. Click to for Viraltrend registration
  2. Enter your first name, last name and email and click on get started
  3. On the next page, select your country, state, password
  4. Under I want to: click on promote and earn
  5. Enter your username
  6. Tick I agree to terms and condition
  7. Click on register
  8. Check your mail to confirm your email and registration
  9. Then login with your email and password
  10. Choose your affiliate membership type either basic or premium and make your payment of 500naira for basic or 2,500Naira for premium through paystack
  11. Once your account is activated, you will be able to start performing your social media tasks

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Viraltrend review.

Viraltrend is a very good income program and it’s highly recommended if you need a legit and easy way to make money online. The program pays promptly. Once you have made upto 2,500Naira after your viraltrend registration, you can request for payment and you get money in your bank account within 24 hours.


Viraltrend earning proofs.



Lastly, viraltrend is not a get rich quick scheme or scam but a social media company where you can perform social media tasks and make money. You don’t want to delay your viraltrend registration as doing that will mean you are losing a lot of money which is not you certainly want. The program is clean and legit. Task are very easy to do once you connect your social media accounts on your profile initially.

Make sure the device you used to register is what you are using to login and do your daily tasks else you might not be paid for a task. There are so many people that might want to cheat the system of viraltrend it’s not allowed because advertisers paid real money for the tasks you will be doing so do it well and earn good money. For more legit programs check out my owodaily review or chateko review which also a social media like facebook where you get paid for tasks also.

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