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Real Estate Marketing: How to Quickly Make Money Selling Properties

Have you tried every possible real estate marketing strategy but still not making any property sales or closing any real estate property deals? It’s not your fault, because the real estate market in Nigeria is already over saturated. Gone are those days when any jack and harry can start this business and within 2weeks, start posting big paychecks.

But don’t worry, I’ve being implementing some bad ass strategies. When I say bad ass, I mean it because despite the fierce competition in the real estate industry in Nigeria, I still manage to close 2-3 deals in a Month, which is totally responsible for my 6 figures earnings monthly.

So, in this blogpost, I will reveal to you real estate marketing strategy  which will enable to make money quickly by selling high end properties or luxury homes to rich clients that can afford them. I have being using this same strategy to make consistent sales of luxury properties and earning big checks in Millions. If you also can be able to start implementing these strategies and ideas, you also can start selling at least 2 real estate properties every single month.

As a matter of fact, I will be revealing to you how you can get your first paying clients in 12 days or less whether you are a freelance real estate agent or you are an agent that work in house for a real estate firm.

What is Freelance Real Estate Agent?

As a freelance real estate agent, you sell and purchase commercial or residential property on behalf of clients. Your responsibilities include listing client homes or property for sale, showing the property to prospective buyers, and negotiating the final sale price. You may also represent buyers, searching for properties to meet your client’s needs and budget.

So, if you have a full-time job but want to start earning some side income from the real estate industry, you can work part time or weekends with a real estate firm accepting freelance estate agents or property consultants. Some of them included but not limited to Adron homes, Pwan group, Revolution Plus, Landwey, Amen Estate. Etc. Make sure you register with reputable real estate companies that have track record of paying promptly.

To register, go the real estate company’s official website, then fill the registration form. Some will require you to submit means of identification and also require you to give information about your next of Kin. Once your application has been successful; you will be issued agent id number and some will even produce an id card for you. So that client will be sure you truly represent the real estate company you are marketing to them.

How profitable is Freelance Real Estate Business in Nigeria?

Real estate business is highly lucrative in Nigeria and if you can tap into an real estate marketing strategy which is unknown to 90% of realtors in Nigeria, you can increase your commissions dramatically. For example, if a property is sold for 60Million Naira and freelance real estate commission is 5%. So, if you do the maths properly, you should arrive at 3,000,000 Naira commission. Now imagine closing this kind of deals like 2 of it in month. Even if you sell single family semi-detached 3bedroom apartment for 9,000,000 Naira, 5% of it is 450,000 Naira. If you sell 2 in a month you are close to earning 1 million Naira already.  

If you get your marketing strategy right in real estate, you will NEVER AGAIN have to worry about money again.

What skills do you need to be a successful real Estate Agent?

You actually don’t need to be a graduate or have some super marketing skills before you can become and start earning money as a real estate agent. But you sure need to be interested in properties, understand the property needs of your clients and have a great real estate marketing strategy. These are some of the skills you will need to work on for you to be a great real estate agent.

  1. You must have a good negotiation and selling Skill
  2. You must have good communication skill and be able to develop good relationship with clients
  3. You must be ambitious, have great drive and charisma
  4. You must know in details the process involved in buying and selling of properties
  5. You must have a strong organization skill as you might be working on more than one property at the same time.
  6. You must have keen interest in the property market and be able to keep up with the trends
  7. You must have time to visit property location, do Site visitation and inspection
  8. Ability to take pictures, record videos and come up with result oriented real estate marketing strategy
  9. Ability to use a Smart phone or Laptop
  10. Basic internet usage skills.

How to attract High end real Estate Clients

Most real estate agents don’t make money in this lucrative business because they find it difficult to know where to find wealthy real estate clients or how to attract rich clients who have lot of money to throw around in buying properties.

Let me tell you about one of my students, after applying the real estate marketing strategies that I taught him, he got 2 rich guys willing to purchase a property. But you know what, he was scared to hell to make the call. He quickly chatted with me to inform me that these clients are big men and he doesn’t know what to tell them.

Then, I told him it’s not complicated and gave him a call explaining  to him exactly what to do. The following day, he was so super excited and sent me message informing me that he has just closed the property deal that one of them bought the property and the other still want him to get him another one.

That is not the only person I have shown how to beat competitions in the over crowded Nigerian real estate market. I have shown so many aspiring real estate agents how to attract buyers to their property using my unique real estate marketing strategy.

You also can start making sales if you start your training now. It’s very painful to see real estate agents go through lot of stress to get broke leads which results in no sales. It’s very painful, the stress, the money wasted. So, avoid trial and error in this business if you want to make money selling properties.

We don’t have time for trial and error. There are lot of real estate marketing strategies but will you rather start testing them one after the other to finally discover what will work or you might not even be able to find what is working. Or You will rather start your training and learn the strategy that is bringing in the millions in paycheck monthly and get your own first paying clients 12 days from now.

See My Students Results

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Who I’m i? and why you should listen to me.

My name is Yusuf Oyafajo and for years now, I’ve been teaching People with absolutely Zero-Experience and Real Estate Entrepreneurs how to make serious money from real estate using a powerful real estate marketing strategy.

Proof of my earnings

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I can guarantee you that if you follow the practical training and step by step guide I’m going to give, you will be able to sell 2 – 10 real estate properties in a Month

If you are ready to put in the work, here is a glimpse of what I will be revealing to you in the training to enable you get your first paying client in 12 days or less.

  1. I Will show you LIVE how to run social media ads for real estate.
  2. I will reveal to you a secret service communication technique for making cold (even warm) prospects so restless that they won’t be able to sleep until they buy the property you offer for sale.
  3. 3 Simple ways to make Clients trust you at first sight.
  4. Show you how to sell ultra-expensive luxury properties without knowing any Bigman or have connections
  5. How to use emotional rhetoric’s to turn strangers into Clients instantly trusting you with all their money.
  6. Easiest way to standout in a saturated market.


  1. The ultimate real estate swipe file.

This is a compilation of the adverts that we have used to sell multi-million-naira properties into one place. They are real estate ads that were written by the most intelligent real estate marketers in Nigeria and will take you 5x ahead of any other real estate agent out there.

  1. How To Generate Big Marketing Ideas In Real Estate

This will show YOU my exact process for launching automatic money-making real estate marketing campaigns that continue to bring me high-quality clients even while I sleep and how you can replicate the process and use it for yourself.

  1. The client acquisition manual

It’s your blueprint for getting those high-ranking clients that most realtors can NEVER have access to. Also, you will discover how to reach the highest paid investors that are always looking for investment opportunities in the space of real estate.

  1. The Complete Guide To Getting The Real Estate Money

It’s a “counter-intuitive” secret to attracting high-value clients from outside Nigeria who will gladly pay you any amount of money to help them secure landed properties here in Nigeria.


Finally Real Estate mogul reveals the only way left to make BIG money in the Real Estate business.

If you know and apply this real estate marketing strategy, you will confidently sell 2 – 10 real estate properties every month without being related to Dangote or having connections with any rich man.

Real estate business is highly Profitable business in Nigeria. To succeed in the business, you need to know how to attract high paying real estate clients and be able to close the property deals with them fast. I’ve been able to make learning real estate marketing and succeeding at selling luxury properties a great experience for so many freelance real estate agents who have being wandering in the business for long with nothing to show for it.

 You can also testify from the feedback they are sending to me. I’m 100% sure that if you follow the real estate marketing strategy, I will be revealing to you in the training, you will get your first paying client in 12 days or less and start get consistent paychecks from the properties you sell. So, >>>Click here<<<< to start the training.

Please share and recommend this blogpost if it has helped you understand copywriting better and how to make money from the business here in Nigeria. Also leave a comment if you are able to implement and let’s know the results you are getting because we like to hear feedback from you.

Real Estate Marketing Monoploy by Yusuf Oyafajo

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