Smartweb Nigeria: Reliable Web hosting In Nigeria.

Smartweb Nigeria: Reliable Web hosting In Nigeria.

Smartweb Nigeria is a reliable web hosting service provider based in Jos, Nigeria. If you are hosting a website for personal or business use, choosing smartweb nigeria will be a good decision because you will get 24 hours customer service, rock solid 100% uptime, fast loading time for your website and excellent service delivery from this web hosting company in Nigeria.

Whether you are a professional or beginner launching a new website online, smart web host has a package that is pocket friendly for everyone. It also has packages for institutions and government bodies and it has successful being hosting websites since 2004. Most of the other web hosting services in Nigeria has not been around for that long. But because of the unparalleled service delivery of smartweb Nigeria, it has been able to survive and continue to improve it’s service delivery to the teaming internet users and website owners
in Nigeria.

For a successful launch of your online business, you need a few things, domain name, web hosting and website design. Smartweb Nigeria offers all the three services that will ensure successful launch of your business online and much more. Whether you are starting your business as a blogger, affiliate marketer, e commerce, mlm company etc. Getting your website hosting with smartweb Nigeria is a smart move and a decision you will never regret. Know that the up time and loading time of your website are very crucial and can impact positively or negatively on your revenue as a website owner.  So choosing the right web hosting service from the beginning is the only guarantee that your website can have 100% uptime, load fast enough and make you daily revenue. That is why you need to host your website with smart web host.

Smartweb nigeria is not the only web hosting service provider in nigeria, others includes godaddy, namecheap, domainking, whogohost, qservers, web4africa, hostnownow, syskay. But if you want reliable web hosting with customer service line you can call 24/7 in case something go wrong with your website, then smart web host is the best. Let see some of the service of smartweb Nigeria and how you can do domain name registration in Nigeria, buy your web hosting and transfer your domain to smartweb Nigeria.

Smartweb Nigeria: Services

1. Domain Name Registration in Nigeria.
Domain name is just like your office address in offline business. It’s the address of your website through which other internet users can get to your website. A domain name can be only letters, numbers or a combination of both. To start your online business, you need to brainstorm and come up with a unique and easy to remember domain name. You then search for the availability of the domain name, once it’s available, you can go ahead and do the domain name registration. There are more than 50 domain name extensions and you are not limited to the .com extension, you can choose .com, .ng, etc and example of domain name is But yours can be different, you can use niche keywords in your own domain name etc just make sure it’s what people can easily remember.

Steps for Domain Name registration  on Smartweb Nigeria

buy domain name nigeria

1. Click to search for your domain name availability

2. Once on the homepage, Click on the domain tab, and select “register a new domain name” from the drop down menu
3. Enter your desired domain name in the search box, enter the security code and click on search
4. You will get list of available extensions for the keyword you searched
5. Click on add to cart for any of the extensions to pay for the domain name and click on check out
6. On the next page, you will see some other addon options just click scroll down and click on continue
7. Review your order and click on check out, if you have a promo code, you can use it here also.
8. On the check out page, fill your personal information, billing information, domain registrant info, account security,
9. Choose your payment method, bank transfer, paystack or interswitch web pay
10. tick i have read and agreed to term of service
11. Click on complete the order.

2. Website Hosting  in Nigeria
Website hosting is that most important service that makes your website available on the world wide web. I have shown you earlier that domain name is like your office address but the hosting can be viewed as your office itself or warehouse where you store all your goods and important documents required for smooth operation of your business. Website hosting service provider like smart web host makes it possible for your website to be online. They will store your videos, pictures, files etc on their server so that your website
can be easily accessible to your website visitors.

There are various type of hosting plan you can choose from like the shared hosting which is just like renting an office in a shopping mall and sharing all the facilities with other business owners on the shopping mall. In a shared hosting, multiple websites share the same hosting server and you will  get a band width on the server and a space will be allocated for you to store all the file on your website. Most people that have low budget or want to start small usually go for the shared hosting plan.

The Other type of web hosting you can get on smartweb nigeria is the dedicated server hosting. This is the kind of hosting where you can determine the operating system you want, linux, windows or even cloudlinux. You can choose the specifications of the hardware, the type of processors you want, the ram, storage size and bandwith. All smartweb Nigeria servers are located in the data centers in United states, Arizona,Dallas, Houston etc.

How to Buy a shared Hosting on Smartweb Nigeria.

smartweb nigeria shared hosting plan

1. Click to search fro available of your domain name 

2. Once on the homepage, Click on the web hosting tab, and select shared hosting from the drop down menu
3.You will see a list of the available shared hosting plan, click the green button to “order Now” to order your hosting plan
5. on the next page, you have three options, you search for a new domain name and register the domain name and hosting together, transfer your previously bought domain name else where to smart web host or host a domain name your bought before on smartweb Nigeria
6. On the next page configure your billing cycle, buy choosing whether you want to pay monthly or yearly and click on the black button “Continue”
7. On the next page, review your order and click on check out, if you have a promo code, you can use it here also.
8. On the check out page, fill your personal information, billing information, domain registrant info, account security,
9. Choose your payment method, bank transfer, paystack or interswitch web pay
10. tick i have read and agreed to term of service
11. Click on complete the order.

Once you are done with your hosting and domain name registration with smartweb nigeria, the next thing is to login to your cpanel and install your wordpress. Then Do wordpress cutomization and plugin installation and your website will be available for the whole internet users to access.
If you need help with your wordpress customization and plugin installation, contact me on Whatapp for a quote. Click on the link for wordpress customization and plugin

3. Comodo SSL Certificate.
Another very important service of smartweb Nigeria is sale of comodo SSL certificates. The essence of an ssl certificate is to ensure that your website is secure and any information being transferred between your server and web browsers of your site visitors are encrypted and safe from hackers.  Once an SSl is activated on a website, the transfer protocol changes from http to https and you will see a locked padlock beside the https in your browser meaning the website is secure. Choosing Comodo SSL from smartweb Nigeria means your site will enjoy the highest security levels and you’ll also receive additional tools that will win customer trust and increase sales conversions on your website. My next blog post will be an indepth smartweb review

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