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How To Make Money Online with Recharge and Get Paid Telecom Business.

Recharge and get paid is the best telecom business where you make money online in Nigeria through profit sharing from the sale of Airtime, data subscription, Cable tv subscription, Nepa bill payments etc. The ragp Telecom business model is similar to what the banks do by providing you Vtu services which enables you to recharge airtime directly from your bank account.

Banks, Jumia one App, Shoprite etc now offer VTU services and make Billions of Naira in commission from all the networks mtn, glo, Airtel, 9mobile etc every time you buy airtime or do data subscription through them.

Recharge and get paid is better than all other similar platforms because it’s the only telecom business in Nigeria where you can create wealth through building a network of telecom product users and make money per minute per seconds.

About Recharge and Get Paid Ltd
Recharge and get Paid Ltd is a company licenced by the NCC and CAC to carry out services which includes sales and distribution of telecom products through the Network marketing business model. It’s not a telecommunication Network but a telecom business where you can buy, sell and build a network of telecom products users.

The company has the vision of empowering Nigerians and giving them financial freedom by providing then opportunity to make money and earn consistent cash flow daily by becoming RAGP VTU Agent. As a VTU Agent of RAGP Recharge and get paid Ltd, You will make commissions on every recharge both personal and sales to clients done through your recharge and get paid VTU Wallet. Click on the link to read Recharge and Get Paid Reviews and What people are Saying about recharge and get paid

How Does Recharge and get Paid Works

Recharge and get paid is a web based VTU Telecom Business through which you can buy Airtime, do Data subscription, Subscribe for Dstv etc directly from your VTU wallet. It doesn’t have a mobile App yet but the website is optimized for Mobile and it’s very responsive. You can do your recharge and get paid VTU Business right on your mobile phone without any hassle. To start using the ragp platform to make money and for your recharges, you have to register an account under the recharge and get paid referral id “rechargeandearn“. Click here for recharge and get paid registration.

Once you have and ragp account, you can then buy/sell vtu producs and earn commission or refer other vtu products distributors and also earn commissions. 

How To Make Money with Recharge and Get Paid Telecom Business through recharge commissions.

1. You will get paid 2% instant Commission on personal Airtime Purchase

2. You will get paid 10% instant Commission on Personal Data Subscription

3. You will get Paid 0.36% instant Commission on Airtime Purchase of All your downlines

4. You will get paid 1% instant Commission on Data Subscription of all your downlines

How To Make Money with RAGP Telecom Business through affiliate referral commissions.

1. You will get paid 20% instant Signup Bonus for joining the ragp telecom network

2. You will get paid 20% direct referral bonus from every member you bring into the Network

3. You will get paid 10% indirect referral bonus from your Level 2 members

4. You will earn 5% indirect referral bonus from your level 3 members

5. You will earn 2.5% indirect referral bonus from your level 4 members

6. You will earn 1.25% indirect referral bonus from your level 5 members

7. You will earn 1% indirect referral bonus from level 6 to level 10 members.

The recharge and get paid Affiliate Network has been designed in such a way that once you are able to build a network of downlines, you will start making money every minutes through personal recharges from your VTU Wallet and that of your downlines.

Apart from the above commissions, there are other leadership bonus like cash gift of 100,000 Naira, Free Dubai Trip worth 500,000 naira, Car Bonus worth 2 million naira and House Fund worth 13 Million Naira.

How To Make Money Online Daily With Ragp Telecom Business.

These is a step by step guide to making money online daily with this highly lucrative online telecom business.

How to fund your recharge and get paid ewallet.

To fund your ragp ewallet, you make a transfer through your mobile banking app to the ragp accounts below

Diamond Bank/ 0068623787

Zenith Bank/ 1014812771

UBA/ 1021753634

First bank/ 2033863900

The account name is recharge and get paid limited. Please note that ussd, atm transfer, quickteller transfer doesn’t work for this automatic funding of your ewallet. Also make sure the narration/comment/description for this transaction is the phone number on your ragp profile.

  1. Load your ragp wallet with atleast 5,000 Naira so that you can easily sell airtime or activate account for new vtu dealers that wants to join under your recharge and get paid referral id.
  2. Tell all your neighbors, colleagues, friends and family that you now do a telecom business and you sell airtime, data, cable tv subscription, Nepa bill that they can always patronize you and you get paid recharge commission each time they buy from you.
  3. Promote recharge and get paid on social media like facebook. Always post about up coming seminars, benefits of using the ragp, ragp compensation plan, how recharge and get paid works etc.
  4. Attend RAGP seminars. Connect and network with other ragp members so that you are always current and you can invite your prospects to the ragp event let them hear directly how it works from top earners.
  5. Organize your own seminar. It doesn’t have to be a big event, you can organize a seminar for your friends and hold the seminar right in your sitting room and learn to follow up with your prospects.

Recharge and get paid Review

Recharge and get is the first of it’s kind telecom business in Nigeria where ordinary airtime users are becoming extra ordinary millionaires. Buying airtime and data through the platform is very easy and it get delivered almost immediately. This telecom business  has customer support service through which you can resolve any vtu recharge issues but you will need to be alittle patient.

Click on the link for Recharge and Get Paid Registration or Click on the link to see how to earn 1000 naira daily by investing weekly in the h2i save and earn telecom investment business. 

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