Recharge and Get Paid Testimonials: Real RAGP Testimonies from Paid Happy Members

If you are a smart investor, you will do all your research and background checks very well before jumping or investing on a program. Have you being looking for recharge and get paid testimonials to be sure people are really making money in the program before you join? Now this is it!

I have put together real recharge and get paid testimonials from happy paid members. So that you can quickly get the idea of what existing members are earning in recharge and get paid and whether they are happy being a partner of RAGP or not.

So let start the Recharge and get paid testimonials, you will be seeing earnings in terms of money, i mean big money, Cars, Houses and Luxury life being enjoyed by some recharge and get paid members just by taking action and joining the program.

  1. Recharge and get paid testimonials from Hon. MykePrayse

recharge and get paid testimonial proof of payment

I joined RAGP June 16 2017. By the end of June I was already making between 3k and 5k daily.In July 2017 I made my first award of N100,000. In August 2017 I made awards of N2,600,000 (Dubai trip, Car & Leadership). In September 2017 I made N3,100,000 (1st House Fund & Leadership). I made about N6m in awards alone between June 16 and Sept 30 2017. I have made over N20,000,000 (N20m) from a biz I started with just 5k in June 2017.Recently I clinched the N4m award. Soon the N6m award will also drop, all in about 18 months. More intriguing are the earnings that drop daily as people recharge, do data and cable TV subscriptions as well as pay electricity bills. The best is for you

2. Recharge And Get Paid Testimonials from Chuks Emedike
“To the Glory of God, I have bought a family house and some landed property for myself from the recharge and get paid program” My Name is Chuks Emedike. I am a computer engineer and the Chief Executive Officer of Noche Computers and Technologies Nigeria.
I came across Recharge and Get Paid on 10-July 2015 after some financial difficulties from a good friend Pastor Mike Praise from Benin City.
From then it has been wonderful after my registration with N5,000.00. I am glad to say that I have earned so much millions from RAGP. I have had a cash turnover of over 30Million Naira. RAGP has awarded me with N500k for Dubai Trip, N2Million for Car,
N3Million for House award and are about to award me with N4Million for 2nd House award apart from the N100k I earn monthly different from my daily income. To the Glory of God, I have bought a family house and some landed property for myself from this program.
I encourage all youths to join this Divine Program that has come to wipe away poverty from our generations.

recharge and get paid review

Recharge and get paid Testimonials from Ufuoma Emefeke

“Within months, my story changed for the best after qualifying for the international trip, the car fund and the housing fund as well as monthly leadership bonus for 4 consecutive months”  I am Ufuoma Emefeke, I became a partner of Recharge and Get Paid(RAGP) on 30th April 2017 after i was invited for a seminar by my now upline. I signed up with a token of N5,000 because i had just come out of too many failed companies and just wanted to test the waters. I wasn’t employed at this time so decided to give RAGP my best shot. To my amazement, my Team started growing like wildfire and it has been an amazing ride. Within months, my story changed for the best after
qualifying for the international trip, the car fund and the housing fund as well as monthly leadership bonus for 4 consecutive months.
As a Team, we have achieved the following so far: Numerous monthly leadership bonus qualifiers, 6 international trip qualifiers, 2 car fund qualifiers and 2 housing fund qualifiers.We look forward to more amazing testimonies and we sincerely pray RAGP gets better and better and liberates many more from the scourge of unemployment, underemployment and lack. Long live RAGP Ufuoma Emefeke

recharge and get paid house


Recharge and get Paid Testimonials from John Oti

i can’t come and keep calm this morning…..i woke up, after prayers, decided to visit my different accts as i do daily…..i saw wonders today….

  1. N22000 i saw in my first Account 
  2. N31000 i saw in my second Account
  3. N17229 i saw in my third Account
  4. N16216 i saw in my fourth Account
  5. N14179 i saw in my fifth Account

please solve it #mathematical…and keep the result.

#daily #income….. aside the bonuses they have qualified already… and knowing i will keep earning it like this daily and bigger….till i enter heaven

Check out how recharge and get paid works or Check out how to do recharge and get paid registration.


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