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Recharge and Get Paid Registration: How To Register If You Want to Get the RAGP Car, House and Other Leadership Bonuses

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In this blogpost, you will discover how to do your recharge and get paid registration if you intend to qualify for the Car, House and other Leadership Bonuses. While filling the recharge and get paid registration form, the rferral id you should use is rechargeandearn. This is to ensure you enjoy all the benefits of being in my ragp team. You will get free referrals and 247 support from top earners in my recharge and get paid team. Also free training for my ragp team members on how to grow their business, make money online in nigeria with or without referrals, how to accumulate big PVs fast and qualify for the leadership bonuses. 

RAGP unlike ponzi schemes like loom money Nigeria is one of the easiest ways to make money online in Nigeria. As a Ragp members, you will make money by sharing in the daily profits made on the sale of telecom Products. Since Ragp is a network of people making money through profit sharing, you can make passive income by adding people to your network and get paid on every of their activities like registration and transactions like buying and selling of  VTU for Airtime, Data, Cable Tv and Nepa Bill payment through the ragp platform.

Before you fill the recharge and get Paid registration form, there are certain things you need to get ready

  1. You need a recharge and get paid referral id of your sponsor or upline
  2. You need to have chosen a ragp registration package/Plan you want start with
  3. Functional email address
  4. Functional Phone Number
  5. Your Personal Info like first name, last name, username
  6. Your Banking info through will you can withdraw your earnings from the ragp platform
  7. Decide on method of activation, paystack or ewallet.
  8. The Startup capital minimum of 5,000 Naira and maximum of 100,000 Naira.

Once you have all those items above ready, then you can follow the steps below to fill the recharge and get paid registration form. please note that the only way you can do the registration yourself is by having the referral id of your sponsor ready. So if you are wondering where to get the referral id, don’t worry i will give you one here.

The referral id you will use for your registration is : rechargeandearn 

How to Fill the Recharge and get Paid Registration Form

It’s quite easy to fill the recharge and get paid registration form and registration by yourself, once you have all the info above ready. So follow the steps below to register and activate your account instantly.

  1. click here to start recharge and get paid registration.
  2. Once on the page, fill the recharge and get paid referral id as: rechargeandearn
  3. Fill your personal info, first name, last name, email address & phone number
  4. Fill the login details, username & Password
  5. Click on the next button to signup

By following the steps above, you have signed up for the recharge and get paid business but you don’t have access to the VTU platform yet where you can be making money on the ragp platform. So there is one more step before you can start making money which is your account activation.

How to Activate RAGP Account By Yourself Instantly.

1. Click to Login to recharge and get paid account with your username and password, then you will see the membership registration package page.

2. Choose the Registration Package you want to start with from the drop down menu and then choose mode of payment as Paystack so that you can pay online with your ATM card and click on NEXT.

3. This the Bank details page, where you enter your bank accounts so that you can withdraw your earnings on the RAGP platform directly to your bank account. select your bank from the drop down menu, select your account type from the drop down menu also, enter your account number and account name and Click NEXT.

4. This the Payment Checkout page, review your order and Click on pay via Paystack. You can choose any of the following Paystack options to make your payment; Card ( make payment with your atm card), Bank ( select your bank and follow the steps) , GTB737 ( you can use this option to pay if you have a GTB Account, Visa QR ( use the bar code on your banking app to pay)

5. Authorize the payment, you will be debited and your account will be activated.

Once you follow the above steps correctly, your account will be activated immediately and your business starts. What you should do next is login and do your first recharge to actually see the recharge and get paid in action.

recharge and get paid registration form
recharge and get paid registration form

If you encounter any challenges during your registration, you can contact me on Whatsapp or if you can’t make payment with your Atm Card online, there is the option of ewallet payment. 

Click Here to Contact me on Whatsapp for recharge and get paid registration or activation of your account through ewallet.

Benefits of Joining the RAGP Network

  1. You will be paid 20% of your registration fee as signup bonus
  2. You be be paid 2% for every of your personal airtime recharges through the ragp platform
  3. You will be paid 10% for every of your personal data subscription through the ragp platform
  4. You will be paid direct referral commission of 20% for every new member you add to your network
  5. You will be paid 1-10% indirect referral commission for every new member others add to your network
  6. You will be paid 0.35%  commission for every airtime recharge of other people  in your network
  7. You will be paid 1% for every data subscription of other people in your network
  8. You will be paid 40 Naira every time you do Cable TV subscription
  9. You will be paid 40 Naira every time you pay Nepa Bill
  10. You will be Paid 10 Naira each time other people in your network do Cable Tv subscription
  11. You Will be paid 10 Naira each time other people in your network pay their Nepa Bills
  12. You will get paid Bonus Upto  from 100,000 Naira to 6,000,000 Naira
  13. You can recharge your phone directly from your room
  14. You can earn passive income forever and continue to earn even when you stop working
  15. You can do the business withany type of smart phone.
  16. It requires little capital and return is very, very high
  17. everybody can do the business and you can do it as a side business with your current job 

How does recharge and get paid works?

The basic explanation for how recharge and get paid works is that you will be paid every time you recharge through the ragp platfrom. Whether it is airtime, data, cable tv, nepa bill etc. There are lot of scam programs out there and the major reason the CEO of recharge and get paid start the program is to create wealth for Nigerians and make Nigerians richer. When you recharge through other platforms, like your banking app or road side vendors, you are actually making them richer because they will make profit on your recharge and will not pay you anything back. Why not join the recharge and get paid and be the one to be getting the profits on every of your recharges.

The products of recharge and get paid are virtual products that doesn’t require you to hawk on the street or rent any expensive shops. Ragp products includes airtime, data, cable tv subscription, Nepa bill payments. There are 5 ways to earn in the recharge and get paid

  1. By using the products
  2. By selling the products
  3. When others use the products
  4. When others sell the products
  5. When you add new members to your network
  6. When you achieve certain PV

if you are wondering what is PV, it means poverty Varnish! That is what ragp members call it. But it’s actual meaning is point value. You get it on every registration either by yourself or your team members. The point values is used to calculate your bonuses.

Recharge and get paid Review

I have written a complete blogpost about recharge and get paid review so click on the link to read it. I have been on the platform for more than a year and i have being earning through the platform. The only thing i will want to point out is recharge and get paid is not a get rich quick scheme.  For you to make your earnings truly passive on the ragp platform, after your registration, you should spend a little time daily adding new members to your network. Also having multiple account is a good way to further accelerate your earnings. With recharge and get paid, you can be making 5k – 20k weekly once you are consistent, share it with others and build a good network of others telecom product users.

There are many testimonials on the recharge and get paid so you know that this is real. Any smart phone user that has not joined the recharge and get paid platform is missing out alot. so before you do your next recharge, make sure you register on the recharge and get paid platform and be paid the commission on every of your recharge. Follow the recharge and get paid registration guide i have shown you above or contact me on Whatsapp if there is something not clear to you.

To ensure you qualify for the car, house and other leadership bonuses as soon as possible after joining the recharge and get paid, it’s important you read this blogpost where i reveal 4 powerful features of the mlm gateway so that you can use the platform to easily get new members daily to the ragp team. Also you should read my blog post on 7 best places to prospect for network marketing. And make sure you start running offline semianrs or hosting zoom Seminars (Webinars)


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