How To Turn Yourself Into A Life Breathing Cash Machine


In Order to Attract More Money and Abundance Into Your Life on A Consistent Basis, You Have to Become What I Call a “Live Breathing Cash Machine” (LBCM)

What you will learn in the How to turn yourself into a Life breathing cash machine ebook.

Look at the recent lock down due to Covid-19, Within a week, many people realized that they are stuck. I can’t even tell you how much money I had to give out to various people to help them. This is why I really don’t get it when people don’t take their finances seriously

Who exactly do you think is coming to your rescue?

The government?

Your pastor or Imam?

Your extended family members?

Your colleagues?

I realized this truth long ago that … NOBODY CARES!

That is because just like you, others care about meeting up for their own responsibilities.

But everything changes for you when you can reprogram your mind to always come up with money generating ideas and you learn how to sell those ideas. That is what the Life breathing cash Machine is all about.

So, I want you to ask yourself this question:

Do you just want to get by and struggle like a lot of people do?

Or do you want more?

If you want more, there is a price to pay for it.

And you need to start paying that price right now with whatever resources you have.

That is how you will succeed.

A “Live Breathing Cash Machine” is someone who has developed a prosperity mindset that consistently attracts abundance and money into his life.

There are 2 success habits I started to work on recently and the dividends I am getting are huge.

If you develop these 2 habits, I am 100% sure that it will improve your life in various ways.

(1) The first habit is that of writing down a list of what you intend to do the next day.

But you should get a special notepad for this. Call it your “daily notepad”

And force yourself to always, always write down a list of what you intend to do the next day in the notepad.

Then arrange them in order of importance. That means the MOST important task will be your No. 1 to do for the next day.

(2) The second habit is committing to finishing whatever you start.

A lot of people have erroneously trained their brains to jump from one thing to another over the years without any commitment.

They do it with books.

They do it with movies.

They even do it with simple activities like reading a short article.

What this does is to train your brain not to complete things.

If you don’t force yourself to start completing things, this bad habit will soon eat deep into your psyche and will affect other areas of your life

And this will affect you big time in business.

So, just make it a habit that you will begin to complete things.

These 2 habits won’t be easy to start as first.

But that is how all good things start.

All you have to do is stick with it.

Then with time, it will become an habit and this will bring more success into your life.

If these 2 success habits are the only habits you develop this year, your life won’t remain the same.

Start now by getting yourself that daily notepad.

“There is money everywhere”

If you have known me for some time, that is a statement you must have heard from me various times.

And it is 100% true.

I have a pad where I write down the various money making ideas that I get.

And you won’t even be able to guess how many come to me in a week.

I write them down because I really can’t work on all the ideas.

But once in a while, I get one that is too hard to pass on and I start work on it immediately.

I got one like that from my dream the other day.

It is because of two things:

ONE: I developed a prosperity mindset that attracts money-making ideas and opportunities.

TWO: I learnt how to sell.

Knowing how to sell helps me to convert my money-making ideas to cash in the bank.

When you have a combination of these two, you will live a life of freedom.

Because you won’t need to depend on any economy or government to live good.

Notice I didn’t say “you will become wealthy”

That is because becoming wealthy needs another set of skills which you can get if that is your goal.

Unfortunately, majority of people are struggling with a scarcity mindset.

That is why they rarely get any unique money-making ideas.

And even when someone like me shares one with them, they find it difficult to implement it.

That is why the first thing I tell students of my programs to do is to read the  LBCM book.

That is “How to turn yourself into a live breathing cash machine”

In section 1 of the book, I talked about YOU and Your Belief system

That is where it starts from.

That is why I keep telling you to read the book too.

Have you read it?

If you haven’t, click this link and get a copy today.

A prosperity mindset and knowing how to sell will change your life.

It changed mine.

Get the How to turn yourself into a life breathing cash machine ebook now and say bye to all your money worries.


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