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Payobilz Review and Registration Procedure

Welcome to my Payobilz review!

In this blogpost, you will quickly discover if  the program is  legit or scam and why you should register and join the program. There are lot of testimonies online showing that is a paying program and there is a video contest monthly where members that have received payment from the program show their happy faces so that you can see them and be sure you are making the right investment decision by joining this auto referral business.

So what is

It’s an  auto referral income program is a low capital business, where you can make 24,000 Naira or more extra weekly income online from the comfort of your home with just a onetime 1,000 naira investment. If you have being looking for how to make extra income online to take care of some of your expenses, this a very easy and legit business you can do either part time or full time. The program was launched on 5th May 2019 by the Admin Joshua Anozie under a registered company name Anoxzzy Global international and CAC registration number is RC 1199677.  It’s all about earning extra income to pay your bills.

How Payobilz Compensation Plan and how it Works.

The compensation plan of payobilz is based on a short 2 levels matrix. Each member will join the program at level1 for just 1,000 naira only. So if you are looking for how to make money online with 1,000 naira then this is probably an ideal program for you. Once you have paid the 1,000 naira for the level, you will receive 800 naira payment from 5 other members. So your level 1 earning will be 4,000 Naira.

Then you will upgrade to level 2 with 1,600Naira and you will receive 1,000 naira payment from 20 other members and cycle out. So for every 1,000 naira you invest in payobilz, you will get 24,000 Naira back. Imagine when the matrix fills up so fast, you can make the 24,000 Naira in a single day which is very, very possible.

So in summary of how it works, you will pay 1,000 naira to join the program and earn 24,000 naira back from the 2 levels auto referral matrix.

If you are ready to make some good money with payobilz so you have extra money flowing in daily to take care of your bills like house rent, Airtime, data subscription, Dstv and other cable tv subscription, Nepa bills etc then subscribe to Payobillz now.

Payobilz Registration Procedure.

Payobilz registration involves 3 steps.

  1. Filling the registration form
  2. Paying the Account Activation fee
  3. Then the Affiliate Account singup.

Once you have done all these 3 steps, you submit your referral link to the admin to start getting referrals automatically.

Payobilz registration step 1: Filling the registration form

  1. Click here for Payobilz registration
  2. Fill the form with your info: username, First name, Last Name, email, phone number, password
  3. Then click on register

Payobilz registration step 2: Account Activation

Once you have completed the first step, just login and click on the activate account button. Make sure you have a means of paying the 1,000 Naira activation fee before clicking the activate account button.

There are various ways you can pay, you can pay online with your atm card through paystack, you can buy payobilz coupon code from approved agent, you can do mobile transfer, cash deposit etc. If you are international prospects signinup from Ghana, South Africa, Kenya etc you can pay through cippercash, paypal and coinpayments.

Payobilz registration step 3: Affiliate Account sign up.

Once you have completed the step 2 which is the payment of the account activation fee, the next step is creation of your affiliate account and you will be ready to start receiving automatic payments.

 One last step to qualify for automatic payment is, you have to submit your payobilz referral url so that the admit can start promoting for you and you get referrals automatically.

Even though this is an auto referral business, you are advised to take advantage of all the promotional methods and promotional materials available on the website so that you can earn faster.

A quick Payobilz review Newbies will learn a lot from the program and they will get access to unbelievable amount of free info for a low signup fee of 1,000 Naira. Also if you are already familiar with how to make money online with affiliate or network marketing,  how to advertise on social media, how to make youtube promo or review videos or how to write seo blog posts etc you will make extra money faster on this program.”

How To get Referrals

Even though payobilz is an auto referral business, knowing how to get people to singup with your payobilz referral link will make it faster and easier for you to make money online with the program.

Steps to access your payobilz promotional tools

  1. Login to your payobilz account
  2. Click on enter level 1
  3. Click on your promotional tools.

Once you have followed the steps, you can see text ad and images you can share and facebook, twitter, instagram etc for you to get referrals easily. Keep doing this everyday until you get referrals because this works.

Another cool way to get referrals is through the mlm gateway. Register on the mlm gateway website then copy any of the promotional text including your referral url and send to prospects on mlm gateway. For details about how to flood your account with hot mlm leads, check my detailed mlm gateway review

 Payobilz Registration Bonus and how to Claim it.

Payobilz gives you a 15,000 Naira worth of bonus for just joining the program and below is the step to access the bonus also.

  1. Login to the payobilz account
  2. Click enter level 1 and Click your 15000 naira bonus.

To see all the bonuses. Some are pdf files and you can download to your mobile phone or computer and enjoy them.

How to Earn more Money through Payobilz Contest.

 Other way of earning more money on Payobilz is through entering the contest. Just click on the contest button for details about how to join and win upto 50,00 naira on the Contest.

How To withdraw Money From Payobilz

The minimum withdrawal is 3,000 Naira nad you can withdraw directly to bank account once you qualify.

Payobilz Proof of Earning.

See some proof of earning from members below. So that you can be sure this is a paying program.



make money

income program


Payobilz Review

This is my personal payobilz review. The program is a highly profitable and low startup auto referral business.  Apart from the fact that you will make money from this program, you will also have access to highly informative contents worth more than 15,000 naira. Also to earn fast, don’t wait for the auto referral from the admin. Take advantage of all the promotional tool available on the website.  The program is paying and it’s not a scam and no need to fear of losing as all payments are to the Admin company’s account so no member can run away with your money.


In this Payobilz review, you have seen whether payobilz is legit or scam. You have also seen the payobilz registration procedure to join and make 24,000 naira weekly. To claim your signup bonus, follow the steps as shown in the blog post. if you have any questions about this program, you can drop it in the comment box.  For other guaranteed ways to make money online in Nigeria, Check out the viraltrend, owodaily or recharge and get paid.

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