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What are the best Paying Mlm Companies in Nigeria 2019

Paying Mlm in Nigeria are multi-level marketing companies that are paying members promptly without any delays or hassles. There are different types of network marketing companies currently in Nigeria but the ones that top the list of paying mlm in Nigeria includes food mlm in Nigeria like the happy world meal gate, super life food investment network, grand Mega food global etc Others include mlm nutritional supplement companies like Amway, Herbalife, forever living, Oriflame, Alliance in motion etc.

Networking marketing is not limited to food mlm or nutritional supplements. There are products and services companies too that are based on the mlm concept in Nigeria. The Telecom industry also has paying Mlm in Nigeria in the likes of recharge and get paid, h2i salary4life, daypayz etc. You might just be wondering is this for real? Yes people are recharging and get paid in the RAGP network and other similar networks. RAGP in particular is a paying mlm in Nigeria and has made alot of ordinary airtime users to become extra ordinary millionaires.

Even though one can make a considerable amount of money through good and paying mlm in Nigeria, i will like to advice those that have ears to stay away from Bitcoin and Crypto currencies mlm. Most of them are being run by scammers and doesn’t stand the test of time. Nigerians looking for quick ways to make money online are the ones falling prey to some of these Ponzi schemes in the name of mlm. If you must do any mlm that is bitcoin or Crypto currency related, make sure they program is being run by a trustworthy admin that pays promptly so that you don’t end up losing your hard earned money.

Some Nigerians also are of the belief that only program being run by a foreign admin is a good programs, that is a very wrong assumption. We have alot of good and paying mlm with Nigeria Admins. I also used to have that belief before but not anymore. With the successful launch of programs like NNU income, Viral Trend and recharge and get paid, the Network marketing industry in Nigeria has seen a very big boost and i can tell you I’m quite impressed with the performance the mlm industry in Nigeria. Don’t just jump on any program because the admin is Nigerian or a foreigner. Do your research and look for reviews and testimonies from existing members of the program

What is Mlm or Network Marketing?

Mlm means Multi-level marketing and it’s a form of marketing where companies get their products directly to the end users without the need for any middle men and without the need for them to spend on advertisement.  Professionals in the field of mlm are called network marketers. These individual teach, recommend and create a duplication process that allows themselves to make money and others too to make money. The Mlm indusrty has been said to have made more people millionaires than any other industry and this is because of the leverage involved in network marketing that allows people to make money from the effort of others.

So if you can find a product that you love so much and it has been very helpful to you, in terms of value. May be it saves you some money or it makes life easier for you, and you can recommend it to others so that they can also benefit from the program, then you can become a network marketer and earn good money from commissions but direct and indirect from paying mlm in Nigeria.

Mlm compensation Plans

Most people that thinks network marketing is a scam are people that are yet to understand how the industry works. Each company has a compensation plan and based on these plans, commissions are paid to Uplines from downlines in the matrix. While some mlm companies have short matrix like 2×2 matrix, others have a long matrix like the recharge and get paid which has a 3×10 matrix. The longer the matrix the better your earnings but it takes longer time to complete such matrix.

The various types of mlm compensation plans you need to be aware of include mlm binary compensation plan, Mlm break away plan, Mlm Matrix Plan and MLm uni level Plan.

Paying Mlm in Nigeria that is using the binary compensation Plan 

The best example of a paying mlm in Nigeria that uses the binary compensation plan is the miropass amart. This is a shop and earn mlm in Nigeria and the binary compensation plan allows each members to refer only 2 each. Once a member refers more than 2, it will automatically spill over. The commission in a binary plan Is paid based on the weaker of the 2 legs this is to enable proper building of the matrix and balancing of the legs in the matrix. The binary mlm compensation plan is the simplest of all but for those that have the capacity to invite more than 2 people this might not be an attractive compensation plan.

Paying Mlm in Nigeria that is using the Uni Level Mlm compensation Plan.

The best example of a paying mlm in Nigeria that uses the uni level compensation plan is the Viraltrend. This is a social media marketing company in Nigeria that allows promoters to earn through social media activities on the program like posting on instagram, facebook, twitter, subscribe, follow, tweet, like etc. Promoters on Viral trend, can also earn from the uni level compensation plan of viral trend where there is no limit to the number of direct referral. If you can refer upto 1,000 people, you will get their direct referral commission. And the uni level mlm compensation plan can be upto 5 levels deep. So you also earn indirect commissions too. Viral trend is a paying mlm in Nigeria but the uni level compensation plan is the best for those can rercruit a lot of downlines

Paying Mlm in Nigeria that is using Matrix mlm compensation Plan.

The best example of a paying mlm in Nigeria that uses the Matrix compensation plan is Recharge and get Paid. This is a telecom business where you can be paid on every vtu transaction you carry out through your ewallet on the recharge and get paid platform. Apart from commission on recharges, recharge and get paid also has a matrix structure where any member that invite new distributors can earn referral commissions.

The matrix mlm compensation plan of Recharge and get paid RAGP is a 3 x 10 matrix. In a matrix compensation, there is a predefined width and level. For RAGP the predefined width is 3 while the predefined level is 10. Each level can be see as a generation which means having upto 10 levels means members can earn upto the 10th generation in the matrix mlm compensation plan.

The break away matrix is usually not common type of mlm compensation plan. In summary, to know a paying mlm in Nigeria, first read reviews and testimonies about the program. Then study then compensation plan so that you can understand ho exactly you will be paid and when you will be paid too. Also there are lot of paying mlm  in Nigeria and for a program to have Nigerian Admin doesn’t mean the program is totally bad. You might be leaving a lot of money on the table doing that.

Lastly, I advice you stay away from bitcoin related mlm. Because most of them are scams. Don’t get me wrong, I did not say all of them are scam. But I say most of them are scams. Instead participate in paying mlm in Nigeria like the recharge and get paid and viraltrend etc

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