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Palmpay Review & How To download Palmpay App

You are welcome to my Palmpay review!

Palmpay App is an Android App you can use to purchase airtime and data at extremely cheap rate in Nigeria. I can confidently tell you that this App offers the  cheapest rate for Airtime  and data purchases and it’s a highly recommend App for every smart phone user in Nigeria to download.

I started using Palmpay  App early September 2019 and what I found out about this Airtime rewards Android App is unbelievable! Through this airtime rewards app, I’m now able to buy airtime at a 10% discount, buy data subscription at 5% discount, pay my utility bills and cable tv bills and get 5% discount also.

I get palm point airtime rewards each time I use this android app for my recharges and I can use these points to get discount on my next recharges. The best part is I’m only charged 10 palm points which is about 10 naira when i send or transfer money to Bank Accounts through this App. Palmpay Nigeria is very secure, best and cheapest way to buy your airtime and carry out financial transactions in Nigeria through your mobile phone.

Click to register and download the Palmpay App Nigeria. Use Palmpay invitatiton code as Q64D65 and you will get 150 Naira free instantly.

Before I go into a detailed Palmpay review, I want to share a brief story of how I got to know about the Palmpay Nigeria Airtime rewards App. I got to know about this App through my recharge and get paid upline who sent me a message on about it on whatsapp. The guy was also able to travel to watch the Final of AFCON Egypt 2019 all-expense paid trip through the Palmpay Nigeria. Just because he was able to be among the early adopters while we, me and you were doubting the App. I had to use the word “We” because I also did not have a proper look at his message until I found out Palmpay was responsible for all his bills to watch the AFCON 2019 final live in Egypt. Sometimes we are all too busy to see real life changing opportunities.

Palmpay Review: About Palmpay Nigeria.

Palmpay App is an App used for purchase of airtime and data in Nigeria at a cheap rate and also get rewarded with Palm points.  The App was launched in September 2018 by Transsnet Payment Limited. This is a Chinese company based in China and it’s borne from a partnership between 2 other big Chinese companies; Transsion and netease. For the benefit of those that doesn’t know, transsion is the parent company of most of the Chinese phones we use in Nigeria and their major brands are the Tecno, itel, infinix etc while netease is an internet technology company responsible android apps like the boomplay and vskit. The partnership of transsion and netease gave birth to transsnet payment limited. The aim of transnnet is to become a major internet technology company in Africa by providing innovative, affordable, faster and better internet related services to the people of Africa.

Palmpay Review: Benefits of using Palmpay Nigeria App for Your recharges.

  1. It’s absolutely free to load money from your Atmcard into your palmpay wallet.
  2. You will get 10% discount for your Airtime recharges through the palmpay App
  3. You will get 5% discount for your data subscription through the palmpay App
  4. You will get 5% discount for your Utility bill payment through the palmpay App
  5. You will get 5% discount for your Cable tv bill payment through the palmpay App
  6. You will get 2% of the transaction amount for all recharges done by your referrals
  7. Cheapest transaction fee of 10 Palmpoint for bank transfers unlike using bank app that charges 20-50 naira per transfer.
  8. Palmpay Nigeria App is totally free and you will get 150 points or 150 naira free to start using this APP.
  9.  You will get 300 Palm points for each new members you invite to download the Palmpay App
  10. 1 Palmpoints is equal to 1 Naira.

Palmpay Review: How to download Palmpay App.

First you have to register and download Palmpay App from the google play store. The Palmpay App is available for cheap airtime and data purchases in Nigeria and Ghana.

Click here to download Palmpay App Nigeria 

But if you want to register from Ghana, Click here to download Palmpay App Ghana

Your Palmpay Invitation code is Q64D65 

Once you have installed the App on your mobile phone, you will get 50 palm points and when you load your wallet with at least 1,000 naira, you will get another 100 points making 150 points. To carry out any transaction through the palmpay app, you must use your pattern or finger print to confirm the transaction because palmpay is a highly secured App. Also no one can use your palm pay or access your account without your permission.

Palmpay Review: How to Earn Palmpoints.

Palmpay Nigeria is an airtime reward append once you have installed the App, these are the ways you can earn palmpoints on every transactions you do through the Android app.

10% bonus for your airtime recharges and 5% for other recharges. You will not get palm point when you transfer money to bank accounts but you will get the cheapest transaction charge of only 10 palm points.

Every week you load your wallet with 1,000 naira and above, you will get 100 palm points so make sure you always load your wallet so that you don’ miss the opportunity.

Even though Palmpay Nigeria airtime reward App is so easy to understand and very user friendly, I won’t leave you without some practical examples for you to further understand and know what to expect while using the App.

The maximum amount of palm point that can be applied to a transaction is 50% what does this means? Let say you have 1,000 points and you want to do airtime recharge of 1,000 naira. Palmpay will allow you to pay 500 naira from your wallet and 500 Palm points will also be charged to complete the 1000 naira airtime purchase.

Palmpay Review: 4 Real examples of how to use the Palm points to get discount on your transactions.


  1. How I used palm points to get discount for Airtime recharge

For the 1,000 naira airtime recharge, I had 253 palm points before the recharge and since this is less than 50% of the transaction amount of 1,000 naira, the whole 253 points was applied and I paid 747 naira only from the money in my Wallet and I got 74 points back which 10% bonus for the transaction.

airtime rewards


  1. How I used palm points to get discount for Data Subscription

For the 3,000 naira data bundle, I had 46 palmpoints before the recharge and since this is less than 50% of the transaction amount of 3,000 naira, the whole 46 points was applied and I paid 2,954 naira only from the money in my Wallet and I got 147 points back which 5 % bonus for the transaction.

palm points


  1. How I used palm points to get discount for Gotv Subscription

For the 1,250 naira Gotv subscription, I had 149 palmpoints before the recharge and since this is less than 50% of the transaction amount of 1,250 naira, the whole 149 points was applied and I paid 1,101 naira only from the money in my Wallet and I got 55 points back which 5 % bonus for the transaction.

palmpay transsnet

  1. How I used palm points to get cheap transaction charge for bank transfer.

For the 3,000 naira Bank transfer, I was charged only 10 points which is the same whatever the amount you are transferring to any bank account in Nigeria. Normal bank charges is between 20 -50 naira but I just got a discount by using the Palmpay airtime reward app.



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Palmpay review: Conclusions.

In this palmpay review, i have shown you whether this Andriod app is good or bad. Also i have shown you how to download the Palmpay app and get huge discounts each time you purchase your airtime and data. There is no doubt that Palmpay App is a must have app for every mobile phone user in Nigeria and Ghana that want to save money on airtime, data, Cable tv and electricity bill payment.

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