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Owodaily Review: How To Make 2000 Naira Daily

Is owodaily Legit or Scam? You will soon find out in this indepth review of the owodaily online jobs platform. Also you will discover the steps to follow to get the most benefit out of the platfrom, how to do your owodaily registration and the easiest way to start earning 2,000 Naira daily through the website,

Have you been looking for a Platform where you can easily get online jobs in Nigeria that Pays? Maybe you just graduated from the university and awaiting your NYSC, you are a serving Corp member that they post to where the allowance is too small, you are fresh graduate looking for a Job, you are a student that need means of income, you are a full house wife that wants something to keep you busy, or even a worker that want to supplement your income through freelance online jobs.

If you have a mobile phone with internet connection and social media accounts, there is a way to work online and get paid and it’s through an online job platfrom called owodaily. You don’t need work experience or certificates before you can apply for jobs on the platform and it pays instantly after job completion. The good thing is you already know how to do most of these jobs but you are not getting paid doing them before.

Owodaily registration fee is 3,000 Naira and minimum amount you can withdraw is 5,000 Naira which is almost 2x the registration fee. If you earn your first 5,000 Naira on owowdaily, it means you already earn back your initial registration fee and made a profit of 2,000 Naira. Everything you earn after that is pure profit so don’t waste time or procrastinate in joining the platform.

Also Don’t be discouraged by the 3,000 Naira registration fee, because you will make far more than that on the platform. I’ve been doing online business for long and I know some people are always looking for free programs. Most free platforms don’t pay or it takes too long before you could earn reasonable amount of money and be paid. So, take advantage of this paying platform and start earning fast.

About the Program

So, what is owodaily and why I’m Picking it as the best get online jobs in Nigeria that Pays Platform.

Owo daily means daily money in English and it’s a digital job platform where anyone with an internet enable smartphone or other devices can get paid to do simple online jobs or micro tasks. OwoDaily was founded by TeamXclusive Africa which is registered under the Co-operate Affairs Commission of Nigeria with R.C No: 1484879 and operates the digital marketplace that connects advertiser clients with freelancers in Africa.

Owo daily is not an investment platform, it’s a digital marketing company and helps businesses grow online. So, they make money when advertisers pay them and out of that money is what they pay to you as a freelancer for doing tasks on their website.

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Owodaily Review

I’ve done some research online to see who is using the platform to get online jobs in Nigeria that pays and their experience on the platform. The images below show the owodaily reviews I have found online.

Owodaily review 1

owodaily review, freence jobs in nigeria

Owodaily review 2

make money online in nigeria

Owodaily review 3

get paid to post on instagram


How Owodaily works

Before you can be eligible to start getting online jobs in Nigeria that pays through the owodaily platform, you need to register an account. Once you have an active account, you will login to your owowdaily account, click on the job tabs drop down menu and select available jobs to see the available jobs.

You can click on any Apply to see the details and how much you will be paid once you perform the task.

Then go ahead and perform the task. After doing the task, the next thing you will do is upload the proof of work done and the task will now show pending approval.

The advertiser will take a look at your proof of work done uploaded and once satisfied, will approve It and you will be paid for the task.

There are different types of tasks you can do to make money on the platform

  1. Get paid to do social media tasks like follow on Instagram, comment on Instagram, Subscribe to youtube channel etc
  2. You can get paid to promote music
  3. You can get paid to review App
  4. You can get paid to write articles on the owodaily village
  5. You can get paid to take online surveys etc

To increase your earnings 10x, there are other ways to make money on the owodaily platform apart from doing tasks.

  1. Being a social media manager. You can charge business owners money to grow and take care of their social media accounts for them. Then once they pay you, you will go to the owodaily platform and order follows, subscribes, likes, comments etc. The good thing is that the services you will be rendering to your clients are organic not bot engagements and they will see results an continue to pay you.
  2. Affiliate Commission.This is a good way to increase your earnings on the platform. You will earn 1,600 Naira on every new affiliates that you refer and earn 3% when they perform tasks. Also, if they order for adverts, you will earn 3% of the amount of adverts they ordered.Also, you will earn 200 naira indirect affiliate commission when those that you directly refer bring other people to the owodaily job platform.
  3.   As a Partner. You will need to apply for partnership on the owodaily to become a gift card reseller in your area. But you need to be a registered company and be able to supply proof of address before this will be granted. Once the partnership is granted, they will give you the licence to generate and resell giftcards which new members can use to activate their account and you will make money per sale of the giftcards.

online jobs in nigeria that pays on owodaily, work from home jobs in nigeria, make 2000 naira daily

Pros and cons of owodaily.

Let’s be realistic here, there is nothing that is good that doesn’t have a bad side. So, I will not pretend that owodaily is 100% good.

Pros of the owodaily get online jobs in Nigeria that pays Platform

  1. Owodaily is a registered business with corporate affairs commission
  2. They have online presence, you can chat them through their facebook page, send them email or Drop comments on their Youtube channel.
  3. They are prompt at replying your messages. I have tried to chat them and I was surprised as they took time to explain what the business is all about to me.
  4. They pay promptly
  5. They have a very professional website and easy to navigate
  6. They have videos or tutorials that explains how the job platform works
  7. They have various ways to earn on the platform apart from doing freelance online jobs.
  8. The registration fee is very small
  9. Owodaily has a large community of users and you can join them and network
  10. Owodaily share gifts cards and bonuses from time to time.

Cons of the owodaily get online jobs in Nigeria that pays Platform

  1. The con I have seen about owodaily is you have to work before you can get paid. There some lazy people who doesn’t want to work and they will not like it. Apart form that the platform looks very ok to me.
  2. Number 2 con is that you have to pay before you can start getting jobs. If you don’t mind this, you will be able to earn and make money on the platform.

How to do owodaily registration and start getting online jobs in Nigeria that pays on the platform.

  1. Click here to do your owodaily account registration; you will need to enter your full name, username, phone number, password, sex (male or female), location, bank name, account number etc. Fill the form with your information.
  2. Tick I agree with owodaily’s terms and condition
  3. Click Submit and pay membership fee of 3000 Naira
  4. Make the payment and your account is activated instantly. ( You can pay with ATMcard or Buy Giftcards from approved agents) 

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Owodaily Proof of Earnings

owodaily proof of earning

owodaily proof of payment

How to Withdraw your earnings on the owodaily get online jobs that pays website.

Login to your owodaily account and click on Wallet dropdown menu, the select withdraw. A 5% withdrawal fee applies and the minimum amount of money you can withdraw from the platform is 5000 Naira.


As you have seen in this blogpost, the owodaily get online jobs in Nigeria that pays platform is legit, real and scam free. The program has been paying and has lots of jobs from advertisers you can do and make money from home. If you have the 3,000 Naira owodaily registration fee, it’s highly recommended you give the platform a trial.

Apart from tasks, there are other ways you can earn money on the platform and you could be earning additional 2,000 naira daily on the platform if you are able to put in the required hours of work.

Apart from owodaily, there are other platforms where you get paid to do tasks online. A major owodaily alternative you should check out is the viraltrend where you get paid also to post on Instagram and other social media accounts. Also nairaworkers is another site like owodaily and it’s completely free to join.

Please leave a comment below if you are able to register and you got online jobs in Nigeria that pays on the owodaily platform and don’t forget to like and share the posts with your friends as this will likely help them start earning something online from home too.

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