NNU Forum Review: Read This Before Clicking NNU V2 Register Now Button

NNU Forum Review: Read This Before Clicking NNU V2 Register Now Button

I’m writing this nnu forum review after my few days of joining the program to let you know exactly what this program is all about. I have noticed a lot of people are miss understanding the concept behind nnu forum and doubt whether they can make 50,000 naira or more monthly from this platform.

Is nnu forum scam or legit? Find out as I reveal all I have noticed as an active member of the nnu forum in this nnu forum review. When I joined, there are some claim that I wanted to confirm if it’s true and I can tell you to a certain extent I have confirmed some of them to be true. The main one is whether you can earn 50,000 naira or more monthly. I have confirmed this to be possible because within few days of launching the program, there are people that have earned more than 100,000 naira already.

The second claim is that your earnings will automatically be transferred to your wallet and be ready to be withdrawn to your bank account at the end of the month from the either the Nars earning or affiliate earnings once it’s upto 5,000 Naira. I have confirmed this to be true as you can see in the screenshot of my nnu v2 earning below.


The third claim is that you can get paid without referral in this version on the nnu income. This claim is has finally being confirmed as so many members got paid at then end of august 2019 without referrals. It’s not clear yet if this will continue but the only way to find out is for you to also get involved. Go and create your nnu v2 account to also enjoy being paid without referrals. 

Click here to join nnu forum now and enjoy getting paid without referrals.

Let’s now go into a little details as to how the nnu version 2 works. But for the benefit of those that doesn’t know anything about nnu income yet or the version 2 which is nnu forum, let see a brief introduction about the nnu income.

NNU Forum review: What is NNU Income?

NNu income means Nigerian news update income program also known as NIP.

Is NNU registered with CAC?

This is a very important question as it determines the whether nnu is legit or not. NNU itself is not a company but one of the products of a company called G-cyber technologies limited under the leadership of Paul Samson. The company is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (2453653). All the activites of nnu including payments of members is through the g-cyber accounts. Therefore we can conclude nnu is registered with CAC.

Why NNU Forum

NNU Forum was launched to further give more Nigerians opportunity to earn legit income online by participating in forum discussions, doing social media tasks and other earning activities. There are lot of people asking if nnu is still paying. NNU is not going anywhere and will continue to launch innovative products. NNU leads others follows.


NNu Forum Review: How To Make Money on NNU Forum.

I’m not writing this nnu forum review as somebody just writing to just get you into the program. I’m writing as a member of the nnu forum that makes money through all of the methods I’m going to list below so you know this thing works and nnu is really paying.

Some of the ways I personally have earned money on the NNU forum includes


  1. Daily login.

I have being earning daily login of 50 naira per day and that is what you will also be paid once you joined ans start making money on the platform.

  1. Create NNU Forum Topics.

I earned 200 naira per each forum topics I create on the forum and you will earn the same one you register and join today. There is no limits to the number of forum topics you can create once you make them educative and can benefit the members of the forum.

  1. Comment of Forum Topics

After reading any forum topic and I commented, I’m being paid 20 Naira per comment and the more comments I made the more money. You will also be paid the same once your activate your nnu forum membership

  1. Reading Forum Topics

Once I clicked on any forum topic and read, I get paid 10 naira per forum topic I read and you will also be paid the same. This is the easiest money you will make on the nnu nars news ads revenue sharing. Take advantage of it and earn easy money.

  1. Share Viral post on facebook.

After joining the nnu income, I connected my facebook account and once I click on the viral post and shared on my facebook timeline, I instantly earned 100 Naira. This is easiest way to make money online and some are there complaining and still searching for how to make money online in Nigeria. What better way to make money online in Nigeria than through NNU income? Sharing post on facebook doesn’t take upto 5mins and you earn 100 naira instantly. This is cool earning.

  1. NNU Forum affiliate earning.

My favorite way of making money on the NNU forum is the Affiliate commissions. I get paid a whole 1,000 Naira per each new member that joined through my referral url. Getting referrals is not hard as most people think and it’s a skill that can be learnt. Don’t just complain, learn the skill. It’s a very rewarding skill. Banks, Jumia, Konga, Telecom companies all have affiliates and learning the skill to market and get prospects online can make you a fortune in your spare time. How cool will it be if you can get 5 referrals daily and get paid 5,000 naira per day on the NNU forum?

  1. Selling nnu forum epin or coupon code.

Call it epin or coupon code, it’s a code that members can buy from approved agent and use to activate their account instead of paying with the Atm card through paystack. As an approved agent, you will make a profit of 200 naira per coupon code or epin you sell. Sell 25 in day and you will pocket cool 5,000 naira.

Don’t mind those lazy minds going about saying all negative things about this forum. It’s very difficult to satisfy everybody as a business. Nnu icome had more than 750k members. Only that should tell you how popular the program is with people and how widely accepted it was.

NNU Forum review: How To register and Join the NNU Forum.

Welcome the new world of possibilities! If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. I want you to first choose an amount you wish to earn monthly before you click on the singup button. Is it 50k, 100k, 200k etc. having an amount in mind, having a plan to achieve it and staying focused while working every day 30mins per day to achieve it is all you need to make money on the nnu forum. The nnu forum registration fee is 1,400 naira

Step to Join the NNU forum

  1. Click here for NNu Forum registration
  2. Type in your name, email and phone number
  3. Leave the referral box as earnwithme or Type earnwithme there if it’s not showing automatically
  4. Fill in your username and Password
  5. On the payment option, choose paystack to pay with your atm card, you will only be charge 1,400 Nair membership fee once. Or Choose epin if you already bought epin from approved agent.
  6. Tick I have read the terms and conditions
  7. Click make payment

Once it shows you payment successful, you have successfully done your nnu forum registration and activation. The next step is for you to login and start earning.

nnu forum registration

NNu Forum Review: How To create NNu Forum Post.

It’s quite easy to create a forum post on nnu once you have your post ideas and images ready. You can type the post on ms word or notepad and just copy and paste by following the steps below.

NNU forum review: Steps to create NNU forum post.

  1. Login to your nnu forum account
  2. Click create Post
  3. Type your post or just copy and paste. Enter the post tittle, body, select the post category, select the post source whether you copied from other blog or original article written by you.
  4. If you have picture attach it
  5. Click on Submit.

Once your forum post is approved, you will earn 200 Naira. If it’s an original article written by you, you can earn as much as 1,000 naira.

how to create nnu forum post

NNU Forum Review: How to share Viral Post

how to share nnu forum post on facebook

  1. Login to your nnu forum account
  2. Click on Viral share
  3. Click on the most recent date
  4. Once on the next page, click “click here to earn” it will take you to adf.ly, click on skip ads
  5. Click on Click here to share the post to your facebook timeline.

how to share viral post

NNU Forum Review: When Does NNU forum pays?

NNU forum pays on the last day of each month and it pays with or without referrals. All your nars earnings will automatically goes to the wallet and ready to be withdrawn to your bank account once you have earned upto 5,000 naira. Also your referral earnings too will automatically goes to your wallet and be ready to be withdrawn to your bank account once you have earned upto 5,000 naira.

NNu Forum Review: Earnings testimonials and how to withdraw your earnings.

Nnu forum has successfully paid for the month of August and alot of members got paid even without referring anybody. See screenshot of earnings from members below so that you can now confirm this is a paying program. Also if you have earnings trapped in the nnu version 1, the admin is already integrating that into the nnu v2 so you can easily transfer your previous unpaid earnings in the version 1 and withdraw to your bank account in version 2.

NNU forum earning proof

monthly revenuemake money


referral            2019

You can see earning proof from the previous version of nnu income program here 

To withdraw your earnings on NNU forum, this will be done on the last day of the month once you have atleast 5,000 Naira in your wallet. Login and click on Wallet and then click on withdraw from wallet to bank.

NNU Forum review Conclusion

My conclusion of this nnu forum review is there is no other nnu alternative that can pay you month after month consistently without referral but nnu v2 promised to pay and correct any mistakes made in the nnu v1. I have therefore shown you whether nnu forum is scam or legit. I have shown you how I make money on the nnu forum and how you can take action and make money too. I have also shown you how to do nnu forum registration, how to create nnu forum topic etc. For nnu.ng review, check my previous post about the first version of the nnu income. For other legit ways to make money online, check out the viraltrend or recharge and get paid.

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