Naijahow Activity Earning Program: Easiest Way To Make 2000 Naira Daily Online in Nigeria

Naijahow Activity Earning Program (NHAEP) is the easiest way to make 2000 Naira daily online in Nigeria. This is because as an Affiliate member, you will get paid for every single activity you do online in Nigeria through the Naijahow website.
The earning concept of the Naijahow Activity Earning program is second to none, exceptional and you will make money daily GUARANTEED!
Apart from earning with the NHAEP you can get yourself educated and learn alot of free new do it yourself Tech based stuffs .

You will make money reading news articles, make money with your email address, make money with every comments, make money with every click on your referral link etc
This is the best make money online program in Nigeria!
 The startup cost is extremely low and the program is highly profitable.
How does Naijahow Activity Earning Program Works?
NHAEP means Naijahow Activity Earning program and it’s the latest earning program in Nigeria that pays for every of your single activities online. I mean, i’ve seen programs pay to read news, daily login and post on Facebook etc but never seen any income program in Nigeria that pay members per click on referral link, pay to submit email address and receive useful updates etc aside the Naijahow
Activity Earning Program.
This is so Awesome.
Naijahow website make money through partnership with e commerce websites like Konga, Jumia and also through Paid ads and Google Adsense. Members will be paid a certain percentage of this money through their daily activities on NHAEP website.
How To make Money on Naijahow Activity Earning Program
There are so many ways you can make money on the NHAEP program
1. Instant Signup Bonus is 250 Naira
2. Daily Login is 20 Naira Per Day
3. Email subscription is 10 Naira
4. Daily Comments only 6 per day is 5 Naira each
5. read new articles online 25 per day is 2 Naira each
6. Clicks on your referral link 50 per day is 1 Naira per click
7.  Referral Signup of 500 Naira per referral

8. Post/Tutorial Creation is 100 Naira  maximum of 2 per day
If you do all the daily activities, you can make 900 Naira Daily GUARANTEED, but it you want to make more than that, you can refer new Affiliates to the NHAEP and earn 500 Naira per referral.
Naijahow NHAEP Affiliate Registration.
Follow the steps below to join the Naijahow Activity Earning Program
1. Click here to Join the Naijahow NHAEP Affiliate Program
2. Click on Add to Cart
3. On the Next Page NHAEP Pack will be added to your Cart, scroll down and Click on Proceed to Checkout
4 .On the next page Fill your Billing Address, select your Payment Mode as Debit/Credit Card, tick i have read the terms and condition then click on Place Order.

5. On the next page, complete your payment of 1,100 Naira through Paystack
6. Once your payment is successful, then you can fill the registration info by clicking on Register Now.

7. If your registration is successful, you will see Account Pending Activation if you try to login
8.The Admin will then review your Payment and your Affiliate Account activation request and approve accordingly.
9. You will get email form Naijahow that your Account is now active and you can login.
10. Upon login, you will earn 250 Naira signup bonus, 50 Naira Daily login.

Call/WhatsApp 08095047992 if you need any help regarding your Naijahow Signup

How To Withdraw Earnings from Naijahow NHAEP Affiliate Program
Naijahow Activity Earning Program Pays members weekly every Saturday and Sunday. The Payment threshold is 2,000 Naira. Once you have been able to make 2000 Naira within the week from your daily activities you will get paid for that particular week.

NaijaHow Proof of Payment


I wish you happy earning on the NaijaHow NHAEP Affiliate Program. Click here to see our No 1 recommended program

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