nnu forum v2 review

NNU Forum: How To Turn Your Spare Time Into Cool Cash Monthly.

NNU forum v2 is the best make money online forum in Nigeria where you can turn your free time into cool cash. This blog post is not a review of the nnu forum v2 but an educational post to open your eyes to the income opportunity by discussing the quickest way to make money online in Nigeria through this innovative Nigerian forum.

There are many make money online forums in the like of digitalpoint forum, beer money forum, nairaland forum, jacobian forum but none of them have the track record of paying Nigerians more than half a billion within a year. Yes! It’s only the nnu income program which was the version V1 of this forum that has paid Nigerians consistently month after month more than 500 Million Naira and a new version has just launched on 14th of August 2019. You have a golden opportunity in your hands to join now, start making money on your spare time immediately and get paid without referrals.


About The NNU Forum V2

What is nnu income? Is nnu still paying? What is the difference between the nnu forum and nnu.ng? In this about the NNU forum, you will get a clear understanding of what nnu forum is all about.

NNU income means Nigerian News Income program popularly called nip while nnu forum is the latest program launched by admin of nnu.ngNNU Forum or nnuforum.com is the best make money online forum in Nigeria where you can turn your spare time into cool cash by participating in online discussion and doing simple task.

Even though nnu is still paying, nnu forum was launched to give opportunity to more people to still benefit from the reliable and genuine online programs being launched by G-cyber technologies under the leadership of Paul Samson the CEO of NNU income.  On NNu forum, you make money when you login, you make money when you read any forum topics, you make money when you comment on forum topics, you make money when you create interesting forum topics, you make money when you share viral post on facebook and much more.

To become a member of this forum, you are required to pay a token fee of 1,400 naira for your membership guide ebook which is loaded with ways to make money fast online and through the forum.

Click here to Join NNU forum V2.


nnu forum v2 membership ebook

Why you should read this carefully and take action immediately.

I earned 590k in my spare time on the nnu income v1 within 12 months but I should have earned more from this Nigerian make money online forum if not for one mistake I made. “The mistake was fear of losing 1,600 Naira and not taking action quickly to join the nnu income program” I’m only revealing this mistake to you today, so that you can learn from my mistake and take action quickly to start making money through this newly launched Nigerian forum.

Back then in July 2017 when NNU income v1 just got started, a friend sent me a message about it on Facebook and even Paul Samson himself, the Admin of NNU and CEO of G-Cyber technologies Limited and also the admin of coolnaira messaged me several time but ignored all the messages.  Later I reluctantly registered but did not activate my account.

nnu income program

My eyes only opened when I started seeing screenshots of 50k, 60k earning of those that taken action earlier to join the platform. Around January 2018, I took a bold stop to activate my nnu income account because I have missed alot of earning by not joining 5 months back.

Many of you reading the post are like me, we all try to play safe at times and end up losing a lot of earnings. So don’t wait till you start seeing earning screenshots and miss out on this cool money. Plus you get paid without referrals. Follow the registration step below to get your membership activated and start making money immediately.

NNU Forum Registration Step By Step Guide.

  1. Click here to Join NNu Forum V2
  2. Fill the form with your info, last name, first name, email, phone number,
  3. Enter you referral as: earnwithme
  4. Choose your username and password
  5. Click payment method as coupon or Paystack
  6. Tick I have read the terms and condition
  7. Click make Payment

One quick tip about the nnu forum registration, if you tick payment method as Paystack, you can pay directly with your atm card. But if you choose coupon code, you have to buy Coupon code from an approved nnu forum coupon code agent.

Click here to Buy NNU Forum Coupon Code.

Once your payment is successful, you will get a similar message to what you see below in your email inbox.

make money online forum

You can then login and start making money on the nnu forum in your spare time.

After getting your nnu forum membership activated, how exactly do you make money from this Nigerian forum?

There are 7 ways to make money from home on nnu icome in your spare time. 

A quick summary of the 7 ways to make money through the NNU forum V2

  1. Daily nnu login is 50 Naira
  2. Reading forum topics, you earn 10 Naira
  3. Commenting on forum topics, you earn 20 Naira
  4. Creating NNu forum Topics, you earn 200 Naira
  5. Get paid to share post on facebook, you earn 100 Naira
  6. Earn money by sharing nnu forum referring link, you earn 1000 Naira
  7. Become NNu Forum Coupon code agent, you earn 200 Naira per code.

A detailed explanation about the 7 quickest ways to make money online in Nigeria through the best money making forum of NNU

  1. Daily Login

This is one of the easiest and quickest way to make money online because once you login to your nnu forum account, you will be paid 50 naira instantly. If you continue to login daily, in 30 days, you would have earned yourself easy 1,500 naira

  1. Reading Interesting Forum Topics.

Wow! Another cool way to make money if you ask me. You just login and click on any forum thread that interests you. Once you read for some minutes, refresh your nnu account and viola! You already earned 10 naira. The more topics you read the more money you make. It’s that simple.

  1. Commenting on Forum Topics

After reading a thread and you want to contribute by leaving reasonable comments, you will be paid 20 naira per comment. The more comments you make, the more money you make.

  1. Create nnu forum Topic

Yes! You have something interesting that you want to share on this make money online forum, then create a forum topic and once approved, you will be paid 200 naira instantly. If you can write original contents, not just copying post from other blogs, you can earn as much as 1000 Naira per nnu forum topics you post.

  1. Get paid to share post on Facebook.

Each forum members are assigned a viral post daily and once you share on facebook, you will be paid 100 Naira instantly.

  1. Earn money by sharing nnu referring link

The nnu forum has a very rewarding affiliate program where you will be paid 1,000 naira per new member that joins through your unique affiliate link. This is a cool and quick way to make money online in Nigeria by just sharing your referring link on facebook, instgram, twitter, pinterest etc

  1. Become NNU forum Coupon Code Agent.

By selling coupon code to new members that want to join this best make money online forum in Nigeria, you can make easy money online. As a matter of fact, you will make 200 naira per coupon code you sell. Coupon code agents buys at 1,200 Naira per code and Sell at 1,400 Naira per code. The minimum order for agents is 20. So you need about 24,000 Naira to get started as an agent. Once you are approved, you will be listed among the approved agents on the forum and members can contact you directly to buy.  Imagine selling like 25 coupon code daily which is quite possible, then your daily profit will be 5,000 Naira every day.

Answers to some of the questions you might have about this best make money online forum in Nigeria.

How quick can you make your NNU forum membership fee back?

Well, it all depends you! This Nigerian forum is for everybody, students, workers, corpers, house wives, retirees etc just anybody can register and earn cool money  in their free time. So how quickly you make money from the platform depends on the amount of time you can devote daily to login, comment, create forum topics, comment on forum topics, share viral post on facebook and share your referring link on social medias.

  • If you login daily, for 30days you will earn 30 x 50 = 1500 Naira
  • If you read 5 forum topic daily, for 30 days you will earn 10 x 5 x 30 = 1500 Naira
  • If you make 5 comment on forum topic per day, for 30 days you will earn 20 x 5 x30 = 3,000 Naira
  • If you create 1 forum topic per day, in 30 days you will earn 200 x 30 = 6,000 Naira
  • If you share 1 viral post on facebook per day, in so days you will earn 1x 100 x 30 = 3,000 Naira
  • Then if you get atleast 3 referrals in 30 days, you will earn 3x 1,000 Naira = 3,000 Naira

Total earning per Month = 18,000 Naira

Is referral compulsory before you can withdraw your earnings?

For now, referral is not compulsory before you can withdraw your earnings. But you need to earn a minimum of 5,000 Naira before you can qualify for payment. NNU income has come up with a very outlandish payment system in which your activities earning NARS will automatically get transfered to your wallet and ready for withdrawal without referrals once you have earned upto 5,000 Naira so also is the affiliate earnings.  All payment will be made to the bank account of members that have earned 5,000 naira and above on the last day of each month.

Lastly, I have made this post about the nnu forum v2, which is the best make money online forum in Nigeria as educative as possible and you now have enough information about this platform. If you want to know more about this second version, i have written a detailed nnu forum review.    You can also click to see the nnu.ng review also a detailed review of the first version of the nnu income program. Apart from nnu income, there are other legit ways to make money online and I have written about a good number of them in my previous post like the viraltrend and recharge and get paid

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