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Link-able Review, Afilliate Program & Building High Quality Backlinks

In this  Link-able review, you will discover how to instantly double or triple revenue from your website by boosting your rankings on search engines. How to start getting floods of organic search traffic by building high quality backlinks loved by google and how to make money guest blogging for other websites on link-able.

There are lot of bloggers, website owners, affiliate marketers out there that have tried every method being promoted online about building backlinks for seo but their website is still not ranking well enough on the search engine so that they can get enough organic traffic to make the desired sales. If you fall in this category, then this link-able link building service is something you should checkout.

Link-able Review: About The Link-able backlink tool

Link-able is a website that was setup with sole aim of helping website owners build high quality backlinks so that their websites can rank high enough on the serp and be able to get the desired organic search traffic. If you have tried to buy cheap backlink from other freelancing site, you will understand they do not last and even harm you website ranking. What if you stop buying backlinks from that particular freelancer, what happens to all your backlinks?

Link-able is able to build backlinks for your through guest posting from talented content writers or bloggers. There are a lot of pre-qualified websites and content writers that can guest blog and link to your website. Once you signup on the website as a Content Marketer, you will have opportunity to contact content writers in your niche who have websites with Domain Authority DA 20 and above.

Linkable monitors your links and make sure the content writer doesn’t remove your link and your website can continue to enjoy the high ranking on the serp for a long time.


Link-able Review: How does Link-able Works

There are two ways you can use the linkable link building website. You can either use it to build high quality backlinks to your website by joining as a Content marketer. Or Join as a Content writer and make money when you guest post for marketers and put a backlink based on the keywords and other requirement from the Content marketer.

As a Content Writer on Linkable link building website, you can have the opportunity to earn more money from your writing skill. You already know how to craft high quality contents and you enjoy writing, why not guest post for marketers, leave a link back to their website and help them increase their organic search traffic and you get paid.

So it’s a win-win situation for both the content marketers and content writers on the link-able back link building website. Marketers know the importance of building high quality backlinks to their website and they are ready to pay for guest posting to build the backlinks to their websites.

The importance of quality back link from influencers in your niche can not be over emphasized. Instead of wasting time searching for the influencers and content writers in your niche and then contacting them yourself which can be very difficult and you might have to wait forever sometimes before you get a few who will agree to link back to your website. But once those influencers join the Linkable link building website as a content writer, you can easily contact them, give them orders pay and get your high quality backlinks instantly

You can place as many link building orders as possible as a content marketer on linkable. And you have the liberty to choose as many content writers as you want. Investment in link building is a worthwhile investment and every single money you spent building links is not lost. You will gain it back once you start seeing flood of traffic to your website.

Link-able Review: Benefits of Joining Link-able backlink Building website as a Content marketer

  1. Reduce time spent looking for places to get quality backlinks
  2. Increased organic search traffic to your website
  3. Improved DA over time
  4. Increase sales
  5. Opportunity to rank above your competitors
  6. Removes the confusing for novices looking a link building strategy

Click here to join Linkable as a Content Marketer

Link-able Review: Benefits of Joining Link-able Backlink building website as a Content Writer

  1. Make more revenue from your writing or blogging skill
  2. You will get consistent orders from content marketers in your niche
  3. Opportunity to write about some keywords you might be missing before
  4. You will also enjoy more search traffic
  5. You can earn from $100 – $750 with a single backlink

Click here to join Linkable as a Content Author

Link-able Review: What are of the Features of the Link-able Website.

  1. Build a strong backlink profile & boost your organic traffic
  2. White hat link building that is efficient & effective
  3. Get Discovered by well-known Content Authors
  4. No More Link-Building Outreach
  5. Safe, natural, & anonymous
  6. Choose the links you want
  7. 1 year Link guarantee
  8. Affordable price
  9. 24/7 customer support.


Do you want to even make more money blogging? Link-able has an affiliate program which you can promote and earn affiliate commission.

The link-able has two distinct affiliate programs. The Content marketer Affiliate Program and the Content Authors affiliate program. Joining the affiliate programs is free and requires only one signup and you will need to answer a few questions about your previous experience in affiliate marketing.

Once your application has been approved, you will get an affiliate url from the link-able link building website through which you can acquire new users for the website.  See the commission structure below for both the content marketer affiliate program and content author affiliate program for the link-able

Link-able Review: Link-able Content Writer Affiliate Program.

When you have been approved and you share your affiliate link online, once you are able to get content marketer that want to use the link-able link building the build backlinks to their website and increase organic search traffic, you will be paid a certain amount of commission. Affiliate commission can be from $100 to $1,000 per sale. The link-able affiliate commission is 30% of the amount paid by the referred content marketer.

# of referrals      Bonus incentive

1-10 per month……         30% (base rate)

11-20 per month…..        35%

21-30 per month…..        40%

link-able backlink building affiliate program

Link-able Review: Link-able Content Author Affiliate Program.

On the other hand, when you have been approved and you share your affiliate link online, once you are able to get content authors that want to give high quality backlinks to content marketers who want to increase organic traffic and search engine ranking by building high quality backlinks, you will also be paid affiliate commission. Every content authors will be made to go through some prequalifying screening and once passed, you will be paid $10 per approved content writer/author

Link-able Review: How withdraw your earnings from the Link-able link building website

You will be paid affiliate commission through the paypal email you provide during your registration. The content marketers affiliate earnings has a holding period of 90 days after which you can get paid on the first day of the month this to ensure that the sale is finalized and the content marketer will not turn back and file for a refund

As for the content author affiliate program, there is a 30 days holding period after which you can get paid on the first of the month. Please note that you will only get paid for approved content writers that are able to scale through the prequalifying stages.

To round up this link-able review, I’m of the opinion that this is an awesome concept which every website owner or affiliate marketers should try out. The link-able has zero tolerance for spam links as you can see that they is a lot of scrutiny before they accept content writers on the project. Also they monitor the links and you have 100% guarantee that whatever links you build through this guest posting website is of high quality and will help you rank above your competitors on the serp. Once you are able to rank higher in the search engine results, you will naturally start getting more clicks on your website and more sales. If on the other hand, you are joining the website as a content author, you will also benefit immensely from the project by earning more money with your writing or blogging skill.

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