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How to get 7.5 bands in IELTS exams without wasting time and Money on study centers

Lets be frank with ourselves, IELTS Exam is difficult to Pass. But does that mean people are not passing it?

No! people are passing. My reseach has even shown me that somebody scored the 9.0 which is the highest band score.

But this is a very rare case as most people score 5.5 and above on an average.

While scoring 5.5 seems like a good score, more than half of 9.0 right? If the required score for your travel Visa is 7.5,

You just wasted your 75,000 Naira plus addittional 50,000 for training.

Not only that, you have to pause your travel plans until you are able to pass and get the required score.

You might feel like, how much is 75,000 Naira? yeah! You are right, that was how a lady had to continue doing the
IELTS exam for 17times.


17 good times!

Well you can do the Maths.

and know how much she had wasted.

It’s not my wish for you to write, fail and rewite the IELTS,

Afterall if you fail, you are only making british council and study centers richer.

But what about the delay?

The anxiousness on your own side!

You can’t wait to get out of this country.

But one IELTS Exam is the only thing holding you back.

Do you know that you can actually pass your IELTS exam at the next attempt?

Don’t beleive me?


Let me tell you something, all you have to do is study?

But you have being studying for the previous IELTS exams you have being writing, so how come you failed?

I’m not talking about the type of studying you have being doing before!

But the type of study that made my friend get 7.5 band score at first attempt with just 2 weeks of study.

My friend must be a genius, but he is not.

He was always failing english in the secondary school and only managed to score a C in WAEC.

But with only 2 weeks of study, he passed ielts exam that everybody know is difficult and somebody has being writing for about 17times with serious study and still never passed.


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From my research, i’ve seen some people who studied English in the university, some lecturers and teachers of English language but still fail woefully in IELTS exam.

So, what is IELTS actually testing? and why are English Teachers failing too?

You know why i had to ask that question?

It’s because those english teachers that are failling are the ones that will be tutoring you in study centers after paying 50,000 Naira for the training.

so how do you expect to pass?

Those english Teachers might be good in Vocabulary,  but is that what IELTS want to test.

The IELTS exam is divided into 4 sections to test your all round understanding or english language as a communication tool.

When you travel abroad, you will be communicating with people with different accents so how will you be able to hear, understanding and communicate with them?

That is what IELTS want to know.

IELTS Exam will be testing you in


  • IELTS Speaking, this is a face to face informal test infront of an examiner for a duration of 11 to 14 minutes and it’s make up of 3 parts
  • IELTS Listening, you will have to listen to an audio recording and answer the question, this last for 30 minutes
  • IELTS Reading, the test is divided into Academic and General Training Papers(GT) and comprises of 3 reading passages with 40 question to completed in 1 hour
  • IELTS Writing,  test is also divided into task 1 and task2. Task 1 Academic is a short report of chart, graph, map tables etc, Task 1 GT is a Letter. Task 2 Academic & GT is a formal essay. All to be completed within 1 hour time.

After taking the ielts exam, You will be awarded a score for each of those test areas and also and overall band score.

  • If your score is greater than a whole number but less than a whole number plus 0.25, your score will be brought back
    to the whole number, Example if your average is 6.2, you will be awarded a band scare of 6.0
  • If your score is between a whole number plus 0.25 and 0.5, it will be upgarded to whole number plus 0.5.
    example if your average is 6.25, 6.35, 6.5 , you will upgraded to 6.5 score band
  • If your score is between, 0.5 and whole number, you will be upgraded to the next whole number.
    If your score is 6.75, you will be upgarded to 7.0 score band.

So how do you get a ielts high score like 7.5 and above, at first attempt and without wasting time or money on study centers?

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