How To Win More Instagram Cash Givewaways From Celebrities

Would you like to win more Instagram cash giveaways? If yes you will love this post as i reveal a cool App called Abeg App that increases your chances of winning cash giveaways on Instagram.

One of the factors that can increase your chances of winning current Instagram giveaways is getting to know about them early enough.

Another factor is following the instructions laid out by the Instagram influencers doing the giveaways. But in most cases people are able to follow the instructions correctly but not getting to know about ongoing giveaways earlier enough is why they don’t win.

Last month, I got to know about an App called Abeg App and I’m so fascinated by the name of the App.

I downloaded the App and did some research on it.


What is Abeg App? and What is Abeg App Used For?

About Abeg App

Abeg App is a fintech App that makes sending and receiving payment so easy from your mobile phone. The App is p2p and it’s the Nigerian fashion of the cashApp.  Once you download the Abeg App and install on your mobile phone, you can send money to people in your contact that are also on the Abeg App and you can also receive money from them without any transaction fees.

The Abeg App was launched by Abeg Technologies in 2019. If you have never heard of the company before, it means you are not current as the company is the major sponsor of the BBnaija 2021 season 6 Shine Ya Eye.

The CEO of Abeg Technologies is Dare Adekoya. The 26 years is a  programmer and worths about $18 Million. Before co-founding Abeg Technologies, Dare has worked with Swipe Max, Sterling Bank and Voyance all as a Product designer from 2018 to 2020. 

What is Abeg App Used For?

There are so many things you can do with the Abeg App but the most interesting one is doing joining and wining instagram cash giveaways.

Since the App is for sending and receiving money, Instagram influencers can register on the app, fund their wallets and do giveaways.

They can easily transfer the cash directly to winners right from the App.

It’s such a fun App to have on your mobile phone.

Apart from giveaways, it’s a social proof App that tests your ability to give.

You can give random people cash to make someone smile.

You can send money request to your contacts just like begging for money, Abeg send me 2k. 

You can also do a group contribution right on the App.

You can Buy Airtime on the App

You can shop on the App

You can get updates on happenings in the BB Naija House right from the App

You can contribute and split  bills with your friends during outings or timeouts

You can withdraw money from the Abeg App to your Bank Account.

You can use the App for social media marketing especially if you want plenty of people to follow your accounts. Just keep doing giveaways and millions of people will get to like your social media account and keep following you.

How to win Instagram giveaways on Abeg App.

how to win instagram cash giveaways through Abeg App
Abeg App giveaways

The first step is to download the App and connect your Instagram and twitter account.

Go to google play store, download the App install on your mobile phone.

Since this is a payment App, you have to do KYC verification by providing your BVN and they will send a code to your phone to be sure you actually own the BVN number you are connecting to the App.

People tend to get scared once they hear BVN, I did the verification and they sent the code to my phone. No money was deducted from my bank account.

Actually I was skeptical like you to connect my BVN because no one wants to fall victim to internet fraud in Nigeria.

So you have nothing to fear, I had taken the risk to test the App out so that you guys don’t have to.

I had tested the App  and seen you have nothing to fear as regards the safety of your bank account using the App as at the time of writing this blogpost.

However you will need to keep your secret 4 digit pins secret so that no one else apart from you can transact on your Abeg App behind your back

How to Make Money through Abeg App referral.

Apart from giveaways, you can earn money on the Abeg App through referrals

So if you are the first to send a new Abeg App user money within 24hours of registration, you will earn 500 Naira.

So once you download the App and you have done your BVN verification and uploaded your profile picture, send me a DM on WhatsApp on 08095047992 and I will send you 200 Naira free and the Abeg App will reward me with 500Naira for being the first to do a transaction with you in 24hours

Click here to Send Me A DM

It’s a win-win situation where no one loses.

Once your own Abeg App has been activated too, you can start making money frm referrals and giveaways by shwoing your friends how to downlaod, install and activate the Abeg App and you will earn 500 Naira for each.

Can you withdraw Money in Abeg App to Bank Account.

If you want to withdraw money in your Abeg App to your bank account, you have to add your account details, bank name, account name and account number. Once connected, you can then withdraw. There is a transaction fee of just 10 naira for withdrawal to bank account.


Don’t sleep on this. Abeg app wants to redefine the ease of carrying out transactions in Nigeria. So if you want to keep winning instagram cash  giveaways, make sure you keep logging in into your Abeg App from time to time.

The App is a safe App, a lot of Instagram influencers are using the App. I have seen accounts like donjazzy, mrmarcaroni etc on the App they do giveaways of like 10k, 5k etc

Download the app and send me a message on WhatsApp to start earning 500 Naira per referral on the App. This is real and the App is paying so there is no scam involved.

If you have tried this and it worked for you, make sure you come back and drop a comment. I love feedback. Do check other ways on how to make money on Instagram by getting paid to post either through viraltrend or owodaily.

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