How To Start Online Business With No Money in Nigeria

If you have being searching for how to start online business with no money in Nigeria, you are in the right place. In this blog post, i will take your hand and show you step by step without holding back any useful information how start online business with no money in Nigeria.
However, it will be worthy of note that every business requires some form of capital and you will
make money onkline faster if you explore the paid option but since you are just starting out,
the free options should suffice you for now. When you make enough money with the free options,
you can then scale up your online business with the paid options.

Are you active on social medias like Facebook or twitter, you should have being seeing screenshots from different internet business opportunities. There are lot of people making money as affiliate marketers in nigeria, some with Google Adsense, some with Fiverr, Upwork and other freelancing website, some with mini importation etc
You will like to make money online like the big guys does but you want to start with no money. The truth is most big guys today online also start their online businesses with no money but they transformed their online businesses when they start making enough money online.

So which internet business opportunities should you start as a beginner or which internet business
opportunities can you start with no money in Nigeria. Let see some online business ideas for beginners and you can then make a decision on which one you want to start

Top Ten Online Business Ideas For Beginners in Nigeria

1. Blogging

2. Affiliate Marketing

3. Graphic design

4. Article Writing

5. SEO Expert

6. Video Editor

7. Taking Online Paid Survey

8. Selling your Pictures Online

9. Paid social media job/micro jobs

10. Teaching Online

Successful online businesses are based on a certain principle and below are 5 things you should take serious if you want to make money online as a beginner.

1.  Look for a Niche, learn about the niche and become expert in the niche,
2. Grow your audience,
3. Look for problems people have in your niche and try to find a solution,
4. Have an online presence by having a blog, website, social media accounts and
5. Follow up with your customers.

In what ever online business you do or you finally decide to start, you must do all of the above principles to be successful online. I have given you the list of top ten online business ideas for beginners and also the principle of running successful online business. Let see how you can start each of these online business with no Money in Nigeria.

1. Blogging
This is the best online business idea for beginner and it requires no money to start. All you have to do is decide on the niche you want to blog about and write constantlty on your blog. There various free blogging platforms you can start with like blogger, wordpress, tumblr etc
After starting your blogging career Online with a free blog, how can you now make money from your blog? There various ways you can make money from your free blog through Google Adsense, affiliate marketing and placing banner ads on your blog etc

2. Affiliate Marketing
This is also very easy to start Online business and requires no money to start at all. There are various affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria which you can join immediately like jumia affiliate program, konga affiliate program, glo affiliate program, web4africa affiliate program, dealdey affiliate program
jiji affiliate program, Amazon affiliate program in nigeria etc
In Affiliate marketing, you will be paid a percentage of the sale price as commission for bringing in the customer. You don’t need to own the product, you don’t need to rent shop or have a website. All you do is promote the products/services and when you make a sale you will be paid commission for referring the sale.

3. Graphic Design
This is also a very good online business idea and you can make alot of money with it. In Graphic design Online business, you will be paid to design Logos, Business cards, Invitation cards, Social Media Covers, Ebook Covers, Banners Ads etc
All you need to start the graphic design online business is your creative talents and being an expert in graphic design Softwares like Photoshop, Corel Draw, Microsoft Power Point or free graphic design websites like Canva etc. You can get graphic design jobs on freelancing website like fiverr and upwork and it’s totally free to start.

4. Article Writing
This is also a good online business for those that are gooding in writing. There alot of online news pappers, magazines and busy bloggers that needs
good writers to write articles for them. You can also try article writing websites like iwriter to get free article writing gig and get paid.
You can start your online writing business with no money att all.

5. SEO Expert.
If you know how to optimise websites for search engines, you can render this service to website owners and other online business owners that need their website to rank on page  one of google, increase website traffic and put their business in front of their customers. This is a cool online business you can start with no money

6. Video Editor.
If you can either make sales promoting video or edit videos for other marketers or Youtubers, you can make alot of money online and you can start this Online business with no money at all. You can get gig on this with freelancing websites like fiverr and upwork etc.

7. Taking Online Paid Survey
This is a smart way to make money online without starting with any money. But you have to trade your time for money. It takes about 10 – 30 minutes to answer a paid survey and it’s about helping companies understand how to improve their products. As a user, companies want to know your opinion about their product and will pay you a certain fee for helping answer their survey questions. You can start this online business with no money at all

8.  Selling Pictures Online.
You can now sell your pictures online and make cool money and the best part is you start this online business with no money at all.
This is how to start selling pictures online, you pick a Niche, join stock Photograpgh website, take good pictures of yourself several pictures daily with your smart phone, upload and get paid when somebody buys the stock photograph to use for their graphic design jobs.

9. Paid Social media Jobs/micro tasks.
This is also a good online business you can start with no money at all. There are companies that need social media experts to manage their facebook fan page, twitter account, instagram account etc. Find those companies on google or you can also try freelancing website and search for social media
manager. You can start this online business with no money and you will get paid for doing it.

10. Teaching Online/ Video Course
You can register on websites like udemy, skillshare, Lynda etc and make video of yourself teaching just anything. If you know how to bake cake, there is somebody somewhere whiling to know how to do that and will pay to learn from an expert. So make your video course, upload and get paid when any student signup for your video course.

Thanks for reading this blog post on how to start online business with no money in Nigeria. Hope you enjoyed it. If you can pick any of the of the top ten online business ideas and explore further, you can start making money online without any investment.
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