how to start online business in Nigeria using the 72ig implementation program.

What Everyone Should Know about Starting an Online Business in Nigeria

In this blog post, you will discover the 3 steps you need to follow when creating an online business in Nigeria. Because Bill no dey finish! You have to pay house rent, children school fees, food&groceries etc if you have to pay all these bills from your salary, how much will remain for you to invest for the future or even aquire some properties. You will find below 3 steps to create a fail proof income system that can generate upto 750k/month if properly deployed. May be you don’t know about them yet so it could help.

First, when people need to earn extra money may be to pay bills or to save for future investments or even to acquire properties, what most people do is to either go to withdraw money from their current saving or even borrow from bank. But that is not the case for Mr Toyin Omotoso when in 2018 he wanted to invest into Agric business, instead of doing like most peole either withdrawing money from his current savings or going to the bank to borrow money, he instead used this exact same 3 steps to create and online business which was generating at least 750,000 Naira monthly for him. May be you are thinking this is a coincidence or he is just an online expert, what about his students, so many of them that are currently using the exact same 3 steps to create their own online businesses too and they are earning income from it.

What are the 3 steps that you should know about for you to create an online business in nigeria that can generate additional income for you monthly.

Please note that the business model i’m about to reveal to you will involve you doing some work and will require some investment also. So if you are a freebie seeker or you are totally broke now, this business model might not be the right one for you. ok!

3 steps to create an Online Business That can Generate 750,000 Naira Additional Income Monthly.

Setp1: Look for a high quality products. This product might not be your personal own. Because most people starting online business in nigeria doesn’t even have the technical know how on how to create a digital product of their own, it’s the best you start by recommending other people’s product. Ok So where can you get such products that you can recommend to others and get a commission when they buy? You can get products on website such as click bank, jvzoo, warriorplus, shareasale, expertnaire etc. So once you have the product, you should try to familiarize yourself with the product so that it will be easy for you to recommend it to others.

While you can get your products from foreign affiliate networks like clickbank, jvzoo, warriorplus and sharea sale, i will not recommend you start with them because of competition. You will be competing againt super affiliates who have millions of dollars in budget for advertisement and that might reduce or limit the amount of money you can earn. Instead, i will advise you start with expertnaire affiliate network in Nigeria. So that you can get high value products that can easily be sold in Nigeria.

Step2 : Create your sales funnel. There are different sales funnel you can use but the most common one is the ads to business presentation like sharing your link on social media which everybody does in nigeria. Becasue most people are not getting the sales funnel creation right, that is why majority of affiliate marketers doesn’t make money in Nigeria. There is a sales process and by following the right sales process and follwing up with an automated email marketing system, you will greatly increase your chances of making sale and generating additional income online through affiliate marketing in nigeria.

Step 3. Driving traffic to your offers. Once you have chosen the right sales funnel which i will be showing you later, you then start driving traffic to your presell content and once people optin, you can followup automatically until you make a sale. One of the best traffic source is a facebook ad but it very tricky for affiliate marketing, there is a way round it which i will also reveal to you later.

That’s it! That is the 3 steps you need to follow to create and online business in Nigeria that can generate upto 750,000 naira extra income monthly.

Introducing the 72ig Implemetation Program!

The 3 steps to creating an Online business that can generate additional 750,000 Naira per month is simple but you will greatly appreciate the process when you see it like being done. That is what the 72ig implemetation program will do for you.

It will show you in step by step how to

  1. research your affiliate products,
  2. how to research your customers,
  3. how to write your presell contents
  4. how to cretae your sales funnel
  5. How to followup with your customers
  6. how to drive traffic to your affiliate offers etc.

If you have a good understanding of all the processes above, starting and Online business in nigeria that can generate additional income for you will be very very easy.

But it can even be easier when you lay your hands on the tools and templates you need to create your campaigns. let see what is included in the 72ig implementation package for those that wants to start a fail proof income genrating online business in Nigeria.

Detailed summary of what you will get in the 72ig implementation program

  1. one year free account on the expertnaire affiliate network worth 10,000 Naira
  2. Webpage builder software and predesigned Templates
  3. Detailed training videos on how to buy domain name, web hosting and how to build stunning webpaages like the Optin page, Thank you page etc
  4. Email marketing templates and how to create your follow up emails
  5. Free done for you Affiliate Marekting campaign for 7 expertnaire products
  6. Access to 72ig Facebook support group
  7. 50% affiliate commission when you recommend 72ig implemetation program to others
  8. You will also get Whatsapp marketing guide how to make your first sales in less than 24 hours and lot more

If you are still interested in creating your Online business in Nigeria that can generate for you additional income of 750,000 Naira per month, then click here to watch this vidoe presentation now before it’s finally taken off the internet.

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