How to Start An Online Business That Can Generate 750k Per Month

In this blogpost, you will discover how to start an online business from scratch within 3 days without prior experience and start earning upto 750,000 Naira monthly from it. If  all you have is just your laptop, internet connection and ATM card, just only 3 things, this is how you can use them to create an online business that will start generating money within 72 hours.  

There are so many  online businesses you can do to make money online. These are some online business ideas for beginers; Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, Youtube Channel monetization etc, but for the purpose of this blogpost, we will be starting an affiliate marketing business from scartch.

So if you are a complete beginner, you have never joined any affiliate network before or even promoted anything online, this is a very comprehensive and easily comprehendible guide that will show you exactly what to do to start making money in the next 72 hours if you can take action and start implementing what you will learn.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the easiest online business anyone can start and make money and it doesn’t require you to have any certificates, degrees or previous work experience. it will not involve you creating your own products. You will just leverage on already existing products, promote them, make  sales and earn commissions.  

So you are thinking i’ve never sold anything before online, where will i get products to promote, how will i get customer to buy etc. We will get to that shortly as i reveal to you how to start an online business through affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Things You need To Start an Online Business.

To run a successful online business, these are things you will need

  1. A laptop
  2. Internet Connnection
  3. Atm Card for Payments
  4. Domain Name and Webhosting
  5. Autoresponder
  6. Affiliate Marketing Network Account, Clickbank, Amazon, shopify, expertnaire, jvzoo etc
  7. Ad account on facebook, Google Ads words, Bing Ads etc
  8. Some Money to pay for Ads (Advertising Budget)

How To Start An Online Business Through Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria.

Once get the things required to run an online business ready,  lets dive in and see the steps required to set up an online businesses in the affiliate marketing niche so that we can start making money within the next 72 hours.

You’ve earlier being thinking about where you will get high quality products to promote and make money, so this is it, Affiliate Networks. You can see that i’ve put the high quality in bold, this is to emphasise the importance of selling good products that will add value to your customers. People will buy from your because they trust you, so if you sell products they don’t find useful or solve their problems you will not make money from them again.

When starting your affiliate marketing business, it’s important you think long term, you don’t just want to make few bucks quickly, you want to build a long lasting business where customers will be comming back to still buy from you.

Also, will get to what you can do to make customers to be comming back to buy from you later. As repeat customers are the people who will make you the most money in affiliate marketing.

 How to Start an Online Business through Affiliate Marketing (Step1 Registration)

  1. Register an affiliate account on expertnaire.
  2. Go to the market place and see which products are available.
  3. Decide on the niche in which you want to be promoting the affiliate products. Once you know the niche
  4. get you affiliate link to the product you intend to promote and promotion begins.

All these 4 steps will not take up to 2 hours and I have a business already.

Now that you have started your affiliate Marketing Online business, how do you  get traffic to you affiliate link and make lot of sales?

This is how to promote your affiliate link by creating a sales funnel.  If you are wondering what is an Affiliate Marketing sales funnel, its a series of steps a buyer will go through from the moment they found your products or business to the time they finally make a purchase or become your customer.

There are 4 different stages in a sales funnel. And it’s important you understand all these stages. You don’t just want to learn how to start an online business. You want also learn how to grow the online business you are starting so that you continue to make money.

Sales funnel for generating leads and Sales in your Online business
The 4 stages of A Sales Funnel

1. Awareness stage,

This is where a customer find out about your website or affiliate product may be you post on twitter, run Facebook ads, run a google PPC Ad, write seo articles etc that is all to create awareness so that prospects are educated.

2. Interest stage

At this stage, a customer will optin to your landing page if you have designed one or send you a DM on twitter or WhatsAPP  to know more about what you are promoting. They are not buying yet, they are just interested, curious and want to know more.  

3. Decision stage,

If you have captured a prospect’s email through an optin form you placed on a landing page, you can start educating your prospect by sending them continuous emails. Now they might want to decide to make a purchase or not. They have started thinking is this right for me?

4. Call to action stage,

This is the stage where they finally make the purchase or you ask for the sale.  In between the sales funnel stages, there are so many things you need to do so that you make huge affiliate marketing commission. Especially if you sell high ticket products

How to Start an Online Business through Affiliate Marketing (Step 2 Promotion)

1. Create your affiliate marketing offers presells for the discovery stage, this can be an article or blog post, a YouTube video, PowerPoint slide, infographic just anything that can educate your prospects and create awareness about your products and services.

2. Buy a domain name, web hosting, install wordpress, register with an autoresponder and create an optin form, then design a lead capture page ad add the optin form code so that you can caputure the email of your presell visitors

3. Keep sending traffic to your presell which already has your lead capture page url. 

4. Once they optin to your email list, continue to educate them through email marketing followup series. You want to write the email series ahead may be like 7 days emails to follow up.

If you have a low startup budget,  for the promotion stage, you can use the Whatsapp Instant Marketing. With this method, you will not need to invest on creating a website, getting an autoresponder etc. But you still need to build and audience through the Whatsapp platform.

To learn how to promote affiliate products through WhatsApp, click here.

Exactly How To Start An Online Business That Can Generate 750,000 Naira Monthly.

1. Signup with affiliate network like expertnaire, or you can use clickbank, jvzoo or warrior plus which ever one you are comfortable with.

2. Login and get your affiliate link or affiliate links to products you want to promote.

3. Buy your domain name and hosting

4. Installed wordpress & do some customization

5. Pay for an autoresponder and create an optin form

6. Design your landing page on WordPress  and integrate your optin form

7 write your presell article and add your landing page URL.  

8 before you start sending traffic to your landing page, go back to your auto responder and write the followup email series

9. Then start sending traffic to your presell articles that has your landing page URL.

Finally, those are the 9 steps you need follow to create  successful online businesses in affiliate marketing Niche.

A sales funnel is a powerful 24/7 automatic sales machine for your affiliate marketing business which when deployed properly can make your a lot of money on autopilot.

Creating a Sales Funnel gives you flexibility in your affiliate marketing business especially if you are in a 9-5 job like me. 

Before i was able to crack the code to starting online business and making money through affiliate marketing, i wasted alot of time and money on many trainings that doesn’t work until i found something that changed everything.

Most people tends to learn better when they see somebody telling them click here, write this etc.

That is the essence of the 72 hours income genrator. It’s all you need to create an online business that will generate 750k for you. If you are interested in learning more, Click on the button below


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