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This blog post is about an ebook i discovered recently on how to start a small business in Nigeria.
Getting this ebook will save you tons of hours of research on the topic. I have personally read the ebook and i was shocked at the ridiculous low price the author is giving away the ebook.

Though there might be many books available to entrepreneurs on how to start a small business in Nigeria. This
ebook i’m about to review in this blog post is unique. Yes the book is very unique and loaded with lot of useful
information about starting a small business.

You will not only learn how to start a small business, but you will see real life examples and step by step guide on
how you should start. The author has left no stones unturned in this ebook and it’s a must have for any one that want to start a small business. Even if you are already a business owner, getting this ebook and implementing the strategies and secrets in there, to grow your businesses will be a step in the positive direction.

The book is not just about how to start a small business in Nigeria, you will get to know some ever green businesses you can start immediately and make money! How about learning how to promote your business the right way? You will see real examples on how to promote your business, how to know your target customers and above all how to build a long lasting and sustainable business. 

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Book Review: The Guide To Getting Started on Your Dream Business.

About the Author of this business ebook

The Name of the author of this ebook on how to start a small business in Nigeria ebook is Ogiji Micheal. He hails from Okpokwu in Okpoga, Benue State. He is an entrepreneur and has some small businesses in his Name that has been very successful. Apart from that, he the founder of the CEO Project which he created to teach and enlighten aspiring entrepreneurs how to startup, build and maintain businesses that would
generate a sustainable cash flow. Micheal is currently a final year student of Accounting at the University of Jos in Nigeria.

The Book: The Guide To Getting Started on Your dream Business

This book on how to start a small business in Nigeria has 6 chapters and 41 pages only. You can read it in pdf format on your smart phone, Laptop and other mobile devices. Micheal has written a very good ebook and i will recommend this book to everyone that has interest in becoming an entrepreneur or currently an entrepreneur. Ifyou fall into any of the two categories, you can apply what you will learn in this book to build your brand faster.

Chapter One

The book start with an introduction and without wasting too much time, quickly entered the first chapter. The first chapter of this ebook on how to start a small business in Nigeria will show you how to determine the kind of business you should do. There are alot of people having so many business ideas and have become so confused to extent they don’t know which one to start. Getting Micheals ebook “The Guide to getting started on your
dream business” will help you make the decision fast and you can then focus on building the business. Also micheal shows you four ever green business your can consider starting just incase you can not come up with any good business ideas.

Chapter Two

The Chapter two of this book on how start a small business in Nigeria is on how to identify your target Customer. The are alot of people that goes into business who don’t know who there target customers are. Micheal will show you in this chapter, how to build your customer avatar with example on how to make sales and increase revenue from your small business.


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Chapter Three 

The Chapter three of the book is where you will learn how to conduct market research. Is there a need for your business, how much are people willing to pay for your products, who are your competitors etc you will get to know all that and more when you get the ebook.

Chapter Four

The Chapter four is about writing your Business Plan. Micheal will show you step by step how to write a business plan. After going through this chapter, you should be able to write a very comprehensive business plan for your first small business in Nigeria.

Chapter Five

Chapter five is about business model. After showing you how to write a business plan in chapter four of the ebook, this whole chapter is about building your business model. Make sure you read every chapter when you get this book about how to start a small business in Nigeria because all the chapter contains very useful tips that you can implement immediately and see results

Chapter Six

This is the last chapter of the business ebook and in this chapter, you will learn how to finance your business. What are the options you have when it comes to financing small business in Nigeria?
You will get to know all that, when you get this awesom book from micheal ” The Guide to getting started on Your dream Business”

Don’t just continue to dream but take action today to start your dream small business. Get Micheal book, The Guide to getting started on your dream business and learn how to start and grow small businesses the right way! Save tons and tons of hours of research. 

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How Buy This ebook

To buy this ebook, The Guide to getting started on Your dream business, Make payment of 1000 Naira to any of the two account numbers below

Account Name: Ogiji Micheal
Account No: 0218090814

Ogiji Micheal
Account No: 0063682213

After payment, Click here to send the proof of payment and get the download link for the ebook.

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