how to make your first affiliate sale in 24 hours

How to make your first affiliate sale in 24 hours.

How to make your first affiliate sake in 24 hours is what I will be showing you in this blog post. I’ve come to understand that a lot of new affiliate marketers find it difficult making that first sale. It can be extremely frustrating. Few years ago when I was also a newbie, I will post my affiliate links on Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc but just manage to get few sales. I will post, post and post but nothing to show for it. It was just like people are just tired of seeing my affiliate links everywhere and are even trying to ignore it. But I see top affiliates promoting exactly the same products I’m promoting without putting in much efforts get lot and lot of sales. I’ve vowed to discover what was holding back my affiliate sales and after years of research I finally discovered what I was doing wrong. The good thing is the secret method of promoting affiliate offer that I discovered works for every kind of affiliate products. Many people are drawn to affiliate marketing because of the ease at which one can start the online business but after getting in and trying all they could, and no sales coming through they get discouraged.

Let me ask you a question, do you want to know how to make you first affiliate sales in 24 hours?

Then, make sure you bookmark this post as you will need to read this more than once before you can actually understand the steps and begin to implement to make your first affiliate sale. That said, making your first affiliate sale depends on some factors, because as a beginner you don’t have a list, you don’t have followers on social media and you don’t know how to drive traffic to your affiliate offers. So where do you start from? To make sure you make your first affiliate sale in 24 hours.
  • First you need affiliate product to promote so you need to join an affiliate network like the clickbank, jvzoo, expertnaire etc. So that you have access to affiliate product to promote. But before you start promoting the product, I will like you to decide a niche in which you want to be selling affiliate products is it health and fitness, internet marketing, pets care etc
Once you know your niche, the next steps is to research your audience.
  • This is called audience research Who are those people who will likely benefit from the product you want to sell? What problems are they looking to solve that your affiliate product is providing the solution.
By knowing these people, what is their gender, their demographics, age, martial status, education level, their interest etc and knowing where they are hiding online, it makes so easy for you to make your first affiliate sale. Next step is to know which product will be good for your audience.
  • This I call product research. So you will check all the products available on the affiliate network you signed up with earlier and check the sales page of those product, what do they have to offer, how can what they have to offer solve the problems of your already researched audience? What are some exciting features of the product.
So by the time you research your audience and products properly, you would have being able to reduce the possibility of your audience rejecting your offer. So now that you know your audience, and have a product that can help them, the next step is for you to create your sales funnel.
  • Create a Sales Funnel. There are different types of sales funnel but the most comment is what most newbie affiliate marketer do sending traffic directly to the sales page of affiliate product.
If you really want to make your first affiliate sales fast, don’t do that! OK, that is not how to make your first affiliate sale in 24 hours. Sending traffic directly to a product sales page. Your audience don’t know you yet. So you need to warm them up to you by creating your pre sell contents.
  • Create Presell Contents  Your presell content can be an article, video, free report etc. So this how your sales funnel should look like From Traffic source to presell content to a landing page to sales page. Your landing page should have lead capture forms so that if those visiting your landing page doesn’t buy your affiliate product the first time, you will have the opportunity to follow them up and just only this can increase your affiliate sales.
This is because once someone optin to your lead capture form, they will start getting followup emails. When creating your sales funnel, make sure you have written at least email follow series of like 10 days so that, they will continue to learn about the offer you presented to them. That is the most guaranteed way to build a list and make your first sale as an affiliate marketer.
  • How To Drive Traffic To Presell Contents. Also you need to know how to drive traffic to your presell contents, you can either rely on organic search traffic if your presell is a seo optimized blog post. But if you want to do paid ads to drive traffic to your presell content, then Facebook ads is probably the best option. You can also try banner ads advertising on high traffic blogs.
Would you like to get access to already researched products that are hot selling, also already made campaigns that you can edit and also tools to edit those campaigns so that you can easily make your first sale as affiliate marketer in 24 hours. Then 72 hours income generator was what helped me to transform from  an affiliate marketing newbies into making multiple sales daily through affiliate marketing. Setting up your affiliate marketing campaigns is now more easier. If you don’t have a website to promote your affiliate products, you will get WhatsApp sales funnel the  thing is you can conveniently use WhatsApp too promote Affiliate marketing offers. So you have two options in your hand now that will help you generate your first affiliate sale in the next 24 hours if you follow all the secrets already revealed in this article. 

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