how to make profits from sport betting in nigeria

Revealed : How to Easily Make 400,000 Naira per Month From Sport Betting Websites Without Placing a Bet.

In this blogpost, you will discover how to make profits from sport betting websites in Nigeria without placing a single bet, predicting any game or owning a bet shop. 

Without wasting much of your time, this blogpost is going to open your eyes to the opportunities available as a sport betting affiliate. So 2 set of people will benefit from reading this article. 

  1. Those that are already affiliates to some sport betting websites but are not making any money at all.
  2. Those that are looking for stress free and low startup businesses that can add extra income to their bank accounts monthly.

So if you fall into any of the above categories, i congratulate you for discovering this invaluable piece of information that is guranteed to change your life.

Discovering How to Make profits from Sport Betting Websites Changed Gbenga’s Life and This is How.

Gbenga got married in 2018 and before you know it bills started pilling up. Initially, it was manageable with what he was getting from his job and the wife’s job too. But everything changed when his wife got pregnant and couldn’t continue to work.
At this point he knew he needed and extra source of income. He needed something that will not take too much of his time or affect his current job.

He tried a lot of things, from one small business to the other. From one side hustle to the other. But most of the opportunities he saw requires a lot of time and if he is to make any money from them, he will need to quit his job. But that was a risk he couldn’t take as he was expecting a baby. He needed all the money he could lay his hands on.

So he went online and started looking for anything which could generate passive income for him without taking too much of his time or requiring him to spend a lot of money.

As luck would have it, Gbenga stumbled across this same opportunity on how to make profits from sport betting websites. where he could get paid by sport betting websites without placing a single bet or owning a bet shop or even predicting any game.

A lot of people don’t even know it and the few doing it were getting decent results.

The information he got online was not enough. As most of the articles he found online doesn’t give detailed explanation of what to do and how to do it. So few months passed and he made little money, very little money. He was convinced this works and he only needs to do it better. He started tweaking and trying different things and lost a bit of money.

After a lot of trial and error and spending lot of time and money. He was able to discover and perfect a way of getting more than 20 customers a day to nairabet affiliate account. As a result, he started making enough money to cover his monthly expenses and still have much leftover.

How to make profits from sport betting website: Exactly What you will be doing to Make Money

As you probably know betting websites makes billions of naira in profits every year. But just like every other business out there, they need customers to make all these money. And this is where you come in.

All you have to do is introduce a customer to a betting website and you make money every time the betting website makes money from this customer.

Let’s say you introduce a particular sports betting company you are promoting to Mr.A. if the sports betting company makes a profit of 100,000 from Mr A. You can get paid as much as 30% or 30,000 Naira and that is just from one customer.

This could be every single month or every single day since Nigerians love football so much and place bets on it every minutes of the day.

How to make profits from sport betting website: What you need to get Started

So basically all you need to get started are 3 steps.


Signup as an affiliate on any of the sport betting websites, I recommend Nairabet, 1xbet and Bet9ja

Step 2.

Copy your referral/affiliate link. This is the link you will be using to introduce people to the sport betting website. When people signup through your affiliate link, you will get paid from the profits the company gets from these customers.

Step 3.

Start promoting your affiliate link. Step 1 &2 are the easy parts. You can signup as an affiliate and get your affiliate link on any of the sites I metioned within 10 minutes. Where people get stuck is step 3 which is the most important step.

The step 3 is where Gbenga also got stucked before discovering the sport betting profits back door system.

Making Profits on Sport Betting Websites using the Sport Betting Profits Backdoor System as an Affiliate.


This profit system doesn’t require you to walk around and go door to door asking people to join a particular betting website. Gbenga who discovered the system has never spoken to anybody one on one about this business before, so you also don’t have to.

He doesn’t even know most of the people he earns money from as everything is online and automated. If you are a shy person or you don’t want people to know you are involved in the betting industry, well you don’t even have to talk to your friends and family or stranger either.

Also if you are thinking how much do you need to get started with this opportunity, while most side hustles online require you to have 200k or more to get started, you don’t need more than 2ok to get started. Right now, a youth corper with an allowee of 19,800 Naira is somewhere comfortably doing this business and making as much as 400,000 Naira extra in a month.

And just in case you are wondering g how long it takes to setup the sport betting profits backdoor system.

Well, it takes less than 3 hours.

If you are also wondering how long it takes before you can start making money, the answer is immediately!

The Sport Betting Profits Backdoor Guide.

sport betting profits backdoor guide

I realized there are many people out there who needed a way to make money fast online. So i asked Gbenga to share this secret and he went ahead to document the entire process of earning money from sport betting website without placing a single bet or owning a betting shop into a simple step by step guide that anyone can follow and start making as much as 400,000 naira to 3 Million Naira month.

The sport betting profits backdoor guide contains 8 easy to follow step by step videos that show you his to setup, start and run this system to generate a guaranteed income of up to 400,000 naira a month for you. Each video is an average of 20 minute and you can even watch them on your phone.

And just to clarify,

All you need to start making up to 400,000 Naira or more monthly when you follow the guide of promoting sport betting websites as an affiliate are

  1.  Smartphone
  2.  Less than 3 hours of your time
  3. A bank account for receiving your money
  4. Ambition, which I believe you have, haven watch this video this far.
  5.  The sports betting profits backdoor guide.

One thing I hear online all the time is

If it’s making him so much money, why is he not keeping it to himself? Why is he exposing the secret to other people?

3 answers.

1. Betting industry in Nigeria is so big,

Millions of naira exchange hands every day. So whether gbenga decide to share this passive income generating system with you or not the money will still be made.

2. Hate the term side hustle

Because 90% of the time, it’s user to refer to a job or side business generating money for you and still taking away your time. And even though I want more money just like you, but as an entrepreneur who has a business to manage, a family to take care of plus a bunch of other businesses, I don’t have a time for a side hustle. I don’t want anything which takes too much of my time… Even of it makes good money.

Which is why I’ve walked away from my side hustles and part time businesses over the last few years.

And this is exactly why this sport betting profits backdoor guide for making money part time has been the best option.

3. Few people know this right now.

A whole lot of Nigerians don’t even know it’s possible to make money as a sport betting website affiliate. All they are aware of right now is, you predict games, stake some money and win your bets before you can make money.

So you can decide to jump on it quickly or not but that’s is your decision.

Click here to get the guide 

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