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7 Practical Ways to Make Passive Income of 500,000 Naira per Month While You Sleep

If you have never made a dime online while sleeping, you will think it’s totally impossible! In this blogpost, I will be revealing to you how to make money while you sleep.

The businesses you can do to help you earn real passive income and the processes you need to follow so that your dream of earning passive income while you sleep can become a reality soon.

May be, you are an employee that wants to earn additional income by the side or a student that needs a way to earn money in school without interfering with studies. Making money while you sleep is possible when you deploy the right combination of tools and strategies.

This is not about yahoo yahoo or internet scams. If that is what you are looking for, you can just exist this blogpost because that is not what this post is all about.

Few years ago, I also don’t believe anyone can make money online while sleeping. In fact, I used to think only lazy and unserious people look for ways to make money while they sleep. But now, my thinking has totally changed, because I have experienced it. I have made passive income while sleeping and I still continue to earn passive income from some of my online businesses.

Making money while you sleep is not only possible, it’s achievable.

So, let now see some of the businesses you can do to make money while you sleep.

7 real passive income businesses you can do to make money while you sleep.

  1. Vtu Business.

Vtu means Virtual top up and it’s a kind of business where you offer services such as airtime recharges, data subscription, cable tv subscription, Electricity Bill payments etc. So how do you make money while you sleep doing vtu business?

It’s simply by having your own personal vtu recharge portal and also a Mobile recharge App. This is a cool way to make money because you can earn as much as 7% instant profit on every recharge done through your recharging portal or Android App. You don’t have to be physically present before people can buy from you unlike those hawking recharge cards on the street. You can be at work, or even sleeping. People who need to recharge will just visit your portal, login, buy data, airtime etc and you earn your commission. Very sweet easy passive income.

You can start vtu Business totally free but by investing in your own personalized website and App, you will be able to reach more customers and make bigger cash. The start up cost of vtu Vusiness can be between 50,000 – 100,000 Naira yearly and potential monthly income can be from 20,000 – 350,000 Naira depending on how you build the business.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is also a cool way of earning passive income but how do you make money while you sleep from blogging? First you need to register on a bogging platform either wordpress or blogger because those are the common platforms used by top blogger. Then you decide on the niche you want to be blogging about is it entertainment, news, technology, health and fitness etc.

Then, you chose a domain name, host your blog, install wordpress, install a theme, install plugins. You then customize your blog and you can start writing  articles.

Before you start writing your articles, you need to do keyword research so that people can be able to find your post through google search. The more people that can find your post through organic searches on google the better for you. Once you have written like 10-20 SEO articles on your blog and you start seeing 200 -500 daily visits on your blog, then you should monetize your blog so that you can start making money while you sleep.

There are different ways you can monetize your blog. You can review affiliate products, you can put google adsense on your blog, you can sell your ebook on your blog or even sell banner ads space. The investment required to set up a blog can be between 20,000 – 80,000 Naira yearly and your profit is not limited. You could start earning from 5,000 – 450,000 Naira monthly. And you should know that your earnings might be small in the beginning and it will continue to increase over years as you write more contents.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is all about recommending high value products and services to the end users of such and in doing this, you get paid certain percentage of the cost of the product sale or a fixed amount as affiliate commission.

How do you make money while you sleep through affiliate marketing? The key to making money while you sleep in affiliate marketing is automation. You have to automate your sales funnels. First you need to select a good and high converting product to promote. After that, you get your affiliate link. Once you get your affiliate link, create a landing page and integrate your affiliate link. Then create your follow up email series into your auto responder. After that, run your facebook ads and direct traffic to your landing page.

So, when you are sleeping, someone sees your ad on facebook, then person clicks, land on your landing page, the person submits his/her email. If the person decides to buy from you immediately good and fine. But if they don’t buy immediately, they have already submitted their emails and your autoresponders will start sending them follow up emails until they finally buy and you make your affiliate commission.

The cost of starting affiliate marketing business should be between 20,000 – 75,000 Naira per year and you could be making between 10,000 naira to 1 Million Naira monthly. Your earnings is not limited and you even earn more as you understand how to make sales better.

  1. Youtube Monetization

This is all about starting a youtube channel, then growing the channel to have plenty channel followers. Because subscribers and views equal money on Youtube. So how do you make money while you sleep on youtube?

This is the process, you decide on the niche on which you want to be making your videos is it comedy, entertainment, news, cooking, health and wellness etc. You then create your channel and start making videos with your mobile phone or if you have some budget, you can invest in camera and microphone.

Once you have the requires tools, all you have to do is to start recording videos and uploading to your channel. Make sure you upload high quality videos and also interesting videos that will attract people to your channel. Once you have plenty subscribers and views, you can then start monetizing your channel.

The first way is to apply for youtube channel monetization, also you can review affiliate products to earn money while you sleep from your channel.

The capital required to start a successful youtube channel is between 25,000 – 80,000 Naira yearly and these costs are for the tools you will need to make your contents rank higher and make them go viral. Potential profit from a youtube channel can be between 30,000 – 300,000 Naira on a monthly basis. Please note that you might earn less in the beginning and your earnings will be higher when your channels start getting lot of subscribers and views daily.

  1. Ebooks

Writing and selling ebooks is also a cool way to earn some passive but how can you make money while you sleep through ebook sale? The first thing you need to know is the topic of the ebook you want to write, then open your word processor or notepad and start writing ideas for your ebook. Decide on how many chapters you want to write, lay out your chapters by writing the introduction, then identify the problems, proffer solutions, cost of apply your solutions, conclusion and references. Once you have formatted the ebook properly, design the ebook ccover using free tool such as canva or hire a graphic designer to design an eye catchy ebook cover for you. Also, if you don’t want to write the ebook from scratch by yourself, you can buy plr ebooks and edit to make it your own. Once your ebook is ready, save it as pdf and you can start selling it on your website by integrating paystack  to receive payment from your buyers or you can sell on gumroad or other ebook selling platforms and get paid weekly though paypal.

The cost of starting this business is between 30,000 to 60,000 depending on whether you are selling directly on your website or you want to list the book on platforms like gumroad. The potential profit can be between 10,000 naira to 500,000 Naira every month depending on how informative the book you are selling is.

  1. Video Course

You can create a video training course and list on platforms such as expertnaire, udemy etc. How do you make money while you sleep by creating video course? The hardest part of this is knowing what to teach in your video course. First you need to know what you are good at teaching. It can be anything, like making a video on how to fix your mobile phone by yourself.

To make a training videos, you will need to invest in screen capture software, microphone and video editing software. Also, you can use powerpoint slides for your video training recording and save as video. Once you have recorded the training video, you can then list the training on udemy or expetnaire where affiliates can promote for you and you make money while you sleep.

The amount required to start the business is 20,000 – 50,000 Naira yearly on tools and you can make anything from 25,000 – 500,000 Naira per month.

  1. Currency Trading.

You can make passive income trading currency pairs on platforms like etoro. This is not about you having to read some boring charts or analyzing the markets. So how do you make money while you sleep doing currency trading?

Platforms like etoro copy trading platform is now making it possible for you to make money while you sleep through investment in currency trading. All you have to do is open account, fund with at least $200 and select expert traders you want to copy their trades. Once they open any position, your own trade positions are automatically opened too. You can apply some risk management strategies like stop loss and take profit and you can decide when you don’t want to copy a particular trader any more. Currency trading involves some risk and to make reasonable amount of profit you will need big capital.

Anyway, startup cost is a minimum of $200 and you can easily know the potential profit by checking the statistic of the traders you intend to copy on etoro.

Lastly, making money when you sleep is possible but you have to create a system that makes this possible. In this blogpost, I not only shown you how to make money while you sleep but I have also shown you 7 real businesses you can do to earn passive income while sleeping including their costs and potential profits.

If it’s your dream to make money while you sleep, why not learn more about any of the 7 businesses I have shown you to create a longlasting passive income generating cash machine for yourself that keeps earning you income day and night.

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