how to make money online in nigeria in 2021 through sports betting afiliate programs

How To Make Money Online in Nigeria in 2021 Through Sports Betting Affiliate Programs

In this blogpost, you will discover  how to make money online in Nigeria in 2021 through sports betting websites Affiliate programs. There is a cool way of making money online and it’s through being an affiliate to sports betting websites. This way of making money is relatively new to most people as what people know about sports betting websites is, where you predict games, stake a certain amount of money and win or lose bets.

What if i tell you, you could make passive income of up to 400,000 Naira monthly through those sport betting websites without placing even one bet or owning your personal bet shop? Yes ! You could be making 50,000 – 400,000 Naira monthly through sport betting websites. This method is legit and it’s totally risk free. 

This is how to make money online in Nigeria in 2021 through Being Affiliate to Sports Betting Websites.

The method you will use to leggally make money online in Nigeria in 2021 from sport betting websites without any risk or staking a bet is called sports betting websites Affiliate Programs.

Basically, it involves 3 easy steps.

Steps 1

Look for sport betting websites that accepts affiliates. Sports betting is a Billion Dollar business and the more they can get people involved the more money they make. That is why sport betting websites need people that can help them spread messages about their websites and that is why they need people like you as an Affiliate.

What affiliates do is, they educate people about the unique features of a particular sport betting website and if anybody joins through their unique link, the sport betting websites pays them a commission.

There are 2 types of commission structure you should be aware of. You either get paid per lead or you get paid a certain percentage of profit made by the sport betting websites from the customers you refer. Usually the commission is within 30-40%.

Once you have seen a good sport betting company and you understand their affiliates terms and conditions the next step is for you to register your affiliate account. Some of the sports betting websites i recommend you register with includes nairabet Affiliate program, 9jabet Affiliate Program, 1xbet Affiliate Program etc. 

Requirement for Registration on Sport Betting Websites.

The main requirement is your source of traffic is it website, social media marketing, article marketing etc. They will like to know how you intend to promote their affiliate offer. Also, some will require you have a website. If you don’t have a website or blog yet, you can just set one up before you register an affiliate account on sport betting website so that your affiliate request doesn’t get rejected.


Once you apply for your affiliate account, the sport betting website will scrutinize your application to see if you can be able to help. Their major interest is in how you intend to promote your affiliate link. They will check your website if you submitted one during your registration in step, they will look at how relevant it is to their website. They will also look at the amount of traffic your website or blog currently get and decide if they want to give a chance.

If they finally approve your application, this may take 2-3 days, you will be notified through email and affiliate link will be generated for you. Apart from your affiliate link, you will be given other promotional materials like banners etc for you to advertise and make money online in Nigeria. Also, you will have an affiliate dashboard where you can see how your affiliate campaigns are performing. You can track your campaigns and see where your clicks are coming from, how many clicks you are getting on your affiliate link daily, how many signups you are getting and also how much in terms of commission you are making.


Promoting your affiliate link

Step 1 and 2 are usually easy. It’s in step 3 that most people get stalked. It’s this step3 that determines whether you will make money online in 2021 through sports betting websites affiliate programs or not. Since this is the most important steps, w0hat are the ways you can promote your sports betting affiliate link so that you can be making consistent income monthly?

There are various ways, with some, you will see fast results almost instantly, with other, it takes time before you start seeing results.

How To Make Money Online in Nigeria in 2021 : Sports Betting Affiliate Links Promotion Methods

Content Marketing.

I have been into affiliate marketing for long and the most recommended way is through content marketing. This involved you starting a blog, doing keywords research, writing SEO optimized articles and get found through google or other search engines. This is the most targeted traffic source and most guaranteed way to make money through affiliate marketing. But the competition can so stiff and most times your articles might not get found on google.

Video Marketing.

This is where you setup a Youtube channel, optimized you channel with proper descriptions with your keywords, use eye catchy channel covers, then start making educative videos or review videos. You can record those videos with your mobile phones or you use power point slides. The upload the videos to youtube, write SEO description for the video, write SEO tittle including your keywords, use relevant tags and share the video on social medias after you upload load it.

Baner Advertising

By designing banners using a free online tool like the canva, then uploading the banner to high traffic forums like the nairaland. If you don’t want to design your own unique banners, you can use the default ones provided by your sport betting website.

Social Media

You can advertise your sport betting affiliate link through social medias like the twitter, facebook, Instagram etc. If you have chosen twitter, all you have to do is tweet about the sport betting website and go to websites like viraltrend, to buy retweets to boost the reach and engagements on your tweet. Also tweet like 5-20 times daily.  If it’s facebook you have chosen, you should join like 10 – 20  relevant groups and post like 3 times daily in those groups about your sport betting websites. If your choice is instagram, post like 5 times daily and order boost regram from instagram influencers that have plenty followers.

WhatsApp Marketing.

You can promote your sport betting websites affiliate links through Whatsapp. You can join relevant groups and post in those groups. Also you can post in your whatsapp status and you can pay some whatsapp tv guys to post your adversts on their Whatsapp staus to gain more views

Paid Per Click

You can also run paid per click campaign through google adwords or bing ads to promote your affiliate link.

What determines whether you make money through the sport betting affiliate program is the promotional methods you employ. So instead of trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t, there is guide that can show exactly what to do.

This guide is called sport betting profits backdoor guide. The guide is for smart guys that doesn’t want to waste any time testing. The guide contains 8 powerful videos of about 20 minutes each that shows you step by step how to set up an advertising system that will quickly make you consistent affiliate commissions through sport betting websites.

When you follow the steps in the sports betting profits backdoor, you could be getting upto 20 customers daily on autopilot. And a monthly commission of between 50,000 Naira to 400,000 Naira.

So, the choice is yours. If you want to continue the trial and error or you want to follow a tested and proven system. If you will like to get the Sport betting Profits back door, it’s only 17,000 naira and you can buy by clicking the link below.

Click on the red button below to Buy the Sport Betting Profits Backdoor Guide.

how to make money online in nigeria in 2021 by Buying the Sport betting Profits backdoor guide

If you decide not to buy, you also have all the information you needed how to make money online in Nigeria in 2021. You can continue to test all the promotional methods I have revealed free in this article to discover which one works best for you.

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