how to make money on social media in Nigeria

How To Make Money on Social Media in Nigeria

Would you like to know how to make money on social media in Nigeria? If yes this is the most important post you will ever read.

Last year I had an IT student called Uchenna. A short, dark but very smart and intelligent student.

I noticed he was having a better smartphone than other students so I was curious to know how a student could afford such an expensive phone.

At first, I thought he came from a very rich family but he told me his parent are not rich.

So I asked him are you a yahoo boy but laughingly he Said, Sir there are many things one can do online that are legit and make money.

I questioned him further,

like what?

Then he opened up on a website where he normally go to get social media tasks and he gets paid to post on instagram, twitter, facebook etc 

He told me why he bought a very good phone is for him to be able to work in his free time after lectures to earn some money.

He makes an average of 1ok weekly by showing other students how to make money on social media in Nigeria.

Although He was not making big money but  what he makes allow him to live like a big boy on campus and able to afford things that only rich kids could afford.

I sat him down, uchenna can you explain exactly how you are making 10k weekly with your smartphone.

Then he told me about a website called owodaily and how he has being working on the website as a freelancer and he get paid for each task.

I asked him again What is owodaily all about?

And he explained

Owodaily is a digital marketing company that hepls small businesses drive traffic and get brand visibility organically in order for them to grow and make profit.

So for them to serve their customers satisfactorily instead of sending fake or bot traffic and engagements, they require the services of freelancers that can work with their smart phones on social medias and make money.

So how can one make money on the owodaily platform.

Like  exactly how does owodaily works?

He said for example if a small business pays owodaily to get them 10k followers on Instagram, then they post the task on their platform. Whoever that perform the task as a freelancer will get paid.

He said Apart from Instagram tasks, there are tasks for Facebook, twitter, YouTube etc.

He said some tasks will even require you to signup, download an App or write a short review.

So I asked him how much owodaily is paying for all these tasks.

He said
Instagram follow N10
Instagram like N5
Instagram comment N8
Facebook like and share N5
Twitter like and retweet N12
YouTube channel subscribe N10
Share youtube video to facebook N10

But I noticed the amount for each of those tasks where small.

So I asked, how many tasks do you normally get per day?

He said it depends. He can do more than 50 tasks in a day. And if each task pays like 10 Naira per taks that would be like 500 Naira.

Then he would start sharing his affiliate link on social medias. He would share on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, twitter.

Sometimes he will make a YouTube video to explain how the owodaily works and how he has been getting paid.

He said once he gets somebody to signup through his link, he would earn 1600 Naira.

He said that is what he loves most about the platform.

So if he gets just only one person to signup with his link and make payment of 3000Naira for account activation, he will get 1600Naira.


Can you teach me how to signup on owodaily, so that I can also see how the owodaily works and learn how to make money on social media in Nigeria

He said, here is my owodaily registration link, click on it, then i click

I then land on the member registration page. Filled the form with my details and enter the account number i use to receive my earnings from the platform. I then checked to confirm the information i provided was correct ticked the term and condition, then clicked submit and paid the account activation fee of 3,000.

That is how you should also do your owodaily signup when joining the platform.

I asked him why is owodaily charging 3000 Naira for registration?

He said  those guys are real people behind a real company, they have staff, they have to pay for hosting and maintain their website so that the business continue to run, They have to pay rent for office and pay tax to government. Also they need money to make all these as smooth as possible with thousands of members and clients they are serving.

Also he said because of the affiliate program, people who will earn small amount from tasks can now earn bigger income. For example he is earning more from the affiliate side of the business and he will advice anybody joining to take the affiliate side of the business more seriously because that is where the bigger money is.

He said people who have no time to do tasks on social media can focus only on the affiliate side if they get just one single referral daily, they would be earning additional 50k every single month.

I asked uchenna are you sure owodaily is not a scam? is Owodaily legit? Is owowdaily real?

He said they are a registered business with CAC under a Business Name of  TeamXclusive Africa. The business registration number is 1484879 and they have been around for long even though most people don’t know about them even me.

If you are a student just like uchenna, joining this platform will enable to start earning additional income and become a big boy in school.

You will have money to buy latest phones, pay for assignments and even be àble to keep a chic.

This platform is not only for students, workers, corpers, house wives etc who ever that desire to earn some income online with their smartphone can plug into this system.

The minimum withdraw on the platform is 5000 Naira.

So guys, don’t delay on this, it’s highly recommended platform for those seeking infromation on how to make money on social media in Nigeria.

Do your owodaily signup, login to the owodaily platform and go to the jobs tabs and start doing tasks to earn money.

I’ve been on an owodaily alternative for close to 3 years now and they have being paying. I know what I’m talking about when I tell you the platform is highly recommended.

The owodaily alternative I’m talking about is viraltrend. I’m top affiliate there referred more than 500 people already to the platform and done close to 500k. I joined viraltrend with 5000 Naira as a premium member back in 2018 but the premium registration on viraltrend is now 1,500 Naira.

So hurry and join the 2 platforms and you could be earning over 20k weekly or monthly.

Again, I’m not promising this will make you rich, but you most definitely will earn a decent income from these platforms when you put them to test.

Finally, no one make money by just reading a post. This is the most important post you will ever read if you have never made a dime online and want something that can start generating income for you in the next 30 mins.

 Get your account registered both on owodaily and viraltrend and start making money.

I will love to get your feed backs whether this works for you, so do come back to leave a comment. But if you want to ask any questions for further clarifications I’m just a DM away.

Send me a DM on 08095047992.

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