How To Make Money From Sport Betting in Nigeria

For those that are new, this is how to make money from sport betting in Nigeria. Even though just one blog post can not show you exactly all you need to know to make money with sport betting in Nigeria, i will try to make this as detailed as possible. Sports betting have been tagged by most people as being highly risky to get involved but it is not so when you know how to stake and tend not to be toogreedy; in fact the gain is far more higher than the risk involved.

Pls Can U Teach Me How To Play Nairabet Here As A Beginner?
av been watching people playing it wit keen interest but i dont know how to go abt it while those av met hav nt been willing to freely share d idea wit me. i know d prediction is based on d outcome of futball matches and i think am also conversant wit how teams perform in some of big european futball leagues. pls can u help to share wit me how to go abt it and i will also lik to know d do’s and dont’s of it so as to minimise loss. then what profit can i gain during one gambling….. e.t.c

If you are also like the person above looking for somebody to teach you sport betting, then after going through this blog post, you should be ready to place your first winning bet. As a beginner to the Sport betting, there are some terminologies you need to be familiar with. The most important of them all is the odds. The odds determines most of the outcomes on the sport betting sites and having a good understanding of it will really help you to have more probability of winnings on your bets.

Also even though sport betting is stress free and highly lucrative, you should never regard betting as a means of generating a steady, regular monthly income. It simply isn’t like that. Betting should only be considered more like owning shares – there will be periods when  you lose and there are other periods when you record gains. Your goal should be that your long-term performance should be profitable and you should only ever bet with funds that you are prepared to lose entirely.

What is Odds in Betting?

Odds tells you how likely an event will occur and it determines how much you will earn when you win a bet. So without odds there will be no betting. i.e it tells you the likely hood of  Team A  winning a match again Team B.

Odds  = 1 / Probability. 

There are different odds types, such as Europen decimal odds, American odds and fractional odds.
But in Nigeria the most popular way of showing odds are as decimals.

I know you can’t wait to see how to make money from sport betting in Nigeria but lets see how odds works in football with an example.

Asumming You see this kind of odds on Nairabet for a 1×2 football match you are about to place a bet on.
For Fc Crotone  Vs Genoa FC
The odd that Fc Crotone wins at home win  is 3.05  (1)
The odd that Fc Crotone draws with Genoa Fc is 3.15 (X)
The odd that Genoa Fc wins Away is 2.45 (2)

Once you have the odds in decimal like that, you might want to convert to percentage to understand
exactly the probabilty of each of the outcomes of the match.

The probability that  Fc Crotone will win at home with odd of 3.05

= 1/3.05 * 100%  = 0.32 *100%  =  32%

The probability that  Fc Crotone draws with Genoa Fc with odds of  3.15

= 1/3.15 * 100 = 0.31 *100% = 31%

The probability that   Genoa Fc wins Away is with  odds of  2.45

= 1/2.45 * 100 = 0.40 *100% =  40%

So the higher your odds, the less likely the event will occur and if it occurs, the higher the amount you will win on such bet.

Before delving into the strategies on how to make money from sport betting in Nigeria, Let see how much you can make from playing the 1×2 bet above on Niarabet.

Since you already know sport betting odds and what they represent, you can then place a bet a know how much you will earn when you win.

When you place bet on Nairabet that Fc Crotone will win and stake N1,000. The odd is 3.05, after the match, if it happens that the Fc Crotone wins, then you will earn N1,000 * 3.05 = N3,050. But when you deduct your stake from it, it will leave you with a profit of  N2,050.
i.e N3,050 – N1,000  =  N2,050.

You  are not limited to 1×2 bets to make money from sport betting in Nigeria. There are also Handicap Bets & Totals bet. These are the most common ones.

What is 1X2 in Nairabet ? 

1X2 full time result Predicting whether the result at the end of normal time will be one of three options – a win for one team(1), a draw(X) or a win for the away team(2)

What does Handicap means in bet9ja?

Handicap (1:0) or (0:1) This gives one team (usually the underdog) a head start on goals. If you select the team who has a one goal lead (+1) then you win if they win or draw.

Totals bet ( over/under)

For this kind of bet, it doesn’t matters who wins the game, you just be betting on the total goals to be score whether it will be above or under a number set by bet9ja or Nairabet. So what does over 2.5 mean in bet9ja? Under/Over 2.5 Allows you to bet on how many goals you think there will be in a game. Under 2.5 goals means predicting that no more than two goals would be scored in the game. Over 2.5 goals means predicting that there would be three or more goals scored in the game.

Since you now know sport betting odd and the types of bets you can place, then lets see the items you need to make money from sport betting in Nigeria.

1. Bank Account

2. Sport Betting Account, Nairabet, Bet9ja etc

3. A wining Strategy or System.

4. Little Startup Capital like N1,000

Once you have the above required items, you are good to go. The next step is how to open your sport betting account. You can chose Bet9ja or Nairabet or any other ones you are comfortable with.

How to Open Nairabet Account.

To make money from sport betting in Nigeria, the steps are quite easy.
Register, Load your Account, Place a bet and start wining Big!

Here’s how to get started;

visit and click the ‘Register’ button, or go directly to this link:

* Please ensure you fill all fields.

how to make money from sport betting in Nigeria

Username: please make use of a unique username and if the system rejects the username, it means another NairaBet customer is making use of it. Kindly try another one until the system accepts it.

Password: Please fill in the password you want to log in with. It should be something you can remember and cannot be easily guessed by other people.

Confirm Password: Please fill in exactly what you filled in the password field.

Security question: Kindly select one of the security questions in the drop box and provide a precise answer to the security question selected.

Nationality: Please indicate your nationality.

Currency: Indicate your currency.

Sex: Select either male or female.

Mobile No: Please fill in your mobile number in the basic format (E.g. 08087654321) Please avoid leaving spaces, using hyphens or any other special characters.

Email: Kindly fill in an active email address which you have access to. You’ll need it to activate your account.

First name: The name given to you by your parent.

Last name: This is the same as your surname.

* Please use your real names (not your nick name or alias) this becomes relevant when it’s time to withdraw your winnings into your bank account.

Date of birth: Please type in the day (E.g. 02), select the month from the drop down list and type in the year in full (E.g. 1980).

Country: Please select your country of residence.

City: Input your city or state.

Address: Please put in your address, starting with your house number (E.g. 30 Nairabet Street).

Affiliate code- kindly ignore the affiliate code and proceed.

Finally, click the check box accepting our terms.

Check for any red text on the form, which usually indicates there is an error on that field.

If no errors, click the ‘Proceed’ button.

Congratulations you have your very own Account.

On the next page, you can proceed to fund your account

.How to place bet on nairabet online

1. visit Nairabet website and logging

2. Once on the homepage, look at the lefthand side of the page, you will see the list of sport betting options to choose ranging from soccer, horse, tennis, baseball etc.just click any or Click on Football.

3. when you click Football, you will see list of soccer leagues based on countries, just click any country and there leagues option will show up like champions league, Italian leagues, German leagues etc.option like .just click the leagues.there you can choose the the center of the page, there you will see the featured teams that are playing and the date the match will be played.

4. Then choose either the home (1), draw (X), away (2) team.just click the name of the team you wish to choose, and  it will show up at the right side of page under BET SLIP

5. under BET SLIP, you will see all the matches you have selected and you can choose to place your bet in singles or accumulator by clicking the box under the BET SLIP TITLE

6. when you are done with that, scroll down and enter your  stake in the box provided, once you click the next button the staked amount will automatically be deducted from your current balance.

NOTE that if you choose single, then under stake, it is the amount for each singles you will input.

for instance, if you have #1000 in your betting account and you selected up to 5 matches and want to place bet on SINGLES option, then you have to decide whether to stake 100 bucks for each game by inputting 100 on the stake box, so in total, every thing will add up to #500.that means, they will deduct #500 from your balance and you will have 500 left in your balance while for accumulator, just input the amount you want to stake for all your games.

Lastly we will look at the strategy to make money from online sport betting in Nigeria.

There are various strategy and you can also develop your own. If you don’t have any yet, i tried the strategy below on Nairabet and won this trade.

how to make money from sport betting in Nigeria

The Wining Strategy to make money from sport betting in Nigeria.

You already know how to place a bet on nairabet , the process is almost the same on other sport betting sites.

With this wining strategy, you should be making 2 to 3 times the amount of your stake but there are some rules you need to observe.

1. Always Place your bet only on Home wins
2. Never bet on Away wins the probability of wining away is always slim.
3. Never place a bet because of high odds
4. If possible don’t bet popular league like European league or Champion League
5. don’t be greedy

So this is how to win a bet on Nairabet

1. Choose 4 games with odds between 1.2 and 1.3 and place an accumulator bet, remember Home winnings only

2. The total odds/odds product should be between 2 and 3 in the above image, it’s 2.3

3. Stake between N1,000 and N10,000 or above if you can afford it. in the above image, the stake was N1,500.

With this strategy you will not earn big money at once but you can make consistent winnings which over time might add up. and your probability of losing is greatly reduced. Know that you can not win all games all the time.

Thanks for reading this blogpost on how to make money from sport betting in Nigeria. Click here to see how to make 400,000 Naira or more monthly through forex trading.

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