how to make extra money online in nigeria doing simple tasks

Easiest Way To Earn 20,000 Naira Extra Income per Month by Doing Simple Tasks Online With Your Mobile Phone

How to make extra money online in Nigeria doing simple tasks is what I will be writing about in this blogpost. The Covid 19 has affected a lot of businesses and a whole lot of people have lost their only means of livelihood while some got a really bad pay cut. This has left people with no other option than looking for means of earning extra income online.

As an employee, it’s highly recommended you  have an additional means of income aside the salary. While some people can create platforms of their own, other just plugin to existing platforms that are paying consistently.

Having a side hustle gives you the opportunity to earn additional income to offset some bills or have extra money you can save for the future. But what types of extra jobs can one do online.

You are not limited on the types of online jobs you can do to earn extra income. As a matter of fact, there are lot and lot earning opportunities online. You just have to do alittle research to discover a good one for you. Some side hustles will require you to  invest just only your time, some requires you to invest some money while others require you to invest both time and money.

One particular income program that has got my attention lately is a program called lifelulx. While this program is relatively new, some are already familiar with it and earning real great extra income online through it.

So What is Lifelulx?

Lifelulx is an earning program where you get paid to do simple tasks online. You get paid to comments on articles, get paid to watch short video clips, get paid for daily logins and also get paid to share sponsored post.

The lifelulx pays for tasks inform of points. Points in lifelulx is called lulx and 1 lulx equals 0.0005 Ethereum

lifelulx is a complete tasks and earn ethereum income program in nigeria

How does Lifelulx works?

This is how to make extra money online in Nigeria doing simple tasks online on lifelulx.

When you register and become a member of the lifelulx income community,

  1. You will earn instant signup bonus of 10 lulx
  2. Earn daily login bonus of 2 lulx
  3. You will earn 2 lulx per comment on articles
  4. You will earn 2 lulx per video watched on the platform
  5. You will also earn through draws and giveaways.
  6. You will earn affiliate commission of 20 lulx for each referred member.

One thing most people investing online wants to know is how long does it take to recoup investment. The registration fee for joining the lifelulx platform is 0.02etherem and if you login daily, comment on articles daily and watch atleast 1 video daily on the platform, you should be earning atleast 6 lulx daily and in 10 day you will be qualified to withdraw 60 lulx which is equivalent to 0.03 eth.

So in just 10 days you will get your initial 0.02eth back with additional profit of 0.01eth making 0.03eth or 60lulx and without any additional payments, you can continue to earn over and over again.

This awesome! cool passive income.

Click here to get lifelulx registration link and code.

How much is 0.03eth in Naira?

A quick search on google can give you how much that is in naira, just google “0.03eth to naira” or “0.03eth to naira today” so that you get the exact exchange rate.

But one thing I’m sure of is you can be earning 0.03eth every 10 days. That is 0.09eth in 30 days which should be close to 20,000 Naira extra income monthly.

That is how to make extra money online in Nigeria doing simple tasks.

While you can earn 0.03eth in 10 days, you can earn much faster and bigger when you take the program a step further by participating in the affiliate program of the lifelulx income program.

How to do Lifelulx registration.

There are some certain requirements you need to fulfill before you register on the platform.

  1. A mobile phone with internet connection or a Laptop with internet connection. You will need this to register and to be doing the tasks
  2. You need either a bank account or Ethereum wallet address. You will need this to cash out your earnings
  3. You will 0.02 eth or 5,000 Naira to purchase your registration code
  4. You will need the registration link from your sponsor.

Again, when you register with 0.02eth, in every 10 days you can earn 0.03eth without any referrals.

Click here to get both lifelulx registration link and registration code.

How to cashout your earnings in lifelulx

This blogpost is not just showing you how to make extra money online in Nigeria but also how to get paid to your bank account directly or your Ethereum wallet.

The minimum withdrawal threshold is 60lulx which is about 0.03eth. Once you have earned that doing all those simple tasks on the platform, you are qualified to request for your earnings. Referral is not compulsory unlike other platforms that makes it mandatory for you to refer others before you can get paid.

You can either withdraw to your Ethereum wallet or bank account. While it looks easier to withdraw to bank account, I will advise you withdraw to Ethereum wallet and use an exchanger to convert the Ethereum and withdraw to your bank account.

But if you must withdraw from the lifelulx to your bank account directly, you will short change yourself as they will use 30 naira per lifelulx to calculate how much you will be paid.

Anyway, this is the steps you need to follow to request for your earnings.

  1. Login to the lifelulx platform
  2. On the bottom lefthand corner of the website, you will see the withdrawal tab, click on it
  3. Fill the withdrawal request form by entering your name, Ethereum wallet address/bank account details
  4. Enter your unique referral link. This is your own link not that of your sponsor. So please note.
  5. Then enter your facebook and instagram profile link.
  6. Lastly click on request.


In this blogpost, I have not just shown you how to make extra money online in Nigeria by doing simple tasks online on lifelulx but also shown you how to get paid to either your bank account or ethereum wallet.

Also, I have shown you that you require only 0.02eth and you could be earning 0.03eth every 10 days. 

I have even gone further to show that this program doesn’t require you to refer anybody before you get paid for doing tasks online.

Not joined yet? Click here to get lifelulx registration link and code.

The lifelulx is highly recommended for those that want to earn additional income through side hustle by doing simple tasks online. Anybody at all can participate and earn from the platform, students, corpers, workers, house wives etc. You can also check out viraltrend a platform that pays you to do social media tasks and has being paying since 2018 for more ways to earn extra income online in Nigeria.

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