How to make extra money fast in Nigeria

With the current economic situation in the country, most paid employees like government workers or those working in private companies, find it really difficult to live comfortably with their current salaries which is hardly enough to cater for their needs and that of their families. Because of this, they lived from paychecks to paychecks and if any need arises within to month for some expenses not  budgeted for, they have to look for a way to make extra money fast in Nigeria.

To help reduce the stress this kind of people always go through, i have put together a list of things that can be done to make extra money fast in Nigeria.

1. Ask for Increase in salary.

As a paid employee, the first way to make extra money fast is to ask for a salary increase. Yes, if you have been a very good employee and you are very valuable to your establishment, asking for raise in your salary is a fast way to make the extra money fast.

2. Look for a Higher Paying Job.
Looking for a higher paying job is a fast way to earn extra money fast. But there has to be proper planning for this to be achieved. You have to constantly be on the look out for new job advertisement that related to what you are looking for. Be prepared for the job interview and how to click the new job.

3. Buying and Selling
By getting involved in the buying and selling of fast moving consumer goods, you can make extra money fast. You can do this after closing hours during the workdays or during weeks ends. Your target customers should be your colleagues and people living in your street.

4. Learn a New Skill.
This should be a very high in demand skill and has a short learning curve to make it a fast way to make extra money.

5. Become an Agent.
This is another good way to make extra money fast. You can become a air line ticketing agent, hotel booking agent, pay tv and internet data subscription agent, etc and do this part time to make some extra money.

6. Start an Online Business.
Starting and online business in your spart time and weekends is a way to make extra money fast in Nigeria. There are online businesses that are doing well in Nigeria and you are only limited by your imaginations. example of online businesses in nigeria you can copy includes nairaland, konga etc.
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