how to make a living on youtube in nigeria

How To Make A Living on Youtube in Nigeria

How to make a living on youtube in Nigeria is exactly what i’m going to show you in this blog post. It’s going to be the most comprehensive free guide you will find online on how to make $1000 a month on youtube  posting free videos.

If you have being looking for a free online business that can make you a sustainable income, then you will find this post very helpful as you will discover how to make a living on youtube in nigeria, how to open a youtube account, how to post videos on youtube, how to rank your videos on youtube, how to grow your channel and increase your subscribers, how to monetize your Youtube channel and increase your revenue etc

Without wasting more time lets get started on how to make a living on Youtube.

What is Youtube?

Youtube is a free video sharing website where you can upload your videos and like, comment, share and embed videos to other websites.

The Youtube video sharing website was started in 2005 by some former paypal employees and was acquired by google in 2006 for $1.65Billion.

The website has since then being operating as one of google’s subsidiary and It’s one of the most visited sites daily in the world.

If you are really serious about knowing how to make a living on youtube, you need to first determine what type of contents you want to be posting on youtube.

The most common types of videos i see Nigerians post on Youtube Includes, Comedy skits, breaking news, how to videos, review videos etc.

So decide now what type of videos you want to be sharing on youtube to make a living and follow the steps below to open your youtube account.

How to open a Youtube Account.

To open a youtube account, you will require a google account.

  1. create your email account on google, go to
  2. After setting up your gmail account,
  3. Go to and login with your email and password.
  4. Once you login, you can start uploading your videos and share with the world

How to start a Successful Youtube Channel

Don’t get confused like most people here, because they find it difficult to know the difference between a youtube account and a youtube channel.

A youtube account only become a channel once you upload your first video. Then you can personalize your channel, ad some brief description and attractive channel art.

You can have more than one youtube channel but to do this, you need a corresponding google plus account.

To start a youtube channel, follow the steps below

  1. login to your youtube account
  2. At the top right, you will see your picture or logo inside a small circle, click on it
  3. More menus will appear, scroll down and click on setting
  4. On your Youtube Accounts setting page, Click on create a new channel
  5. choose use a business name or other name
  6. Add your brand name and click on create.

So that is it!

You are ready to start uploading videos and make a living on youtube. But how do you get the videos you will be uploading?

How to make videos for Youtube.

There are various ways you can make videos for youtube. If you are looking for how to make a living on youtube in Nigeria, this section is also very important. You have to make videos that will be helpful or add value to your audience or subscribers in order to be able to make money on youtube.

  1. You can record the video with your smart phone
  2. You can turn old articles to videos using desktop app or online article to video converter
  3. You can make power point sliders and convert to video
  4. You can use the movie maker or online video maker, select some picture, add text, add voice, transition effects etc
  5. Use the live video function to record your video with a webcam on your pc

One you have your video ready, the next step is to upload your video and share it.

How to upload video on youtube

The more videos you make and upload on youtube, the better your chances of making money on Youtube. So make so many videos and upload the videos to your youtube channel. That is how to make a living on Youtube.

Follow the steps below to upload your first video on youtube.

  1.  Login to your youtube account
  2. Once you login, Click the upload video icon at the top of the page.
  3. There are 2 options, upload or go live.
  4. Chose the upload video menu if you have the video recorded and saved on your pc already or chose go live if you want to make a live video and share
  5. if you clicked on upload, you start uploading the video you can chose the video privacy settings to make the video, public, unlisted, private, scheduled
  6. Then select the video file from where you saved it on your computer and upload.
  7. Change the title, description, tags and cover picture. The title can be max of 100 characters while the description can go upto 5,000 characters.
  8. Once the video has uploaded 100%, and you have entered the title, description etc, click on publish and the video will go live.
  9. For your video to get more views, you can share on social media websites like facebook, twitter, reddit, tumblr or even embed it on any website

How to optimize youtube videos for top ranking site

The way you optimize your youtube videos also is an important factor that determines whether you will make $1000 a month on youtube or not.

If you make a good video but the video can’t be found in searches and it’s not getting a lot of views, then such video can not make you money.

 Want to know how to make a living on Youtube in Nigeria, then learn how to optimize your videos properly.

  1. Make sure your title is searchable (something people will actually search for)
  2. Make sure your description matches your content, title, and tags
  3. Make sure you include relevant tags that are searchable like your title
  4. Include tag variations (aka “how to fold a t-shirt” plus “how to fold a t-shirt properly”)
  5. Make sure you set your videos up with the proper category, language, etc.
  6. Share your videos everywhere you can think of

 How to Monetize your Youtube Channel to start making money

 To monetize your YouTube videos and start earning you should Join YouTube Partner Program, but your channel must be approved by YouTube.

YouTube has recently tightened rules for its partner program and increased the requirements that a channels/creator must meet in order to monetize videos.

There are 2 basic requirements for you to qualify for youtube partnership program and earn adsense revenue from your youtube channel.

  1. Your channel must have 4,000 hours of overall watch time on it within the past 12 months
  2. Your Channel need to have a minimum of 1000 channel subscribers

Follow this link to verify if monetization option is enabled for your channel or not. If not, apply for monetization.

If your application is accepted,

how to start a youtube channel

To place/enable ads on your YouTube video, you can edit your video and click on monetization tab. On monetization tab, you can find the option to enable different ad format for your video.

4 More Ways to make money on YouTube without using Adsense

  1. Promoting Affiliate Products: You can make a review video of any affiliate product and leave a link in the description to the video. Once anybody click on your affiliate link and buys the products, you will earn affiliate commission. If you have a good number of subscribers and a targeted affiliate product, you can easily make money with youtube
  2. Sales Promo Videos: Based on the numbers of subscribers to your channel, affiliate marketers, network marketer, companies or individual may require you to upload their video on your youtube channel so that they can get more views. This is different from affiliate marketing in that you will get paid once you upload the video as they are only paying for your audience while in affiliate marketing, you only get paid when you make sale.
  3. Crowdfunding: There are numerous crowdfunding sites like patreon that give you an option to accept donation or tips in return you keep your promise to create content. You can provide free information to anybody and approach them for some help.
  4. Start a Video Course: If you are very good in your niche, you can start a video course and charge a fee from students that want to enroll for your video course. You can host the training videos on youtube and make the videos private so that allow only paid students access to the videos.

Youtube earning case study

Google AdSense is one of the best ways to earn money from Youtube. Basically you get around $.18 per ad view and an ad view is only counted when the viewer watches 30 seconds or more of the ad.

Mostly a lot of people skip the ads. 

For every ads watched by your subscribers, you will get 68% of the ad revenue while YouTube gets the other 32%.

Let me give you an example: Lets say you have had 2000 views on your last video and  only 15% watched the 30 secs  ads, you will get paid for the 300 views. 300*.18=  $54.

So you made $54 in ad revenue. 

YouTube takes their cut, 32%, 54*0.32 = $17.28

And you get 68%,  54*0.68= $36.72

That means you made $36.72 from 300 ad views on your channel from just one video, if you have manny videos getting similar views daily, then you can see that it’s possible to make a living on youtube.

That is how to make a living on youtube in nigeria. For more ways to make money,  Check out  step by step guide on how to make money online in nigeria through Affliate marketing or if you want to know how to make money posting on instagram, check my post on viraltrend

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