How to join Jamalife in Nigeria, South Africa and Other African Countries

How to join Jamalife in Nigeria or any African country is quite easy! But you need to watch  jamalife presentation and understand the jamalife compensation plan. When you have done that and you are excited about the program, then you can ask how to join jamalife.  If you are joining Jamalife from Nigeria or any African country, contact your upline to do the registration for you. But if you don’t have any upline yet, then message me to add you to the best and fastest growing jamaline team.

It’s not just about joining jamalife, i need you to understand some certain things. Your success in the jamalife business depends to a  large extent  on the team you join. For you to progress and grow from stage to stage in jamalife, then every member of your team must be ready for the task of getting 2 people each including you! The faster this can be done, the faster you and all your team members will earn.

There are team where we have people that can refer more than 2, like myself and alot of my team
members. This is the type of team you should join because we will be helping you to make sure you get your 2 as soon as possible.

Moreover, we are growing the largest jamalife team that requires less work but each member must be able to do 7 accounts. This is all about a strategy called fast tracking. If you want to be a part of this,
just message me and i will show you all you have to do.

Now Let see How to Join jamalife.

I’m going to show you  how to join the Jamalife but again, i can’t stress this enough, you need your upline to make the registration for you. For proper placement on the matrix it’s recommended your upline do the registration for you. Also for you to successfully join and activate your jamalife account, you need to have $5 in your ewallet and a new member just joining don’t have this.

You pay the $5 or 2,000 naira to your upline who will then buy the ewallet and then pay from his own ewallet for your account to be activated. If you are joining the jamalife for the first time, Click here to contact me on Whatsapp or Call me on  +2348095047992

On the other hand, if you are already a member and want to register your new team members yourself, then follow the step below and make sure you have more than $5 in your internal wallet.

This how to Join jamalife 

Step 1: Click Here to Join Jamalife Network
Step 2: Fill the sponsor id as earnwithme1
Step 3: Fill your user info, username and password
Step 4: Fill the Package and payment info, Click the drop down menu and select joining package $5,
for payment mode, select ewallet, enter your username and password for your ewallet.
Step 5: Fill your personal info
Step 6: Choose and answer the security questions.
Step7: Tick i agree with terms and conditions
Step 8: Continue registration.

Then your account will be created and activated. That is how to join jamalife. Once you have active account, you can then change your password.

For more info about how jamalife works click Here

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