how to grow a youtube channel and turn it into a money mnaking machine in 90 days

How To make Money on Youtube As A Viral Video Creator

If you are to grow your youtube channel to 7.71 Million Subscribers like Mark Angel comedy in just 90 Days and start making over $10k monthly, How Will you do it?

Back in 2009, I started a youtube channel but could not figure out how to grow to 1000 subscribe or make any money from it.

I have spent a lot of money trying to grow my youtube channel by myself but it just did not work!

I remember paying for subscribers but they sent me bot or fake subscribers that disappeared after few days.

It was really painful!

I even asked some of my friends who are youtubers advise on how to grow my channel but it seems what was working for them doesn’t seem to work on my own channel.

I was about give up on growing and making money on Youtube, maybe it’s not for me!

 Because I couldn’t understand how channels like mark angel comedy keeps getting Millions of subscribers while I struggle to get just 1,000.

There is a secret formula you can apply to grow a youtube channel or make money on Youtube but this is known to only some few people.

These few who know it are not willing to share the secret with everyone.

So, late last year, I was opportune to finally meet someone who has had outstanding success with Youtube right here in Nigeria and was ready to share with me  the secret to growing a money pulling youtube channel fast.

So, I started learning from him.

So how do Build A Youtube Channel, Grow it and Turn it into A Money Machine  in just 90 Days

Before going into the details, I will like to point out the group of people who will find this post beneficial.

comedy skits producers

– People who are creating news videos

– Network and Affiliate marketers

– Celebrities who want to go viral

– Music Videos producers

– Movie producers

– Video bloggers

– real estate agents

– Travel bloggers

Social Media Account managers

– Coaches, teachers who love teaching people about catering, investment, fashion, beauty etc

Youtube is an online video sharing website and if you have any skills or information you want to share with the whole world, you can easily record yourself with your smart phone camera and upload on youtube.

But some content performs better than the others on youtube, so that bring us to the secret formulae for growing a viral youtube channel that can start making you money within short period of time.

3 steps formulae for creating Youtube Channel that Will go Viral within Few Weeks

  1. Magnetize

This involves you creating a magnetic Youtube channel that attracts crazy followership and engagement likes, shares, comments and subscribes.

Before starting your channel, you need to do some research and validate the research.  So that you know the type of contents people want to see in your niche.

Niche is a knowledge or market area in which you will be making your videos. It can be news, entertainment, comedy, music videos, tutorials, sales etc

So, go to youtube, search for videos in your niche and see what type of videos are getting plenty views.

Take note of their tittles, tags, thumbnail etc

Then head over to forums and search for your niche and see if post titles getting plenty engagements are similar to the titles of the videos your saw on youtube.

If they are close or they match, you just found a hot niche which probably might go viral when you start making similar contents.

Once you know the type of content you should be make, you need to do keyword research so that you can know what people interested in your type of videos will be searching for on Youtube.

Now that you have the keyword, you can now start your channel and make sure, you add keywords to your channel description and use a good and professionally design channel art.

  1. Mesmerize

Pick your smart phone and start recording yourself speaking! From your research you already know the type of videos people want to see, so start recording.

But if you are the type that is camera shy or lack self-confidence, you can do videos that doesn’t require you to show your face.

There are some online text to video software you can use for this or use a Powerpoint video presentation or capture screen and just talk or explain.

In the video creation stage, consistency is the key! You have to keep uploading atleast one video every week to your youtube channel.

If you are the busy type, you will want to record like 5 videos at once and schedule them to be uploaded.

It quite easy, but most people fail in this part and they never get the desired results from their youtube channel.

When you are uploading contents to your channel, use appropriate tittles and tags.

Your tittle must contain your keywords and so also is the description so that you video can rank high when people search for it on youtube.

  1. Monetize

Once your channel start getting some tractions, lot of likes, subscribers, video views, then it’s time to monetize your youtube channel.

But let me warn you, don’t just start a youtube channel because of money. Even though the desired end result is money, you should give value first.

Start by creating high virality and impactful contents.

There are 5 Ways you can Make money from Your Youtube Channel or monetize your Youtube channel.

Affiliate Marketing.

It’s highly recommended you start by promoting or recommending affiliate offers. So, while choosing your niche, you should as well see affiliate products that will go with your channel so that when the time to monetize comes, you will be sure you have what can earn you some nice income.

Youtube Adsense

This is a way you make money when youtube shows ads to your video viewers before or in between the video. If you have lot of videos and they are getting thousands of views daily you can earn some serious income just like the Mark Angel Comedy channel that gets millions of views monthly make over $10k monthly on youtube

Create and Sell your Own Products

You can have some of your greatest videos converted to an ebook and sell to your subscribers. This has to be something valuable and information that solves a problem. If you don’t know how to create your own product, you can get the help of freelancers you will create for you on fiverr.

Brand deals and Sponsorship.

If there is so much engagement on your channel, brands will be the ones begging you to feature their products on your channel and they pay you big. I’ve seen Woli Agba do this a lot on his channel and other channels do it too.

Fan Funding and Support

Your fans can support your channel by donating money to you. For bigger channels, it cost lot of money to maintain the channel and keep coming up with great content ideas that will not drive away the subscribers.

Example of channel I’ve seen doing this is the Adeola Fayehun news channel and others do it too.

Do you want to join the number of people making sustainable income from Youtube?

Then permit me to introduce you to my mentor and coach Dr Malik Haruna King, a Medical Doctor and Youtuber

– He has personally grown several Money pulling youtube channels with over 100k subscribers

– He makes over 3Million Naira monthly from Youtube

– He has received recognition from both google and Youtube

– He was named one of the 7 UNESCO international Powerful influencer of 2020

– He has been featured by top brands in Nigeria like first bank, Dufil plc, the Lacasera company

– He has trained hundreds of students in Nigeria and abroad on how to make money from youtube and they are

doing well.

So, If you are serious and ready to learn how to grow a youtube channel and make it go viral within 90 days and then turn it to a money making machine just like the Mark Angel Comedy Channel , I will recommend you check out this training video by Dr Malik

This training will help you to overcome your camera shyness, excessive self-consciousness, procrastination, self-doubt, low self-esteem etc.

And you will be able to start creating contents with high virality potential that will generate income for you on youtube and naturally attract lot of subscribers and engagements

If you are thinking whether this training will work for you or not, my answer to that is IT WILL WORK FOR YOU once you are able to follow and implement the easy steps in the training, you will be able to grow a youtube channel that can start making you fast.

Click here to get started now because Dr Malik is offering a 90 Days risk free money back refund of 2times money invested in the training if you follow the steps in the training and the other support resources and you don’t make any money or your youtube channel did not grow and become popular.

Not many Coaches can give this type of GUARANTEE. Below are what you will get in the training course that will make it easier for you to start making money on youtube.

– Detailed step by step implementation guide in video, audio and pdf format

– The training is not just theory based, there are practical DEMO sessions where you will do what you are learning.

– Training includes cheat sheets, check lists, blueprints, Scripts and robust resources that are easily downloadable

– FREE 30 days One on one Technical and Coaching support

– Author is not only good at using youtube to make money, he is a brilliant teacher that makes the learning process so easy and fun.

– You will be granted access to a highly dedicated facebook community of other Alumni of the training for connections, solutions and support

– Free downloadable professionally designed graphic packs for lower thirds, thumbnails etc you can just copy and paste for your branding

– No risk 90 days money back guaranteed

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