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How To Make Money by doing Remote Jobs From Home.

Anyone from anywhere in the world with or without experience can make money from home by engaging in fully remote jobs. So in this post, you will discover the strategies and hacks i’ve used to get 6 figures remote work from home jobs, how easy it is to work remotely from home and how you can cash out your earnings in Nigeria.

Fully remote jobs are jobs where you are employed by a company or business, but you don’t have to commute to work and stay in the traditional office environment. Instead you can work from home, a co working space or a coffee shop,

Some of the types of jobs you can do remotely,

  1. customer care represntative
  2. Copy writing
  3. Graphic design
  4.  App development
  5. Online Tutor
  6. Sales and Advertisement
  7. Data Entry etc

How i’ve struggled to learn how to make money as  a freelancer working from home.

In 2013, after completing the compulsory post-graduation one year service, I got a job with a Telecommunication Company in Nigeria.

Naturally, getting this job should have made me very happy. It did initially. But several months into the job, I came to hate it. I discovered it was extremely strenuous and tasking for me.

I spent long hours on-site; sometimes climbing communication masts and sleeping overnight wearily in computer rooms where mosquitoes would feast on me mercilessly. Poor me, they didn’t care if I had enough blood left in me or not.

If the salary was that modest, I’d have been more patient. Unfortunately, like most Nigerian jobs, my pay wasn’t commensurate with my efforts. I couldn’t even save enough money to enjoy some basic necessities of life. I worked every single day including weekends and public holidays. No over-time, no private time, I was on the move 24/7. I put my life at risk.

After working for so long, I couldn‘t even get a salary increase and my short occasional vacation was often truncated by emergency calls. For several years, I still continued this routine until I realized I had been working too hard.

One day, as I was climbing down a tall mast with sweat beads dancing around on my sun beat weary face, I decided I had had enough. Suddenly, I developed a strong desire to change my life for the better. So, without thinking twice, I quit.

Yes, I left that job for good and decided to turn my attention elsewhere.

With the help of a friend, I was able to figure out a profitable way to monetize my writing skills. I ventured into Freelance Writing. In no time, I started making money like no man‘s business and I was able to pay off my stringent debts within a few months. After some time, when I thought my life was already set, another thing happened.

Do you know what they say about life not being predictable? Well, they were right.

In 2017, my freelance writing career too took a slight dip. Money no longer flowed in as it used to. This forced me to begin actively looking for remote work. Clearly, I thought, I needed a source of assured income every month; something that my freelance writing business didn’t offer me at that time.

So I decided to get a remote job on the side. Since there was no blueprint for me to follow to find my remote dream job, I faced another obstacle: how do I find a high paying fully remote jobs online?

I mean, getting such jobs wasn’t and aren’t as easy as searching on Google, “where and how to find a remote job online” and then “voila!” the job gets delivered unto your laps. I started trying different methods and strategies to see what works. I won’t lie, many of them failed… until I was even tempted to give up on it.

After trying different strategies and failed each time, I began noticing a pattern. Soon, I got better with my strategies. Finally, in 2018, I got it right. I got a remote job with a Canadian company. At last!

how to get fully remote job

Proofs That Fully Remote Jobs Are Highly Rewarding.

After cracking the code to getting high paying remote work at home jobs, My take-home per month is now more than the average salary of top company executives in Nigeria. It’s enough to live a modest life in a highbrow part of Lagos, while I still have enough time to work on my freelance side hustle until that also started making me six figures.

That said, last year, thanks to my foolproof strategy, experience, and connection, I helped more than fifteen people, mostly Nigerians, to get remote jobs too. The person getting paid the least, of course, is getting a salary better than medical doctors or some University lecturers.

If you are currently broke and struggling to make ends meet, i was like you too years before and not that i’m a the smartest person in the world. I was able to land a high paying remote job, so you also can do it and it will change your life.

Recently, a friend invited me to present in his recent Masterclass on how to find fully remote jobs. Did I deliver? Of course, I did. Using the strategies taught in that Masterclass, people started getting interview calls within 72 hours of sending their applications.

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