How to become YouTube famous and make money

If you like to become a celebrity or an influencer on YouTube, this is the most important post you will ever read because you will discover in here how to become Youtube famous and make money.

When I say this is the most important post, it’s a very huge claim but you will agree with me soon.

For your YouTube channel to go viral, there are certain things you need to put in place.

You need great content people will like, engage with it, find it share worthy with their friends etc.

There was a day I was browsing YouTube, I saw a comedy that looks very interesting to me, I watched the comedy and laughed so hard.

Then I remembered all my friends that will also find the video funny and I sent to them.

You probably have done something similar to this before. You were attracted to a video that you find very interesting and worth sharing.

So I will use that video to explain the concept of becoming famous on YouTube.

If my friends watch that video and still share with other people is the video not going viral?

Of course it is!

Videos with high vitality potentials can make you a celebrity within short period of time.

But it takes a lot of research, time and effort to produce such content.

For a very long time, I used to think you if one want to become a YouTube celebrity, you have to be on YouTube for 24 hours a day and never have time to do any other thing else.

I was proven wrong when I saw what Dr Malik was doing with his channel.

He has being combining a YouTube celebrity life with being a Medical doctor. Each of these two things are challenging.

How could he have been able to do it?

First who is Dr Malik?

His name is Dr Malik Haruna King, a Medical Doctor and Youtuber

– He has personally grown several Money pulling youtube channels with over 100k subscribers

– He makes over 3Million Naira monthly from Youtube

– He has received recognition from both google and Youtube

– He was named one of the 7 UNESCO international Powerful influencer of 2020

– He has been featured by top brands in Nigeria like first bank, Dufil plc, the Lacasera company

– He has trained hundreds of students in Nigeria and abroad on how to make money from youtube and they are all doing fine.

So I’m writing this post based on what I’ve being learning from him.

Today if you search google, you will see alot articles written by so many self acclaimed youtube experts on how to make money on youtube.

But i’m sharing this with you so that you can succeed fast and achieve your dream of becoming an influencer on YouTube without going through guess work.

What Dr Malik has been doing has been practically proven to work. If not, he will not be earning that much and getting recognition from google, youtube, unesco etc.

I’m made to understand that becoming an influencer on YouTube take just 3 steps.

Only 3 steps.

1. Magnetize.

2. Mesmerize

3. Monetize

If you can get just these 3 things right, you will soon become a celebrity on youtube making all the money too.

If truely you are serious about becoming a YouTube influencer in 2021 and want to start making millions like top YouTubers, I will advice you check out this video that was put together by the same man I’ve being telling you about making millions on YouTube.

He has taken time to explain these 3 steps on how to become famous on YouTube and make money.

But if you are thinking whether this will work for you or not, my answer is it will work for once you are able to follow the steps you will be shown.

I’m 100% confident that this will work for you and you will achieve your dream of dominating YouTube with your videos because

– You will be able to overcome your camera shyness, excessive self-consciousness, procrastination, self-doubt, low self-esteem etc. when making videos

– You will be able to create contents with high virality potential so that your video can attract organic views, people will love the videos and start sharing for your channel to go viral

– You will be able to get more subscribers, engagements like comments, share and likes on your Videos

– You will be able to do professional graphic designs for branding of your channel using the free downloadable professionally designed graphic packs for lower thirds, thumbnails etc you will be provided with

– You will have access to cheat sheets, check lists, blueprints, Scripts and robust resources that are easily downloadable

These are all the things that have made Dr Malik successful that he is handing to you.

If you are thinking this is a scam, well it’s not. The last time I checked YouTube is a legit business.

Imagine what your life will be like after becoming an influencer on YouTube. The respect people will begin to give you, the kind of money you will be earning which will enable to afford luxury cars, houses and vacations, the companies that will start begging you to feature their products on your channel and more.

If it’s truly your dream to become famous on YouTube in 2021, Stop everything you are doing right now, click on the link below to watch the video that explain in details the 3 steps to become a YouTube celebrity and make money because you don’t become a celebrity on YouTube just by wishing, you have to take action and work towards it.

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