How To Become Glo Xchange Mobile Money Agent and Bank 50,000 Naira Daily

Glo Xchange Mobile Money is an innovative product of Glo world Nigeria where Entrepreneurs can easily make 50,000 Naira daily through commission on mobile money transactions.
Have you ever been to remote Villages in Nigeria where there are no Banks and No Atm Machines? How does it feel when you need money and could not get it and have to travel several kilometre before you can get access to an Atm Machine.
Awful right? Because of the untold hardship people in rural areas face daily in carrying out monetary transactions, CBN has licenced some businesses as Mobile Money Operators. So that People in rural areas can now send and receive money with just their mobile phones.
Glo World Nigeria being an indigenous Telecommunication company in Nigeria that understands the problems of Nigerian and will continue to roll out strategic services that will make the lives of Nigerians better joined the Mobile money Operators program of CBN.
Getting a mobile money operator license is not quite easy for entrepreneurs with low capital but GloXchange is giving Nigerian Entrepreneurs Opportunity to make money on every mobile money transactions by registering as Glo Xchange Mobile Money Agent.

What is Glo Xchange?
With the Glo Xchange, Nigerian Entrepreneurs can have the opportunity to make money as a Glo Mobile Money Agent. Like in any other affiliate programs, Commissions will be paid per mobile money transactions.

Who is a Glo Mobile Money Agent?
A Glo Xchange Money Agent is a designated and registered shops under the Glo xchange Affiliate Program where customers can go to deposit Money, withdraw Money, do Sim Card registration, Buy Airtime and Pay Bills.
The requirement for becoming a Glo Xchange Mobile Money Agent is just your Mobile Phone, Glo Sim Card and Registration for the Glo Xchange  Program.

What are benefits of Joining the Glo Xchange Program?
1. Increased inflow of Customers to your business
2. Make huge bonus/commission through mobile money transaction
3. Parnership with a recognised Brand

Who Can Join The Glo Xchange Mobile Money?
Anybody can join the Glo xchange Program and become a Glo Mobile Money Agent. Youth Corpers in Remote Villages, House wives, those seeking a way to earn passive income or just anybody interested in making money with mobile money business.

How To Become Glo Xchange Mobile Money Agent.
The registration process for Glo Mobile Money Agent is so simple and fast. It’s as easy as filling
a short online form.
Click here to start your Glo Xchange Mobile Money Agent registration
Before you go on to fill the registration form, it is advisable you read the terms and condition of the Glo Mobile Money Agreement.
After reading the agreement then Fill in your

  • Surname
  • First name
  • Phone Number (Glo Number)
  • Email
  • Local government
  • State

Then Click on Submit.

Glo mobile with contact you through your email and Phone number for the next step to become a Glo Xchange Mobile Money Agent.
Once your application is successful, you can then start doing mobile money transactions for your customers and make at least 50,000 Naira daily.

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