How Fear of Failure is Limiting Your Success in Life and Business?

The fear of failure has made most people not achieve their dreams in life. But the truth is most successful people are people that have failed continuously in life but never gave up until they achieve success.

Failure sometimes is what most people need to launch them into success they desired but when they remain in their comfort zone and not willing to take risks, how then can they be successful?

Failure is not the end of life, most people have failed before and they never died because of their failure so what is it that you fear so much? You think you are not smart enough, not good enough, not capable enough to succeed?

There are 2 roads in life, the one that is most traveled by people and leads to scarcity. not enough money, not enough opportunity, not enough time etc.
Then the road that leads to abundance but fear of failure mounts a roadblock so that you can never reach where you are going in life.

The road to abundance is usually not easy to follow for most people but those that are able to take risk without fear of failure are the ones that take this road. They may go from failure to failure but they will never stop trying until they finally reach their destination which is success.

Go and confront your fear today and never stop trying until you achieve success. The first time you try something, you may fail at it but that doesn’t mean you are a failure. You should keep trying and you will continue to learn and become better as time goes on.

Truth is everybody has failed early in life. when we all tried to take our first step as a child we all fell. But we keep trying until we can all walk perfectly today. If as a child we did not take the first step to walk and fell repeatedly because of fear of failure, how then can we learn to walk as we do today?
I pray you all achieve the success you so much desire but never let the fear of failure limit you.

How to overcome the fear of failure in Life and Business.

1. Redefine what failure means to you.
Do you remember Thomas Edison? He tired more than 10,000 times and failed before he could finally got a way that worked.  So instead of saying he failed 10,000 times, he said i have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. So also is other successful people.They tried and failed several times and because they were able to redefine what failure means to them they kept trying until they succeed.
2. Stop comparing your self to others.
The mistake most people make is by comparing themselves to others. You can learn from experiences of others but never think you are a failure or think you are going to fail like them and let that fear hold you back from taking action in your life and businesses.
3. Just keep Going.
You remember Micheal Jordan? He said i’ve failed over and over in my life and that is why i’m successful. When you are about to leave your comfort zone or try a new business, it a normal for you to fear failure but you have to confront that fear of failure for you to be successful. Once you keep going and never stop trying, your comfort zone will expand and things that you normally will be uncomfortable with will soon become thing that you are comfortable with. That is the way to grow in life and business.
4. Stay Positive Always.
Robert Kiyosaki says Winners are not afraid of losing but losers are. Failure is part of success and those that avoid failure also avoid success.  By staying positive always doesn’t mean you are not going to fail but you should see failure as opportunity and a challenge for you to achieve your success but in life and business.
5. Start small.

We all know success breeds success but start small achieve positive results, then build on that momentum to finally grow big. 

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