how does farmcrowdy work

How Does farmcrowdy Work & Make Money with Online Farming in Nigeria.

How does Farmcrody Works, How to make money online farm crowdy and how to register and start making money on the farm crowdy website is what this blog post is all about.
How does Farmcrowdy work? Click and watch the video for details.
Farm Crowdy like Thrive Agric is the most profitable way to get invovlved in the agricultural business in Nigeria and make money through Online farming without actually going to the farm. Farm Crowdy is the first efarm company in Nigeria using the power of technology to connect real farmers with interested farm sponsors. With the help of the Farm crowdy app a farm sponsor can signup, invest in a farm, monitor the progress of the farm all through the crop calendar in Nigeria and be able to get the invested amount plus a certain percentage of profit after the sale of the farm produce.
As a farm sponsor on farm crowdy, you can decide which agricultural products you want to farm online. You can do cassava farming, Maize farming, Tomato farming and even Poultry farming just from the comfort of your homes through the Farm Crowdy app.

Who is the Farm crowdy founder

The CEO and Cofounder of farm crowdy is Onyeka Akumah. He invented the idea of using technology to grow crops Online when he could not help a friend who approached him for a short term loan to boost his cassava farming in Nigeria. He thought his friend like many other farmers would be more successful if they could have access to fund from investors that are not willing to go to the farm but just want to make money through efarm.

Onyeka Akumah is a first class graduate of Applied Information Technology at Sikkim Manipal University, India and he is currently  pursuing a MBA degree program in Marketing at the Edinburgh Business School, Scotland.
Before starting farm crowdy, he has worked as the Vice-President of Marketing at,
Director of Marketing and Partnerships at, Online Marketing Manager at,
E-Marketing Coordinator for Deloitte in West, East and Central Africa, Online & Mobile Coordinator at Guaranty Trust Bank and Webmaster for British Council in Nigeria etc
Farm crowdy is already in 8 states of the federation and spreading so fast. More 4,000 hectares of Farm Cultivated and close 4,000 farmers have benefited from the scheme. Still interested in knowing how does farmcrody works? see the review of the farmcrowdy website below.

Farmcrowdy Reviews

Are you wondering how does farmcrowdy work? See reviews from farmcrowdy members that have experienced the farmcrowdy platform. The major aim of farm crowdy is empowering farmers, increasing youth participation in agriculture, increasing the food security of Nigeria as a Nation and ensuring investors fund a properly protected and invested wisely for guaranteed returns. Below are some of the reviews from happy farm crowdy users.
Ayo Okagbuan is doing Casava Farming in Nigeria through Farm crowdy.
Ayo Okagbuan is a farmer with a Cassava farm in Oke-Old in Edo State. Before starting out with Farmcrowdy, he could only cultivate less than 15 acres of farmland, but he can now cultivate over 50 acres of arable farmland – a size of land he has never been able to cultivate before.
Esther is doing Maize Farming In Nigeria with Farm crowdy
Esther is one of our female Maize farmers from Plateau state. She is a smallholder farmer in Dorowa-Babuje, an outskirt of Jos. With Farmcrowdy’s help, her farmland has increased from just one small portion of land to one whole hectare. She’s confident that the income she will make from her increased capacity will enable her to meet more of her financial commitments to her family.
Olumide Dada is doing Poultry Farm in Nigeria through Farm crowdy
Olumide Dada is a poultry farmer in Lagos State. With Farmcrowdy’s help, he has grown the production capacity of his poultry farm from just 1,000 broilers to over 5,000 broilers and he’s guaranteed of a quick sale of his produce. Quoting him, “working with Farmcrowdy has made a huge difference in my life“.
Olubayo Momiduis doing rice farming in Nigeria with farm crowdy
Olubayo Momidu is a rice farmer in Edo state. He has received support from Farmcrowdy in the form of fertiliser, seed, pesticides, herbicides and other farm input, as well as knowledge of better farming processes. He has nothing but thanks for Farm crowdy.

How does farmcrowdy work?
Farmcrowdy works based on the principle of investors providing fund to the farmers that needed it and getting their money back plus profit back after the farming season. So to join the Farm Crowdy Online Farming program, all you have to do is visit the farm crowdy website and signup. Then you can choose the farm of your choice and invest.
Farm Crowdy does not give fund to farmers and walk away. They teach them farm best management practices and how to employ modern facilities. They also make available to them improved seedlings and send professionals to monitor the progress of the farm to ensure that both investors and farmers smile with bountiful harvests at the end of crop calendar. After harvest, Farm crowdy also help farmers sell their farm produce by connecting them with buyers.

Farmcrowdy has a mobile app which is available on Android and ios devices. So you can download farmcrowdy app and monitor the growth of your invested fund. You will get updates on the progress of the farm you have invested in, you will get pictures, videos and report about the performance of the farm. If you decide at any time to visit the farm and see physically what is happening, farm crowdy can make arrangement for that at your convenience.

The best part of investing in online farming with farm crowdy is the risk management. Farm crowdy has insurance cover for every farm you invested in and if any unforeseen loss happens on the farm, your initial investment will be returned back to you as an investor. So you actually have nothing to lose by investing with farm crowdy online farming.

Is Farmcrowdy Real?
If you are still surprised at the way Farm crowdy is operating online farming professionally in Nigeria and want to know if farm crowdy is real, then Click here to visit farmcrowdy’s website
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