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Hiwap Review and My Affiliate Marketing Domination Strategy Bonus

In this blog post, i’m going to do an in depth Hiwap review (healthiswealth.ng Affiliate Program) whether its’s legit or scam and show you everything you need to know about this latest way to make money online in Nigeria 2019. Do you even know you can get paid to write health fitness and wellness related articles in Nigeria? I mean getting paid 10k, 20k or even more daily just for writing articles! Yes Hiwap says write for us any health fitness and wellness related article and we will pay you 1,000 Naira per approved article.  So if you can write 10, 20, 30 articles per day, then submit to the Hiwap money website, once approved, you get paid instantly.

Health and wealth are the two basic concept on which the Hiwap website is based upon. You will get access to unbelievable amount of information to improve your health condition and your general well-being. Also you will make money in the health is wealth affiliate program. First of it’s kind in Nigeria paying you 1,000 Naira per direct referral, 500 Naira per indirect referral and 200 Naira matching bonus. Truth be told, i have never seen any affiliate program in Nigeria with such a generous compensation plan.

If you are ready and willing to make money online in Nigeria in 2019, then roll up your sleeves and get to work on the Hiwap income. Do you need to improve your health and looking for where to get information online without wasting much time, then hiwap is your best bet. Also if you want to make consistent money online in Nigeria and also leverage the effort of others, then Hiwap is also the best. So Corpers, Students, Retirees, House wives, Salary earners, etc this is your program for 2019. Don’t sleep on this or you will miss. Jump right in now and catch the wave early enough. Don’t be like the doubters that did not join the nnu income on time and miss big time.

Hiwap Review: About the Hiwap income

Hiwap means health is wealth Affiliate program. It’s the first of it’s kind in Nigeria income program that combine both health and wealth and it’s one of the best affiliate marketing sites in Nigeria. If you are wondering who are those behind this wonderful program? it’s no other person than the Paul Samson the owner of NNU income program and the boss at G-cyber technologies in partnership with Samuel Joy a certified human nutritionist and personal health consultant. So what will you expect when two fine brains collaborate? Something awesome right!

Hiwap review : Hiwap Compensation Plan

Hiwap income is based on a 2×2 matrix very short and you cycle out fast.

See blow the benefits of the hiwap compensation plan.

  1. 50% direct referral commission of 1,000 Naira paid to you each time somebody joins hiwap through your referral link
  2. 25% indirect referral commission of 500 Naira paid to you each time you direct referrals refer other affiliates to this program
  3. 10% Match up Bonus of 200 Naira anytime your referral cycle out
  4. 1000 Naira per approved health fitness and well articles
  5. Access to informative articles on health fitness and wellness
  6. Access to downloadable ebooks on health fitness and wellness
  7. You can cash out your earnings without referrals. (referral is not compulsory)

Hiwap review : Hiwap testimonial

Hiwap income is quite new as the program started only in march 2019. I personally just joined the program and I have not earned yet from the program. However from my research I saw that a certain facebook user  has earned 30,000 naira with in 9 days on the Hiwap. This is an indication of the fact that if you also join early enough you can make some good money too on this program

“N30,000 earned in 9 days on HIWAP” Hiwap earning testimonial by  prosper Noah on facebook

Hiwap review: Hiwap Registration.

To become an affiliate and be eligible to make money on the hiwap income, you have to register and pay a onetime activation fee of 2000 Naira. Hiwap registration is so easy and fast and I will show the steps to follow so that you don’t make any mistake on your hiwap registration.

Hiwap registration Step by step guide.

hiwap registration

  1. Click here for hiwap registration
  2. Click on Register on the top left of the homepage
  3. Fill the registration form with your info, the first box is your sponsor, type “earnwithme” there if it’s not showing automatically
  4. Fill the remaining section of the form with your name, email, phone number, your user name, password
  5. Tick I agree to terms of service
  6. Click on Signup
  7. Then Hiwap login page will show for you to know that you have successfully signed up.
  8.  Go to the email address you used to sign up, look for any mail with the subject Activation letter from Healthiswealth.ng” and click on the activation link in that mail. This is a very important step because you will not be able to login until you do this step.
  9. Once you do the step 8, you can login to your Hiwap free account.

hiwap registration

How To Upgrade Hiwap account to Pro membership.

After your free registration, for you to be able to access the full benefit of the healthiswealth.ng website, you will have to upgrade and pay a onetime membership fee of 2000 Naira.

So how do you pay the healthiswealth.ng Affiliate program Upgrade fee? There are 2 different ways to do it but I will recommend only one way.

The recommended hiwap account activation procedure is through epin. You buy epin from approved distributor, login to your account and upgrade.

Steps to Upgrade your Healthiswealth.ng Affiliate Program membership from free to Pro

  1. Login to your hiwap account with your user name and password
  2. Click on the Finance drop down menu
  3. Click the Upgrade Membership tab
  4. On the upgrade membership page, there are 2 options to make your payment, scroll down and go to the redeem epin code
  5. Copy and paste the code you got from the approved distributor and paste in the box provided
  6. Click the redeem button below and your account will be activated successfully and ready to start earning.

Pls note that the Agent that I used for my Activation is Amaechi C. Uzoma, You can make payments of 2,000 Naira for epin to her accounts below and send her the debit alert on whatsapp through this number 08037859257

Click here to contact me on whatsapp for Hiwap registration 

These are the account numbers through which you can make payment for the epin to activate your Account.

  1.  Amaechi C. Uzoma/ First Bank / 3130599525
  2.  Amaechi C. Uzoma/ Diamond Bank/ 0106463645
  3.  Amaechi C. Uzoma/ UBA/ 2095609216

Hiwap Review: Hiwap Proof of Payment or Hiwap earnings Screenshot

Like i said earlier, i just joined the program and i don’t have any earnings screenshot yet. However, once i’m able to earn on this program, i will make a screenshot of my earnings and updtae this blogpost about hiwap review.

Hiwap review: My Signup Bonus for You.

Even though you will make money on hiwap without referrals, but I want you to know that anybody that want to make money online must have some marketing skill and that is what most top affiliate marketers online have mastered and used to their favor to bank huge affiliate commissions. For the first time, I‘m going to reveal my affiliate marketing domination  strategy I used on NNU Income to earn over 582,000 Naira and other programs like recharge and get paid, Viral trend where I also make affiliate commissions daily. So for Joining the Hiwap through my link I will hand you the No bullshit strategy to get atleast 5 referrals daily and make 5,000 naira or more daily. This is worth More than 20k if I’m to sell this info as a course on it’s own but I will not do that for now. The first 200 people to join the hiwap through my link will get this red hot info, affiliate marketing domination strategy to bank 5,000 Naira daily with Hiwap free of charge. So don’t sleep on this. Act fast and join then send me email at dnajeem@gmail.com to claim this awesome bonus after your registration.

With this bonus, you don’t have any excuse not to join the hiwap and make 5000 Naira or more daily online in Nigeria with the hiwap income.

Hiwap Review: how to Withdraw your earnings

Once you lay your hands on my affiliate marketing domination strategy to making money with affiliate marketing and you implement it on this program, you should make your first 5,000 Naira with few days and qualify to withdraw your earnings on  Friday. The program pays every Friday once you have hit the minimum withdrawal of 5000 Naira within the week. Every weekend will be fun and exciting when you start getting  paid weekly on this amazing income program.

To round up this hiwap review, I want you to know that the hiwap is not a get rich quick scheme, Ponzi scheme or a scam. You will benefit in 2 ways when you join the hiwap. First you will have unrestricted access to educative health fitness and wellness articles 24/7 and also have opportunity to make money. When you write for hiwap you make money, when you refer new affiliates to hiwap you make money, when those affiliate you referred, refer other affiliates, you make money. When those affiliates you referred cycle out, you make money. I mean this is awesome and something nobody ever want to miss.

Till I see you on the inside of the hiwap I say happy earning.  Please leave comments below if you have questions and observations. You can aslo check out other hot ways to make money online in Nigeria in my previous posts. Get paid to read news online on nnu.ng, get paid to post on instagram on viraltrend and get paid to recharge on the RAGP Platform.

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