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Helping Hands International Registration for H2i Salary4life

Helping hands international registration process can be quite confusing because of the numerous business services of this international  NGO.  But after going through this blog post, you should be able to know the difference between the helping hands international and the newly launched h2i salary4life.

The main difference in helping hands international registration and h2i salary4life registration is the signup fee. To register an account on the helping hands international, you will pay a registration fee of $60 (9,900 Naira) while in the newly launched h2i salary4life, it much cheaper and it’s only $6(2,000 Naira)

Apart from the registration fees, there are several other differences between the helping hands international and the h2i topup and earn. The best way i feel you can understand this properly is by showing everything about helping hnads,  history of helping hands international, founder of helping hands international, helping hands international compensation plan, welcome to h2i member dashboard etc

About helping hands international

Helping hands international is an international NGO using the network marketing business model to help the poor and the needy in the society.

What do i mean by this?

Helping hands internationals registration fee is $60 and after the payment, you become a member, network and invite others to participate in the humanitarian services of helping hands international. The more people that joins the network, the more money you make. 

In h2i helping hands international, you don’t just make money,  you will acquire new skills through it’s skill acquisition program, acquire assets, empower motherless Babies homes, give scholarships and grants and also have opportunity to earn passive income forever. helping hands international registration Helping hands international is currently in more than 150 countries in the world including  helping hands international Nigeria, Helping Hands International Ghana etc. With all these activities of helping hands, you can see that helping hands international is truly helping to transform people’s lives and  empowering people to build a poverty free society not only in Nigeria but all over the world .

That is a brief history of  h2i helping hands international and the founder The founder of the Helping hands international is Luzviminda Mac-Elvis and she is from a low-income background in Angels City in the Philippines. 

What is Virtual Top-up (VTU) and how does it work?

VTU means virtual top-p and it’s a highly profitable telecommunication business where you can sell services like airtime recharge, data subscription, pay tv subscription etc directly from a VTU Wallet and earn instant commission on every transaction as a VTU Agent.

Gone are the days when you need big money to register with MTN, Glo, Airtel as a dealer before you can carry out such services. Now, anybody with a mobile phone can conveniently carry out VTU recharges and make money. There are different platforms available for VTU recharges and banks are not left out of the business. Haven realized the need for people to constantly buy VTU products, banks quickly ventured into the VTU business and provide a platform for their customers to easily buy airtime, data etc and thereby making huge commissions daily. helping hands international registration Now that you understand what is helping hands international and Virtual top-up (VTU) business, then lets go into the next section of this h2i salary4life review which is, h2i top up and earn and why it’s code named h2i salary4life.

What is H2i Top up and Earn or H2i Recharge?

H2i Top up and earn is one of the innovative programs of helping hands international where members can easily become a VTU Agent with a onetime registration fee of 2,000 Naira and start earning commissions on every VTU transactions done from their VTU Wallets. H2i top up and earn members can also earn commission by recommending and referring others to the VTU business.

H2i top up and earn is code named salary4life because it’s believed people will have need for vtu products on a daily basis and making it possible for members to  earn daily commission for life. You can earn commissions in h2i recharge by using the products by yourself. You just simply recharge your mobile phone and earn. You will also earn commission when you sell to others, your friends, colleagues etc.  Lastly you will earn commission each time you recommend the h2i recharge to your friends and family.

Some amazing features of the h2i top up and earn

  • The h2i recharge platform is highly user friendly and simple to use.
  • H2i recharge is available in over 150 Countries, including helping hands Nigeria, helping hands Ghana
  • It’s easy to register and become a VTU Agent with h2i top up and earn
  • You can earn unimaginable amount of money by referring friends and family to the h2i recharge platform
  • You can make extra passive income monthly just pay paying your Utility bills, dstv, startimes, gotv and recharging your phone.
  • Your earnings paid instantly to your bank account any time you place a withdrawal
  • Once you become an H2i recharge VTU agent, you will be issued a VTU Wallet where you can easily monitor your transactions and earnings

Helping Hands International Compensation Plan for H2i Top up and earn

H2i top up and earn stated on it’s website that the program is not a network or matrix program but a cash back system where members can have access to sustainable VTU recharging platform and also earn passive income.

A cash back system is a system that pay you back, it works like giving a discount on your purchase and allowing to make money back. Let assume you buy a product of 4million Naira on a cash back system and it gives a 2% cash back, that means after your purchase, you will earn back 80,000 Naira just by making that purchase.

There are 4 different ways to earn in h2i top up and earn as will be shown in this simplified compensation plan of h2i recharge.

1. H2i Recharge Commission on personal VTU recharges

You will earn VTU recharge commission when you buy airtime recharge, data subscription etc for your personal use through your h2i recharge wallet. You will also earn commission when you sell your VTU services directly from your VTU Wallet to others like your friends, family members etc.

For Glo, h2i recharge Commission  is 2.5%. So if you recharge your line with 1,500 Naira will earn back 37.5 Naira for doing nothing other than recharge your phone.

H2i recharge commission for Airtel 2.5%.

H2i recharge commission for Etisalat 2.5% .

H2i recharge commission For Smile 2.5% .

H2i recharge commission For StarTimes 1.5% .

H2i recharge commission For Spectranet &Swift 15 Naira per transaction.

H2i recharge commission For Gotv & Dstv, 15 Naira per transaction .

H2i recharge commission for IKEDC& EKEDP, 15 Naira per transaction.

H2i recharge commission For Foreign top-ups, 5% commission to all networks

2. H2i Top up and earn Commission from your downline’s Transactions

This is a multi-tiered or multi-level commission and you will earn 3 levels deep. The first level is from your direct referrals, second level is referrals of your direct referrals etc

You will earn 0.5% commission on each virtual top-up done by your direct referrals (This is your 1st generation). You will earn 0.3% commission on each Virtual top-up done by the direct referrals of your 1st generation (This is your 2nd Generation).

You will earn 0.2% on each Virtual top-up done by the direct referrals of you 2nd generation (This is your 3rd generation).

3. H2i Referral commission

The referral commission in H2i Salary4life of helping hands  is also a multi-tiered or multi-level commission and it’s 3 level deep.

H2i recharge direct referral commission is 500 Naira .

2nd Level indirect commission is 300 Naira.

3rd Level indirect commission is 200 Naira .

4. Cumulative Point reward

For each person you refer to the h2i recharge VTU business, you will get 0.2 points and when you accumulate enough points you will be rewarded.


– You earn ₦156,000 ($434) + ₦25,000 ($70)

– Your sponsor will earn ₦15,000 ($42)

– Cumulative Reward ₦6000 ($17)


– You earn ₦312,500 ($868) + ₦50,000 ($139)

– Your sponsor will earn₦25,000 ($70)

– Cumulative Reward ₦12,500 ($35)


– You earn ₦625,000 ($1,736) + ₦100,000 ($278)

– Your sponsor will earn ₦50,000 ($139)

– Cumulative Reward ₦25,000 ($70)


– You earn  ₦1,250,000 ($3,472) + ₦250,000 ($695)

– Your sponsor will earn ₦200,000 ($556)

– Cumulative Reward ₦50,000 ($139)


– You earn ₦2,500,000 ($6,944) + ₦500,000 ($1,389) • –

Your sponsor will earn  ₦200,000 ($556)

– Cumulative Reward ₦100,000 ($278)


– You earn ₦5,000,000 ($13,889) + ₦1,000,000 ($2,778)

– Your sponsor will earn  ₦500,000 ($1,389)

– Cumulative Reward ₦300,000 ($833)


– You earn ₦25,000,000 ($69,444) + ₦6,000,000 ($16,667)

– Your sponsor will earn ₦1,000,000 ($2,778)

– Cumulative Reward ₦500,000 ($1,389)

Helping hands international registration procedure for H2i salary4life

Want to Join helping hands telecom business and start earning salary for life?

Then follow the steps below to Join the H2i Slary4life

Click Here to Join H2i Salary4life, Fill the form with your info, choose your payment option as debit/credit card and click on Register Me.

For free step by step h2i helping hands international registration guide and how to earn 1,000 Naira daily with h2i salary4life, Click here

So Now you know the difference between the helping hands international registration and h2i top up and earn registration. I want to tell you that the program is good if you can put in effort and take it as a business not just a passive source of income. The top network marketers making millions in most programs out there are doing it is a a full time business not part time. If you treat it as a part time business, you will earn part time income from it, but if you take it as a full time business, you will earn full time income from it.

Lastly check out this program that has being making waves in Nigeria, it has has paid more than 500 Million Naira to it’s members and it’s my #1 recommendation on this blog. Click here to see how to start earning 50,000 to 100,000 Naira Monthly with your mobile phone.

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