Gumroad Automated Cash Machine: How Nigerians can Earn $100 weekly on Gumroad

Gumroad Automated cash machine and how Nigerians can earn $100 weekly on Gumroad is what I will be writing about in this blog post. I hope this helps you!

One of my friends just just asked this question

Is there no online business I can start with small money ( chikini money) and earn big profit from it?

Well, there is and I hope this will help you too
That’s why I’ve decided to share this with you.


It’s called

Gumroad Automated Cash Machine

Gumroad can be slippery so pay attention and read carefully.

What is Gumroad

Gumroad is an ecommerce website where you can sell your information marketing products or digital product and earn $100 weekly in Nigeria.

Now you are thinking I’ve never written a book before,

so how do I get the information I will be selling?

Getting information you will be selling is quite easy.

There are people who goes to forums like nairaland every day to ask questions about what they want to know about.

May be health related or just for some information that you have to do a little bit of research before you can get it,
or professional information that those practicing the profession can only know.

And they are willing to pay any amount of money just to get the right information they needed.

Any ways, We all know something that other people don’t know and sharing those information can translate into lot of cash.

Example of ebooks you can write, list on Gumroad and make money

I’m just giving you these examples so that you know it’s not something too difficult that you have to write about.

You can make it 10 – 20 pages just make sure you deliver the information you promised and make sure it’s unique and worth the price.


1. How to get your ex-back

2. How to make egusi soup

3. How to plan in expensive traditional wedding

4. How to land your first job in 30 days after NYSC

5. How to money online in Nigeria dropshipping fashion items from jumia

The list can go on and on.

So in this business what you will be doing is researching your info product, creating your info product and selling your info product as will be shown you through the step by step guide Gumroad Automated cash machinist

Don’t worry will show you how to do all these in just minutes

If you do this, you could easily earn $100 weekly that is over 40k weekly online in Nigeria

So for you to start you need about $25 just about 10k that is why I call it chikini money business

This is not bring 10k and get 20k back in 3hrs.

It’s far better and you don’t need to invest in website hosting, domain name etc.

Just a very easy and straight forward business

I know you can google Gumroad and signup by yourself but that will be a great mistake because you will not learn how to make $100 weekly online in nigeria that way.

If you are smart and want something really helpful, that can make you money in the next 3 days and you get paid every week, click on the link below

To gain access to the Gumroad Automated cash machine.

The Gumroad for Nigerians training course that shares with you all the secrets of earning $100 weekly online in Nigeria from the comfort of your home without stress.

I hope this will help you.

For more more ways to make money online that requires little or no capital, you can check out my previous post abou the Youtube profit blueprint.

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