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How To Make Money Online By Creating and Selling Ebooks through Gumroad

Gumroad Automated Cash Machine is a fast and proven way to earn legitimate passive income of $100 or more per week by monetizing your knowledge. It’s a very simple way to make money online in Nigeria. This is what you will do, 

  • Find a problem or identify a need that people are willing to pay any amount to get the solution.

  • Write a few pages of an ebook to provide solution to the problem. It can be as few as 10pages or as plenty as hundreds of pages.

  • Sell the ebook through a website called gumraod and cashout your earnings weekly.

Few weeks ago, one of my friends just just asked this question, is there no online business I can start with small money ( chikini money) and earn big profit from it?

Well, there is and i hope it will help you too as I reveal this to you today. The basic concept is all about how to easily create an ebook or information product, how to make massive sale by listing it on gumroad and how to get paid every week to your bank account.

Even though gumroad doesn’t pay directly to bank accounts in Nigeria, you will learn the secret which you can easily implement and create a paypal account that can both send and receive fund in Nigeria. Also, you will learn how to move your earnings from your Paypal account to your Nigerian Bank account without hiding your IP address or fearing any limitations.

What is Gumroad

Gumroad is a digital market place or a shopping cart that allows creators to easily sell their ebooks, softwares, video courses etc. Through this platform, you can sell both physical and downloadable products.

There are some certain features that makes it the right place for information marketers to sell their products without having a website.

10 Features of gumroad which makes it the best option for information marketers or creators that want to start a small but highly profitable online business in Nigeria.

  1. The Audience or Traffic.

Gumroad gets as much as 260,000 monthly site visit and the number is increasing daily. So unlike having to start your own website and trying to build traffic to your website, gumraod already have traffic waiting for your offers. So take advantage of it by following the steps shown in the gumroad automated cash machine

  1. The price.

You can start your online business on gumroad totally free. But for a small monthly fee, you have access to other cool features that can help you get more traffic and sales for your ebooks or products.

  1. No need to Pay for Domain name and hosting

By starting your online business through the gumroad, you don’t need to incurre the expenses of having to pay for your own domain name and web hosting

  1. Stunning Landing Pages

You can easily setup your store on gumroad and create stunning landing pages without the need to use any third party softwares

  1. List Building

As the saying goes, the money is in the list. Gumroad allows you to start building your list by providing the tools required for you to capture the email addresss and other information from your prospect. You can then follow up with them or send them other offers to increase your chances of making sales on the platform.

  1. Payment Processing.

Also, you don’t need struggle with any other external payment processor integration. The platform has the feature that allows you customer to easily pay for your products. They will help you collect the payment and send whatever amount you have made weekly to your paypal account.

  1. Easy to Setup

It’s quite easy to setup a gumroad account. As a matter of fact, in less than 30 minutes, you can open an account and upload your first product.

  1. Easy Product Delivery

It’s quite easy to deliver your products automatically on gumroad. It’s a set and forget system. Once you list a product, you upload the end product to the website and omce you make a sale, gumroad will help you deliver the product to then buyers automatically.

  1. Pixel Traffic

You can easily add tracking pixel to your landing page on the gumroad website. This is a very useful feature because if someone visit your sales page on gumroad and did not buy your products, you can still retarget them with facebook ads, Instagram, youtube etc.

  1. Charge back Support.

If for any reason, a customer wants a refund for a product brought from you, gumroad will do the investigation on your behalf and make sure you win.

Now that you have seen the features of the gumroad, lest now see how you can make money on gumroad.

3 steps to start Making $100 weekly on gumroad.

gumroad automated cash machineStep 1 Creating your product.

This is by far the most important step because without a product what will you be selling to make money on gumroad. In the gumraod automated cash machine training course, 2 different methods have been revealed. The easy way and the hard way of creating your information product.

The hard involves you doing some research and coming up with the content of the ebook. This is explained in so much details that if you follow the steps you have no problems coming up with your info product. Once you learn the step, you might even start creating an ebook every month or weekly.

The Easy way of creating your info product or ebook is just very simple, you don’t need to write any ebook, you just buy already written ebook, redesign it and put your name on it as shown in the gumraod automated cash machine training course and within few minutes your ebook is ready.

This is the best method if you have like $10 to $20 you can use to buy the already written ebook. Also, you can list your product for any amount and just a single sale, you can recoup the investment amount in buying the ebook you are reselling.

It’s a very smart way to make some good cash online.

Once you have decided whether you are using the easy or hard method to create your ebook, you need to decide the niche, the tittle of the ebook, design the ebook cover and format the ebook. Please know that some niches are hot and fast selling than the others.

A list of hot niches has been revealed in the gumroad automated cash machine so just make sure the ebook or product you want to be selling on gumroad contains high quality information, worth the price your buyers are paying for it and it’s in one of the highly recommended niches so that you can easily sell and earn $100 or more weekly.

Step 2, Creating your gumroad account.

The steps to create your gumraod account has been revealed in the gumroad automated cash machine. You need a paypal account to receive payment weekly. This is also shown in detailed steps in the training. Just follow the steps and you will be able to start selling and receiving your earnings weekly from gumroad.

Once you create your account, then you can upload your first product immediately if you already have one created following the guidelines in the step 1 above.

During the upload of the product, you will need to create a landing page that will capture the attention of the buyer and you can easily craft one following the steps shown in the gumraod automated cash machine. It’s very easy and straight to the point. Also, you need to put the tags so that your products can easily be found by your buyers.

Step 3, Sending traffic to your product.

The more traffic you can get, the more sales you make. After you list your products on the platform as shown in the gumroad automated cash machine, you can upgrade your membership so that gumroad can be sending traffic to your sales page through the discover.

If you still need more traffic, you can allow affiliates on gumraod to promote your product and make sales for you. Apart from the internal traffic sources on gumroad, more free and paid traffic sources have been revealed in gumraod automated cash machine to 10x your sales and earnings from the platform.


It’s very possible to start a small and highly profitable online business in Nigeria. if you follow the steps as shown in the gumraod automated cash machine, you could be earning $100 or more weekly passive income and the best part is you can run this business on autopilot.

You can create info product without wasting time writing the ebooks yourself, list the ebook on gumroad which takes care of the marketing of the ebook for you and you just get paid weekly based on sales of the ebook  have made. If you have like 10 to 20 ebooks making $100 weekly that is a lot of money when you convert to naira.

This a very legit business and you can easily scale it up and start earning real passive income without affecting or interfering with what you currently do.

For more ways to make money online, you can check my post on how to make $100 daily on youtube or check out how to make 300,000 Naira monthly from Vtu Business without lifting a finger.

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