foreign copywriting initiate shows you how to get high paying copywriting clients as a copywriter in Nigeria

How To get Consistent High Paying Copywriting Clients in Nigeria.

If you have being struggling to get consistent copywriting clients or perfect your skills as a copywriter, then in this blogpost I will reveal to you how I’ve being getting $10,000 per month copy writing clients and not only that, I will show you how you can easily make $500 in the next 30 days and gradually work your way towards getting consistent high paying clients as your skill level increases in this highly lucrative online business.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is an act or profession of writing texts for promotion or advertisement purposes. Not the normal texts you know. The essence of this type of writing is to get results i.e to make customers to perform certain actions which can be for them to make a purchase, download an app, register or signup to a webinar, subscribe to your newsletter etc.

Copywriting is highly lucrative and as a copywriter you might be making more money per client more than what many oil company workers make monthly. Take for example, if you make just $3000 per client in a month, at the present exchange rate of 500Naira/$, that is 1.5 Million Naira, just to write a copy. You can do copywriting from home and you can do it part time or full time.

What exactly does a copywriter do?

Copywriters spend most of their time analyzing and studying ads so that they get better at writing titles, products sales page, promotional video scripts, follows up emails for subscribers, facebook and Instagram ads, Sales funnel and landing pages copy, Product description information for ecommerce etc. Copywriting can be for any niche and the application of the skill is not limited.

Once you acquire this rare skill that has generated Billions of Naira in income, you can use it for personal use like if you are an affiliate marketer or you sell anything at all online. You can also use it to help businesses both offline and online to craft their ads. The more results they get from each copy you write for them, the better they value and pay you.

What skills do you need to be a copywriter?

Most people think you need to have some special degree in writing skills before you can become a copywriter or you need to be extremely gifted writer. This is not totally true as you can learn the skill of copywriting. In copywriting, the actual writing is only 10% of the work. So, 90% of the time, you’re either watching a video on YouTube Or reading an interesting blog pos Or looking at what people are saying about a new product on AMAZON Or reading comments on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter … etc

That’s you doing a bit of research on the topic your clients are paying you to write about. Your Clients Will Send you a LINK for a Virtual meeting on Zoom or Skype and and you can join them from wherever you are! Just get your earphones (or earpods), grab a note, a pen and maybe a soft drink or a bottle of water, then find a quiet place where there’s no distractions. Mostly, these meetings don’t last more than 1-hour.

A summary of the skills required to be a great copywriter

  1. You must understand human behavior and what makes them to take action
  2. You must be able to research the market you are selling to and understand your prospect language pattern
  3. You must know how to write title that magnets your audience, how to keep them hooked and transition them through the various section of your copy without losing attention or excitement.
  4. How to write engaging Ads copy that converts like crazy.

So, if can be able to learn all these skills required to be a copywriter and you keep getting better at your copywriting skills, you will sure make lot of money writing.

How do I find high paying copywriting clients?

This is where many Copywriters struggle. But getting high paying copywriting clients is not complicated at all (when you know what to do).

Here is a glimpse of what I’ve being teaching my students that is responsible for most of the testimonials you are seeing. Some are earning $10,000, $5,000, $2,000 per month. Because they know how to find high paying copywriting jobs and how to convince the clients to pay.

Copywriting Client Acquisition Masterclass will reveal to you

  • 3 responsive client acquisition channels well-paid Copywriters are using to land high-paying Clients no matter how bad the economy is by charging $800… $1,000… $1,500… $3,000…. $5,000 or more per project (and getting Clients to See it as a WIN-WIN for both parties…)
  • How to Pitch any client: Tried, Tested, and Proven PITCHING TEMPLATES for Crafting Simple Messages / Content (Emails… DMS…. Threads… Posts… ) That Make(s) Clients eager and excited to Work with YOU!
  • Coming up with Enticing offers that make Clients say yes to your proposal and doing The Math for the Client, to Close The Deal. When it comes to closing Clients, 90% of Copywriters tend to screw things up… (and end up losing the client).
  • 3 different ways to earn big bonus payments as a Copywriter (even when you’re busy working on a project for your clients)
  • Taking your Copywriting income from 5 figures…. To 6-figures… to 7-figures and beyond

Who I’m i? and why you should listen to me

My Name is Andy Nduka Mukolo and I have the privilege of being referred to as one of the best Copywriters of my time. I’ve introduced thousands of aspiring writers to copywriting, many of who today are earning a healthy six-figure income in writing fees alone. They write copy from the comfort of their homes and today, their lives have been transformed.

They’re no longer financially dependent on someone else. They set their own working hours, and they have absolute control of their time!

See My Students Results

foreign copywriting initiative copywriter any mukolo student testimonial andy mukolo newsletter subscriber on copywriting how to get high paying copywriting clients


I can guarantee you that if you follow the practical training and step by step guide I’m going to give, you will be able to improve your copy writing skills greatly, get high paying clients and even earn at least $500 in the next 30days. I’m just an ordinary person like you but I’ve been able to develop an amazing copy writing and client acquisition skill over the years. You also can do it now better and faster.  It just a matter of getting the right information from the right person and implementing it.

If you are ready to put in the work, I will be able to help as I have support channels and groups where you will ask questions if anything is not clear to you and get answers in real-time as it regards your copywriting business. Instead of trying to figure out things all by yourself and making mistakes that will prevent you from getting high paying copy writing clients fast, why not >>>>>Click Here<<<<<<  to start the training.



  1. Big Ideas, Unique Mechanisms, And No-Brainer Offers Explained…(With Case Studies in pdf format )

The highest-paid Copywriters in the world are masters at these 3 simple topics…

Big ideas

Unique mechanisms

Constructing No-Brainer Offers

And once you understand each one, you’ll be able to charge a lot more money than most Copywriters.

That’s why I included this bonus for you.

  1. The P.I.G Technique …. For Telling Captivating Stories That Get Quality Attention, Inspire Action, and Increase Conversions From COLD Traffic! (in PDF Format)

The world’s best Copywriters agree that Storytelling is easily the most powerful selling technique you can use to sell anything. Especially when you’re selling to strangers who are just hearing about you for the first time or people who’ve never heard of you… (Ie: COLD TRAFFIC). In this brief bonus material, I’ll show you a high-impact storytelling model you can always use to write persuasive stories that put your prospects in the right emotional state to buy or take action.

  1. Internal Video Recording with 9-figure Copywriting Genius! (00hrs: 43mins: 59Secs)

In this recording, you will have opportunity to listen to the highest paid Copywriter in Nigeria. He has done Billions of Naira through copywriting right here in Nigeria. Watch him share some deep insights and nuggets of wisdom (on life, business and marketing…) that you’ll find very valuable.

  1. Hidden Asymmetries in The Daily Life of a Well-Paid, Sought-After Copywriter… (A 2-part Video Series)

Great Copywriters are not born, they are made! In this bonus videos, will show you how following a few principles and habits can speed your way up the ladder as a well-paid Copywriter.

  1. The Complete Agora Swipe File (100+ Masterpiece Sales Letters That Built a $2Billion per Year Publishing Company)

Studying, analyzing, and hand-copying some of these letters will make you a completely different animal when it comes to Copywriting. Agora is $2Billion per year publishing company that employs the best Copywriters in the world. This AGORA’s swipe file of masterpiece sales letters is hard to find. But I’m adding it as a bonus for you because having it in your arsenal gives you a solid advantage as a Copywriter. So, whenever you want to craft a copy, just go through these letters so that you can see how to structure your own copy to get amazing results too.



Helping you gear up to the new opportunities ahead. Copywriting is highly lucrative business but you need the curiosity to learn new things and be committed to it before you can be able to start getting high paying clients. I’ve been able to make learning this skill and succeeding at it a great experience for so many of my students and you can also testify from the feedback they are sending to me. I’m 100% sure you also can start making upto $500 in the next 30 days. So, >>>Click here<<<< to start the training.

Please share and recommend this blogpost if it has helped you understand copywriting better and how to make money from the business here in Nigeria. Also leave a comment if you are able to implement and let’s know the results you are getting because we like to hear feedback from you.

Foriegn copywriting initiative by Andy Mukolo

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