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Expertnaire Registration: Exposed! How To Register If You Intend To Make Million on Expertnaire

Expertnaire registration procedure and the best way to join so that you can be earning biggers affiliate commissions is what this blog post will be all about. I had already written an indepth review of the expertnaire afiliate platform, so, if you have not read that yet checkout my previous blog post abot expertnaire review.

But why should you consider joining the expertnaire affiliate platform and how can you join expertnaire?

First lets treat why you should consider joining the expertnaire affiliate platform if you still want to make money online in Nigera through affiliate marketing.

expertnaire review

Why you should Join the Expertnaire Affiliate Platform

  1. Expertnaire pays Affiliate promptly and pays weekly directly to affiliate’s bank account every Friday. All affiliates that qualifies for payment in a week doesn’t need to login to request for affiliate payment, the admin and his team tracking the affiliate sales will do that. This is to ensure the affiliates can focus on what they know how to do best which is recommending and promoting high value affiliate products to generates sales.
  2. It’s very easy to get into the expertnaire affiliate network. Unlike other platforms, where affiliates have to go through a series of evaluation before being accepted, expertnaire registration requires only a yearly fee of 10,000 Naira and once you can pay the fee, you will be accepted after which you will have access to the market place and issued an affiliate link similar to the clickbank link to promote your affiliate products.
  3. Expernaire affiliate products are highly qualitative and the admin vet the products before being listed to ensure only valueable products get th the market place. This can increase affiliate commissions for marketers. Since the products are very good, it takes less effort to refer sales.
  4. You can earn affiliate commission between 25 – 95%. example of product paying upto 80% affiliate commission is the how to turn yourself into a life breathing cash machine ebook.
  5. Also you will earn affiliate commission on products you buy for yourself through your affiliate link. This will be advantageous to you as you will get products cheaper than non members of the affiliate network
  6. You don’t need to have your own product before you can make money on expertnaire
  7. Expertnaire offers 30 days money back guarnatee on most of their products and if any of the customers you referred is not happy with the products, they can easily get a refund.

Now that we have seen why you should join the expertnaire affiliate network, lets now go into how to join the expertnaire affiliate network.

How to Join the Expertnaire Affiliate Network.

Ready to start earning some passive income through affiliate marketing in Nigeria? I’m going to show you how to do your expertnaire registration and best way to join so that you can be earning bigger affiliate commissions. Don’t be discouraged by the signup fee. Before i did my expertnaire registration in 2019, i was also almost discouraged thinking that the 10,000 Naira yearly payment by affiliate is too much.

But let me tell you, after i took the risk, i actually was happy with myself for taking the risk to join the expertnaire. This was because i made my first sale after 3 days of joining the platform. My first sale was from the 72 hours income generator and i made 9,000 Naira which is 30% affiliate commission since the product price then was 30,000 Naira. The price of the product has now increased to 40,000 Naira and the product is now known as the 72 hours implementation program.

You can join expertnaire either as a Vendor or As an Affiliate. Vendors are course creators that want to make money by listing their products on the expertnaire affiliate platform. All they have to do for their own expertnaire registration is payment of 25,000 naira yearly membership which make sense as they will not have to spend money marketing their training courses. Expertnaire will get a 10% commission on each sale a vendor gets to take care of their platform and other admin charges.

But that is not where we are going, If you are new to making money online in Nigeria through affiliate marketing, you will have to learn how to promote other people’s product first before you go on to create your own course and launch a product.

So you will be doing your own expertnaire registration as an affiliate.

Who is an Affiliate and how can you Join Exertnaire as an affiliate Marketer.

An Affiliate is anybody that signup to the expertnaire to promote the products on the market place and earn commissions on every sale. Expertnaire registration for affiliate marketers requires a payment of 10,000 Naira for yearly subscription to the platform. But with the method i will be showing you, you will learn how to create your own income generating affiliate system and also get a 1 year free membership on the expertnaire.

2 ways to join expertnaire as an affiliate

  1. By paying 10,000 Naira yearly subscription, Click here to signup and join the expertnaire as an affiliate.
expertnaire registration



2. Joining the expertnaire through the 72 hours income generator, click here to Join .

See the benefits of joining the expertnaire through the 72 hour implementation program below

72 hour implementation program


The 72IG Implementation Training Program (Started on June 1) – Value N2.5m

The original 72IG training course – Value N30,000

1 year affiliate account on Expertnaire – Value N10,000

Webpage Builder & Pre-designed Templates – FREE

Email Marketing Templates – Value N250,000

Access to the FB 72IG Support Group – FREE

50% Commission on the 72IG Implementation Program

2 in 1 Exclusive Bonus – Value N15,000


In this blogpost, i have shown you 2 different ways you can do your expertnaire registration. But i will recommend you join through the 72 hours implementation program because that is the medium through which i have also joined. I have earned over 170k on the expertnaire platform and the platform is real. I encourage you not to be discouraged by the fee as you will make more than 10 times the registration fee when you start implementing what you have learnt. As a matter of fact, i know some affiliates that have useed what they learnt in the 72ig to promote their personal products and done revenues more than 40 Milion Naira. So if you want to build a long lasting passive income business, consider joining the expertnaire through the 72 hours income generator.

To help affiliate marketing beginners figure out things quickly, i have written a blog post about how to make your first sale as an affiliate marketer. Getting that first sale is always the hardest so go checkout that blog post. Also, if you don’t have and advertising budget, i have also written something that will help you and it’s all bout Whatsapp instant marketing which allow you to promote affiliate products and make huge commissions without spending a kobo on advertisement. check it out also.

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