earn money by referring links

Earn Money By Referring Links

Do you know you can earn money by sharing referring links on facebook, twitter, instagram and other social media Website. I see a lot of my friends do it these days on facebook and I can tell you some of them are earn some good extra income daily just by sharing their referring links. Even on Whatsapp groups, I see a lot of people earn money by referring links to different programs. So it’s actually a trend. Most people that used to think everything online is a scam, started believing it’s possible to make money online by referring links sharing when they starting seeing floods  of earning screenshots all over the internet from members of programs such as NNU Income.

Earning money by referring links sharing is not actually new but it’s absolutely the easiest way to make money online. Some of the programs can be affiliate program where you can make a one off commission on every sale or recurring commission. Some can be a multi-level marketing program where you can experience leverage and even earn more from the effort of your downlines sharing their referral links too. Some of these programs might require zero or little startup capital. So the choice on which ones to join is yours.

Below are 6 best refer and earn sites in Nigeria.

  1. Recharge and get paid.

The top on the list of refer and earn sites in Nigeria is recharge and get paid. Why I’m giving this program the number position is because it’s possible to make commission of upto 20,000 naira in a single day through your refer link. You will earn money by inviting you friends to become Vtu dealers on the ragp platform. Depending on the package plan being activated by your newly referred dealer, you can earn from 1,000 Naira to 20,000 naira. This is cool money and I have personally earned a 10,000 naira from a single referral on the recharge and get paid. The recharge and get paid pays 20% commission on every sale through your unique referral link. There are other members that have made millions of naira on the recharge and get paid and they earn the money through their  refer link. To earn money by referring links sharing through recharge and get paid, you must make sure you give new members that want to register your unique link and once they register, it will be counted for you as a referral and you earn 20% referral commission. But that is not all, you will earn from 10% -1% commission when your referrals also share their own links too, you earn vtu recharge commission and earn leadership bonuses.

Click here for recharge and get paid registration

  1. NNU Income Program.

The NNU Income program is one of the easiest way to make money online by referring links sharing. The program made Nigerians changed their mind about making money online. I have personally earned more than 500k on this program, Prosper Noah has earned over 700k on this program and Oladokun Micheal has earned close to a Million Naira. This is one of the program where I see ordinary Nigerians with no previous experience on how to make money online earned huge amount of money online by referring links sharing. You join NNU Income with just a token of 1,600 Naira and once your account is activated you will get a unique referral link you can share and earn money. NNU income is not just a earn money by referring links program, you can educate yourself and and also have access to hot news on the platform. You can also earn by doing other simple activities on the nnu income. You will get paid to post sponsored post on your facebook timeline, get paid to login daily, get paid to read news and comment etc and above all, you will earn 1,000 naira each time somebody joins nnu income through your referring links.

Click here for NNU Income registration

  1. Viral Trend.

Viral Trend is another awesome program to earn money by referring links. Viraltrend is a social media marketing company where promoters earn money by doing social media tasks like follow on instagram, like, subscribe to a Youtube channel, tweet and retweet, liking post on facebook etc and also earn money by referring others through unique referring links given to each promoter. There are 2 types of packages on viral trend for promoter, basic and premium. Basic package is just 500 naira one time and premium package is 2500 Naira one time. The earnings from referring links sharing on Viral trend is multi-level and that means as a promoter, you can earn more money when other promoters you invite to viral trend also invite others.

Apart from earning more through referring links on viraltrend, business owners can use the viraltrend to grow their business through social media marketing on facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube. If you have any contest you want to win on instagram or facebook, you can take advantage of the opportunity provided by viraltrend through it’s organic and real army of promoters to your advantage by paying a token. If your aim is to go viral on social media, then viraltrend is the best deal. Both promoters and advertisers make more money with viraltrend, it’s a win-win situation.

Click Here for ViralTrend registration

  1. Chateko

Another cool way to earn money by referring links sharing is chateko. And in chateko you can earn 1500 Naira per single referral. If you keep sharing your referring links on social media like facebook, instagram, youtube etc, you can make a lot of money daily with the chateko social media and comedy program. The chateko is just like facebook but facebook doesn’t pay you to use it’s platform. Chateko on the other hand pays for every posts you make to the platform, pays for likes and comments and above all pays 1500 naira per referral that you bring by sharing your referring links. You will also get access to jokes and free recharge cards weekly.

Click here for Chateko registration

  1. Refer.ng

Refer.ng is another earn money by referring links sharing program and the program is similar to the nairaland script. You will earn 1,000 naira per referral on the refer.ng program. The program is also growing fast and based on the refer.ng reviews I’m seeing online, the program seems to be paying it’s members promptly. I have not personally joined the refer.ng because I currently have similar programs that are paying too. The refer.ng registration and account activation fee is 1,600 naira after which you will be issued a unique referring link through which you can earn money once anybody join the refer.ng through your unique referral link.

  1. Joomta

Joomta is a free to join earn money by referring links sharing program. On the website of joomta, it’s stated that you will earn 400 naira per referral and the maximum number of referral you can get through your referring link is 100 per month. With this 100 referrals per month, you can make about 40,000 naira. Joomta registering is quite easy and fast and after that you can get your referring link and share on social media to make money.

Click here for Joomta registration

List of  Places You can advertise Your Referring Links and earn money

For you to earn money by referring link, you need to be familiar with some of the places you can advertise your referring links and acquire new users.

1. Social Media. 

Facebook, twitter, instagram, Linkedin etc are some of the social media where you can share your referring link and earn more once you get a signup. apart from free ways and traditional ways of just sharing posts on your timelines on social media websites, you can run ads on most of the social medias and reach more target audience for your to increase your earning. You can run facebook Ads, twitter Ad, Instagram Ad, Linkedin Ad. You can also look for influencers in your niche on your preferred social media and pay them a token to share your pre-written ads on their timelines. If you can do all of that, you will surely earn money by referring links sharing on social media.

2. Blogging

This is another method of getting traffic to your offer if you want to earn money by referring link. For this to be effective, you need to start a blog and write high quality original contents that can rank high in search engines. Don’t just go and be copying others post because you will not get good ranking on search engines this way. Once you can get your content out on the search engines, people will natural find your offers and join your offers and you can earn money by referring link.

3. Placing Banner Ads on High Traffic Websites

This is one of the easiest way to earn money by referring links but will require some budget. You can contact websites like nnu.ng, nairaland, etc to get their rates per day for showing your banner ads to their members. Once somebody click on your banner on those website and join whatever offer you are promoting, then you can make some good money by sharing your referring link.


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