Doshground : It’s Only 350 Naira You Need To Start Making Money Online In Nigeria With

Doshground is low startup cost and highly profitable autoreferral and crowdfunding website.
It’s only 350 Naira that you need to start making money online in Nigeria.  The program is member to member with no central account and you can earn 6,000 Naira Daily Over and Over again!

Doshground is a community started by a team of enthusiastic individuals with passion and burning desire for humanitarian services. They believed they have to do something great for humanity by changing the economy of people around them. With the doshground people can now make money daily online in Nigeria, be empowered and be lifted out of the shackles of poverty.
This crowdfunding website was launched only last week and it’s the cheapest online business you can start in Nigeria. It’s hotter than fire, spreading  so fast and amazingly gaining more
popularity than fivebuckx.

Anyone can join this crowdfunding website and make money online in Nigeria, be it students, workers, bloggers, affiliate and network marketers etc. All that you need to start making money online in Nigeria daily on is an internet enabled device like android phones, laptop or Ipad, email address and bank account to receive payments.

What is doshground.
DOSH is an Amalgam of the words: ‘Dough and Cash’. DOSH is an acronym, abbreviation and a British slang word for money. Ground is an area of land used for a particular purpose or activity
So just from the name of this crowdfunding website you will know this is strictly a serious business and a legit way to make money online in Nigeria. So if you are ready to make money online in Nigeria then join Doshground. It’s only 350 Naira you need to start making money online in Nigeria.

Click Here To Join Doshground

How Does doshground Works?
The is the cheapest online business you can start and make money online in Nigeria. It’s based on an autoreferral system with just 2 levels. Level 1 is a  4×1 straight line matrix, while Level 2 is based on a 6×1 straight line matrix.

Level 1 ;  Member register and activate account by paying 350 Naira to the assigned upline.
Then the member will qualify to receive 350 naira from 4 other assigned members.

Donate: N350
Recieve N350 x 4 = N1,400

Level 2 ; After receiving four payments on Level 1, member is automatically upgrade to Level 2 and will pay 1,000 Naira to assigned upline in the system. This payment has to be done within 6 hours of this upgrade or such member will be removed from the program. After the payment has been confirmed, member will then be eligible to receive 1,000 Naira from 6 other members automatically assigned by the system.

Donate: N1,000
Receive: N1,000 x 6  =  N6,000.

Once a member receives all the 6,000 Naira complete, the member with cycle out and can still register another account to participate in the program and earn 6,000 over and over again.

How To Join Doshground Program
1. Click on the invite link to Join the Doshground   ======>>>>>>
2. Once on the website, Fill the form with your info and click on SIGNUP
3. After you complete your signup, you need to login to your dashboard to see the details of your sponsor or the person assigned to you for the payment of one time 350 Naira activation fee.
4. Once you login to your Doshground dashboard, you will be able to see the person you are to pay 350 Naira. Call the person and confirm his/her account details before payment and to alert the person so that he/she can activate your account immediately after payment.
Note that members have just 6 hours to make payment after signup or  such account will be deleted and removed from the system.
6. Once account has been activated, member will be assigned a unique referral link or invite link through which they can invite their prospects. Even though members can benefit from Doshground autoreferral, it is advisable for members to invite their direct 4 on level 1 so that they can quickly enter level 2 which is strictly based on autoreferral.

Click Here To Join The Doshground Program.

Once a member become active in the doshground program, you will need to login from time to time to check notification for payments and Approve accounts for which you have already received the payments.

How To Approve a Payment in Doshground.
Login to your doshground dashboard and if you see a notification, it means somebody already has being assigned to pay you. Once you receive credit alert from the person, Click on Approve button to accept the payment and activate account.

That is all about doshground, it’s only 350 Naira you need to start making money online in Nigeria

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19 thoughts on “Doshground : It’s Only 350 Naira You Need To Start Making Money Online In Nigeria With”

  1. The explanation of the program is clear enough Olamide. For you to earn fast invite your 4 required. Even though there might be autoreferral, it can not be for everybody. This is a 350 naira program for god sake and it's member to member. o what will be admin gain by looking for referral for You?

  2. The NNU income program is still working there was only an upgrade/maintenance and the site is up and runing now. The good thing is you earn double of the previous earnings now.

  3. Hello,Oladiti. I want to know if I earn up to 6000,will I still use the account to continue or should I open a new doshground account with different details like diff email,name,and other info??. Tnx

  4. I used to be a member of Doshground about a year ago and i benefited greatly from it.
    I want to know if doshground is still active because i like to renew our partnership

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