HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM vtu BUSINESS IN NIGERIA through clubkonnect registration

How To Make 300,000 Naira Monthly From Vtu Business in Nigeria.

In this blogpost, we are going to see how to do clubkonnect registration and detailed step on how make money from telecom business in Nigeria through clubkonnect by buying airtime, data at a very cheap rate and reselling to customers for huge profits.

First, this is not about recharge and get paid. It’s something totally different ok! And it’s not about you sitting under one umbrella in your street and waiting for customers to come. This is about using the power of technology to drive sales and deliver vtu airtime, data, cable tv subscriptions, Nepa bill payment etc to your customers all over the world at the speed of light.

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So what is clubkonnect?

Clubkonnect is a website that is in partnership with telecommunication networks in Nigeria, sells airtime and data at very cheap rate and also provide a platform through which entrepreurs can easily make money from telecom business. The platform offers data resellers opportunity to make huge profit.

ClubKonnect is Owned And Operated By Nellobyte Systems Ltd. With CAC Registration Number RC727006. The company was started in 2014 by Mr Victor Ojeanelo who is a computer scientist and software developer.

Clubkonnect has a physical address and you can locate them at their head office in Ibadan, No 2 Ladoke Akintola Way, Off Aare Avenue, New Bodija, Ibadan Oyo State.

Now you know what clubkonnect is all about, so let see how to make money from telecom business in Nigeria using the clubkonnect platform.

To start making money with vtu business in nigeria through clubkonnect, the first step is doing your clubkonnect registration.

Clubkonnect registration step.

Click on the link to register

Enter your name, phone number and password and click on register. That’s it! 

You just completed your clubkonnect registration. 

The next step is for you to  login, fund your wallet, start selling and make money.

Unique features of the Clubkonnect platform.

  1. The platform is free to join
  2. You can buy airtime at upto 7% discount i.e you buy 100naira worth of airtime for as low as 93naira
  3. You can buy data at very cheap rate mtn 1gb for as low as 330 naira
  4. You can print recharge cards without any software
  5. You can subscribe to dstv at 0.7 discount
  6. You can subscribe to startimes at 1.5% discount
  7. You subscribe to Gotv at 0.7% discount
  8. You can pay your NEPA bill at 1.0% discount
  9. You can have an online store, website and mobile App
  10. You get free customer help desk
  11. You get free company account to help you receive payments and fund your customers.

There are 4 ways you can start your vtu business in nigeria through clubkonnect and make 300,000 naira monthly.

  1. Free membership
  2. Vip membership
  3. Reseller membership
  4. Sub dealer membership.

Free membership on clubkonnect.

This is free and you can start with zero capital. All you need to do is register through a clubkonnect referral id, login, fund your wallet and start selling.

With a free account, you will be able to buy on the platform at very cheap rate and resell to others, but there are certain limitations to a free account.

A free account doesn’t have a customized website through which other people can buy, free account doesn’t have a mobile app and free account can not earn store commission and referral commissions. All a free account can do is just buy and resell.

You can start your vtu business in nigeria free on the clubkonect platform but if you want to sell to a larger audience and easily make money while you sleep or busy in your office, all you have to do is upgrade.

There 3 upgraded membership packages on the Clukonnect platform that allows you to customize your business and also make money easily.

VIP Membership 

This is for people that have atleast 10,000 Naira to start their vtu business in nigeria. It allows you to be able to customize your telecom business all the products you sell will be in your own company name. You will get a subdomain store like where people can buy airtime, data etc at any time. You don’t have to be physically present before you sell. People will just go directly to your website, buy products and you earn commissions.

Vip membership allows you to further earn 5% store commission on every airtime and data purchases through your store, you will earn 30%referralcommission on every upgraded members and you can buy at a further reduced rate. For example, free members can buy 1Gb of Mtn data for 400 naira even upto 500 naira but upgraded members buy at 330 naira only.

Reseller Membership 

The cost is 25,000 naira for upgrade. With this, you will get a website like where people can register, buy airtime and data at their convinience. You can customize your website and you will be earning 5% store commission every product purchases through your store. You will earn 30% referral commission on upgraded member also. You buy Airtime and data at very cheap rate.

Sub dealer membership on Clubkonnect

The cost is 50,000 naira for upgrade. With this, you will get a website like , MobileApp and ussd code which people can use to buy airtime and data. You can customize your website to show your own business name and contact information. You will be earning 5% store commission also. You will earn 30% referral commission on upgraded member also. You buy Airtime and data at very cheap rate.

Click here to join Clubkonnect

After you register on the platform, the next thing you need to do is fund your wallet. So this is the procedure you will follow to fund your wallet.

How to Fund Clubkonnect Wallet.

Login with your phone number and password,

then click on deposit money,

enter the amount you want to fund,

then choose the payment method. You can use your atm card to pay online through flutter or paysack or you use the bank deposit or mobile transfer option. If you are using the bank deposit/mobile transfer option, copy the account details and make your payment by making a transfer through your mobile banking app or ussd code.

Once you have fund in your Wallet, you are ready to perform your first transaction. If it’s airtime you want to buy, data subscription, cable tv or electricity bill payment, there is a Quick Actions link for each. Just click on the one you want to buy and fill the form. It quite easy and straight to the point. The amount for the transaction will be deducted from your wallet.

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Exactly how to Make Money Reselling Cheap Data on the Clubkonnect Platform.

Let say a customer want to buy 1gb data, you will buy at 330 as an upgrade member and you can sell at any amount. After upgrading, you can set the price as 450 naira and once a customer comes to your store through your link, they will just register, login, fund their wallet and buy at your set price of 450, your profit will then be 450-330 naira which is 120naira. Also you will 5% store commission on the transaction.

For free members, once your customer sends you the 450 naira for mtn 1Gb, login to your account, buy the 1gb and keep the profit.

For cable tv subscription, customers already knows the prices of the packages they are going for. So add your service or convinince charge of 100 naira. Let say somebody is buying a gotv subscription of 1900 naira, you will collect 2000 naira from the person, login and buy at 0.7% discount and your profit will be the 0.7% discount plus the 100 naira service charge.

Products and services you can sell through Clubconnect.

After you have doen your clubkonnect registration, you can sell all of the following to your customers as a free member or upgraded member.

  1. vtu Aritime of all networks Mtn, Glo, 9mobile, Airtel.
  2. Data subscription of all networks, Mtn, glo, 9mobile, Airtel.
  3. Cable Tv Subscription like Startime, Gotv and Dstv
  4. Electricity Bill payment for IBEDC, EEDC, etc
  5. Print recharge card of all network

How to Print recharge card on Clubkonnect

Before you can start using the clubkonnect to print recharge card, you have to do your clubkonnect registration if you have not done that already.  Once you have registered, login to the p,latform, and click on print recharge card on the quick action links. The the EPIN generator engine will open. Select the netwrok, Select amount 100naira or 200 naira, enter the quantity you want if it’s 10, 20 etc then click on generate. You can then save it as pdf or you can print directly. Also if you are upgraded member, you can edit the recharge card to show your company name and other details.


Vtu business is a very lucrative online business and all you need to start making money is your free clubkonnect registration and funding of your wallet with the amount you will be using to buy products. Clubkonnect has made everything so easy to the extent you can now make money while you sleep. Selling airtime and data doesn’t require your physical presence again. Once you are an upgraded member, everything will be done on your behalf. If you are a smart entrepreneur, key into this innovation and you could be earning upto 300,000 Naira monthly through your telecom business.

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