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Chateko Review: How To Make Quick Cash Online In Nigeria

This chateko review is based on my personal user experience as a premium member of the chateko Affiliate program. So read on to discover if chateko is real or scam and how to make quick cash online in chateko. 

Chateko Nigeria is a unique register and make money program where you can earn 1500 Naira or more daily and withdraw your earnings without any delay into your bank account . When joining any online program, one of the things i always check is the system of payment of the program. When is the program paying, is there any payment threshold, are there are conditions to fulfill before you can request for payments etc.

I have been into other affiliate programs and i know some pay weekly, biweekly,some monthly and others delay your commission and pay after 90 days. But in this Chateko review, i can tell you that Chateko pays promptly. The real payment threshold in chateko is 7500 Naira but because of the festive season so that members can make quick cash online for Christmas, the  Admin has reduced the withdrawal threshold to 1,500 naira. So once you have earned up to 1,500 Naira in a particular day, you can request for payment and get paid to your bank account instantly.

chateko christmas special

I have found Chateko to be prompt in payment and it so easy to get access to whatever you have
earned daily. Unlike other programs that pays weekly or monthly, chateko pays and it pays daily. This chateko review will not be complete without showing you what Chateko is all about or is Chateko just about how make quick cash online?

About Chateko.

Chateko Nigeria is a social media platform i always visit to get access to funny jokes, comedy videos and other entertaining contents. I got to know about Chateko on the platform, saw the Chateko banner ad there, clicked on it and i joined.

Those of you that don’t know how to get referrals, i have just given you one sure secret to
getting referrals in any of your other programs. The secret is placing banner ads on high traffic websites. With only this secret you can easily make quick cash online and earn more than 1,500 Naira daily.

Back to my chateko review, i found the chateko platform to be very interesting, the website is well designed and everything works smoothly. The support is very fast at responding to issues and
You can easily communicate with them on Whatsapp. Most programs in Nigeria lacks all these features and for Chateko to have all these awesome features, you should be truly  convinced that Chateko is not a scam.

Chateko is real and it has come to stay for you to connect with people that matters to you and your business, entertain yourself and cool off stress with daily jokes and comedy videos and above all get yourself rewarded with cool cash for quality time you spend on the website.

How does Chateko Works?
Chateko  Affiliate Program has two levels of membership, the free and pro/premium membership. The free membership is free but you can not withdraw your earnings. The Chateko pro membership cost only onetime 2,500 Naira and once paid, you will become an affiliate and be able to earn 1,500 naira instant commission per referral.

In this chateko review i want to expose everything about the Chateko so that you know exactly what other affiliate members are enjoying before you upgrade. On the Chateko platform, i earn 1 Point of every action. When i post, i earn 1 point, when i make a comment i aslo earn 1 point and when i like any post i earned 1 point.

All Chateko points are automatically accumulated, converted to naira and sent to your internal wallet ready to be withdrawn. Getting Referrals is not compulsory before you can withdraw you earnings on chateko but if you want make quick cash, you use the banner ad secret i showed you earlier in this Chateko review to get referrals daily and make 1,500 naira daily.

Another easy way you can make quick cash on chateko is by using the invite friend through email feature on the chateko website.  Using this feature only correctly can put more than 15,000 Naira in earning in your bank account within 2 days! All you have to do is enter your friends email in the box provided and chateko will help you send an invite email to your friend. Once your friend register and upgrade to pro affiliate, you earn 1,500 Naira. If you have more than 2,000 friends on facebook, invite all of them to this facebook alternative so that you can all make real quick cash.

After you become member of chateko, always login to see if there is any chateko giveway because you will get free recharge card codes on chateko. I personally was lucky to get one of the recharge card code on chateko. So you have a whole lot to gain by joining this awesome facebook alternative in Nigeria called chateko.

Airtel free recharge card, chateko give away, freebies

Haven read my Chateko review this far, i think the next thing you are thinking is if chateko is this awesome, show me how to join then. Well, joining chateko is free but if you want to make quick cash and be able to withdraw it daily, i mean every single day Monday to Sunday then you must upgrade to pro affiliate by paying the 2,500 Naira one time upgrade fee.

How To Register for Chateko Affiliate Program
 Click here to register  fill the form with your info, tick agree to terms and condition and click on lets go.  After registration, the next step is to upgrade your account.  Follow the steps here to activate your account.

Proof of Payment from Chateko

chateko nigeria proof of earnings

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