chateko affiliate program is the easiest way to make 7500 naira daily

Chateko Social Media Affiliate Program: How To Make 7,500 Naira Daily Online in Nigeria

Chateko is the latest social media platform which has an amazing affiliate program where you can make 7,500 Naira daily by doing simple and easy social media tasks. Chateko Affiliate Program is the facebook alternative in 2018 and you can easily get access to tons of entertaining contents like jokes, comedy videos and vines compilation on the chateko social media Platform.

You are not being paid for using Facebook Social Media right?

Chateko social media is totally different. You will be paid for every like, comment and post.
Every of your activities on the chateko platform has a point which is automatically credited to your internal wallet. Once you have accumulated enough points on the chateko website, you can request for withdrawal of your earnings daily and get paid directly to your bank account. It’s not compulsory to refer anybody in chateko before you will be paid but you must be upgraded affiliate member before you can get paid.

How does Chateko Works?

Chateko pays 1Naira for every post, 1 Naira for every comment and 1 Naira for every Like. So you can make as much money as you want daily by posting, liking and commenting on posts on the Chateko platform. But to earn big money in chateko, you have to become an affiliate so that you can earn 60% Affiliate Commission which is 1,500 Naira per referral. You will enjoy free airtel recharge card and free recharge card code for other networks upto 1,500 Naira weekly.  

I have noticed there are lot of misconceptions about getting referrals on Chateko Affiliate Program. But i will tell you if you get your marketing system or campaign done correctly, you will earn 7,500 Naira or more daily. Some of the methods you can use to promote your Chateko referral link to earn more money fast include paid facebook paid ads, paid instagram ads, paid twitter ads, paid linkedin ads, you can make a youtube video, you can arrange an offline seminar, you can start a whatsapp group, You can do banner ads on websites like,, You can do pay per click advertising ppc on google adwords or Bing, Your can write a blog or article on high traffic blogs, email marketing. The list is endless and you will surely earn 7,500 Naira or more per day if you do your marketing campaigns well. has a very effective performance based advertising program, where you can advertise any of your other programs like nnu income, h2i top up and earn, recharge and get paid etc. You will only pay when other users interact with you ads like liking it or sharing it on their other social media platforms for more exposure.

Is Chateko Affiliate Program Real or Scam

Most people are careful these days when joining any online program, but i want to assure you that any program you see here on my blog is a well researched program. Because i’m an online entrepreneur too so i know how it feels loosing money on a bad investment. I have lost money in other programs before but i have learnt my lessons. Now, i only do low risk programs and if you are a regular reader of my blog, i will encourage you to also go for only low risk programs that has start up cost of between 1,000 – 5,000 Naira. 

Chateko Nigeria is an alternative to facebook and a social media website that pays members to use the platform. Chateko also has product which is advertisement packages it sells at a really cheap rate to help it members to further grow their businesses. Chateko is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), with RC Number: 2681595.

What Are the Benefits of Joining The Chateko Social Media affiliate Program

  • The paid membership cost 2,500 Naira and you will be qualified to start earning 1,500 Naira which is 60% Affiliate Commission
  • You can earn passive income for life of 60% commission on whatever amount of Ad packages purchased by the people you invited to chateko
  • You will get free Airtel recharge card and free recharge card code for other Network upto 1,500 Naira weekly on the Chateko give way
  • You will get a recognition badge and have more profile views more than non Paid affiliates
  • You will be able to withdraw you Commission daily Once you have earned upto 7,500 Naira
  • You will earn points on every post, comment and like which is automatically converted to money and credited to your internal wallet.
  • You can advertise other programs on chateko and make more money.

How To Register for Chateko Social Media Affiliate Program.

Step 1: Click here to register and become a member of by just filling the form with your info. After registration you will be able to use some of the features of the website but you can not withdraw your earnings on the Chateko Nigeria Social Media Platform until you upgrade your Account and become a Pro member.

How To Upgrade Chateko Affiliate Account.

You can upgrade your Chateko Affiliate Account with a onetime payment of ₦2,500.

You have 2 options you can use to make payment; Online payment through Paystack or Mobile transfer to fund your Chateko Wallet.

You can use any of the 2 options but the online payment through the Paystack seems to be faster, easier and your Chateko Affiliate account will be upgraded to Pro instantly.

Let see the steps to Upgrade your Chateko Affiliate Account using the 2 available payment options one after the other.

Upgrading Chateko Affiliate Account Using Online Payment with Paystack.

Click Here Only after you have registered in Step 1 if not go back to step 1 and register first before you do this step.

Click on “Upgrade Now” button

Then Click on Pay Online with Paystack

Enter your ATM Card details and proceed with the payment or if you have a GTB Account, Click on GTB 737 tab on the Paystack Popup and dial the code displaying on your screen.

Follow the steps below to activate your chateko account through mobile transfer (Offline payment)

First you have to fund your Chateko internal wallet by making a mobile transfer of 2,500 Naira to the Chateko Account.

Click here to get Chateko Account details

Once they send you the account details on Whatsapp, then proceed to make your payment.

Make use you use your “Chateko username” in the description while doing your mobile transfer so that Chateko Nigeria can easily know the payment is from you and fund your internal


Once your wallet has been funded, You can now complete your upgrade by clicking here

then “Click Upgrade Now“, Click on Wallet and your Account will be automatically upgraded.

Do you have any products you want to advertise online?

You can advertise it through the chateko and make sales fast because the chateko social media platform is a paid membership platform so you know this is a buying market you are promoting to.
Everything looks awesome about the chateko platform. The design is sleek and the website has been professionally designed. The chateko is looking like a website that might kick facebook out of business in the future if the admin remains consistent and continue to develop the platform like mark mark Zukerberg is doing for facebook.

Will you like to know other genuine online programs that are currently paying in Nigeria?        

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