How to Make Money with Canva App As a Graphic Designer in Nigeria.

Would you like to earn money online designing ebook covers, banners, social media covers or logos for small businesses and internet marketers? If yes, make sure you read this post to the end as i reveal a graphic design productivity booster tool called Canva App. 

Back in 2014, I was running a graphic design gig on fiverr and making close to $30 weekly But guess what? I did not know much about graphic design.

I wasn’t very good in Photoshop or coreldraw that time but I was making some eye popping designs that made my clients love my work and keep coming back.

So how was I able to do that?

I designed using a free online graphic design website called canva.

Once I get an order on fiverr, I will take the customer briefing and head over to canva app, browse through the templates and choose a good one according to my customers request. I will then edit it, sometimes I change the fonts, the images. If a customer supplied me with their own images, I will upload and use it for their designs. Then once I’m happy with the design, I will save and download.

I have designed so many eBook covers like this to make money. The best part is my customers are always happy when I deliver in less than 24 hours.

Can I tell you a secret?

It takes less than an hour to finish a design on canva online because everything is already done for you by canva professional designers.

You just choose a template, edit and your design is ready.

Apart from ebooks cover, you can do banners, posters, infographics, social media covers just name it canva online has a template for everything.

So what is Canva?

Canva is a graphic design tool for both professional and non professional graphic designers. Canva can be used online without having to install any app on your computer or mobile phone. You just go to canva online website, register an account and you can start designing. 

Apart from canva online,  canva has desktop and mobile app that you can download and install on your computer or smartphones for your designs but it doesn’t work offline so you need your mobile internet data to be on before you can use them.

The idea is to make graphic design as easy as possible.

How does canva work?

Canva has 3 different account types you can choose from based on your budget, design needs and your team size. If you do just a few designs monthly like less than 10, you can go for the free version.

But there are some restrictions to a free canva app account like not being able to use some fonts reserved for paid membership, not being able to use some nice templates and not being able to use the magic resizer tool and not being able to use the background removal tool.

Also for a free canva app account, if you need to use premium images in your designs, you have to pay $1 per each image or premium elements.  Aside from these restrictions, free membership is good especially if you have graphic design skills already or you just need simple designs for your blog banner or social media posts.

Canva pro Account.

If you will be using canva as a freelancer on sites like fiverr to earn money by designing, you will be doing so many designs in a month according to the orders you get from clients. It’s highly recommended you go for canva pro account. This is because you will have access to Millions of images, premium fonts and tools reserved for paid memberships which you can use for your designs.  

Imagine paying $1 each for 100 images used in your design in a month. That will be a $100 payment if you were to be a free account holder on the platform.

But for $9.95 per month when you pay for canva pro yearly or $12.99 per month when you choose the monthly payment plan for your canva pro account, you will have access to all these images for free to use in your designs.

Even if you do 1,000 designs in a month, you will not be charged extra than the $12.99. So this is a huge savings for you. All the cool tools will also be yours to use for your designs. Premium fonts, millions of free images you can search, use effects on your images, background removal and resizer tool and much more.

If you are a graphic design company that needs branding, you can load your branding kits, your logos, fonts, images etc and use them in your designs all for a monthly fee of $30.

Why you should use Canva App for your graphic designs.

1. It saves you time. You will not need to start designing from scartch, you just choose a template and change some elements. If you don’t know much about graphic design, this is the best way to go.

2. It saves you money. Some designs will require you to use premium images, so instead of paying for one each time you design, you can search canva and choose out of the millions of images on the platform for your design

3. It increases your productivity. It takes just few minutes to complete a design on canva online. If you have clients that is giving a tight delivery timline, you can quickly get something for them using the canva app.

4. You will be able to share your designs to all social media account directly for canva

5. You can schedule posts from canva to be posted on your social media accounts at a later date

6. There are lot of templates you can edit for any type of designs you want to do

7. You can download your designs on canva online in various formats like png, jpg, pdf, mp4 etc

8. Canva allows you to search for images on Facebook, pixabay etc just connect those accounts to your canva account and you are good to go

9. You can do 3d mockup of your design as canva has partnership with 3d mockup

10. You can resize your designs based on the various social media image sizes without having to redesign from scratch.

How to use canva to design.

For you to start using canva App for your designs, you need to register an account Click here to sign up on canva. Once you have an account even if it’s a free account, login with your details.

how to use canva to design

Once you login, click on create a design, then choose the type of design you want to do. You also have option of creating your design with custom sizes, edit photo and import PDF.

Once you have chosen the type of design you want to make, then the design interface will open and you can choose a template, edit the template, change text, change image, change background, crop the image, change the collage, change elements etc Once you are happy with your design, you can either download or share to social media.

But if you use a free canva online account for you design, before you download you have to pay for every premium image or element you have used in your design or your designs will be watermarked with canva.

How to Make Money with Canva App.

There are awhole lot of ways you can earn money designing using the canva app. You are not limited, so you can make money on or off the canva online tool.

1. You can start freelance graphic design gigs on fiverr, upwork etc and earn money designing graphics like logo, ebook covers, infographics, posters, resume, social media posts, youtube thumbnails etc. You create an account of freelance website, then post your graphic design gigs, once you get an order, you headover to canva and do the design based on the instructions the buyer gave to you.

2. You can become social media account manager for ecommerce businesses and other small businesses on Instagram, twitter, facebook and charge them per post you will be making for them on their pages. You then use canva to design the post and schedule it to be posted to their social media accounts.

3. You can do creative design elements and creative markets like the graphic river or become a canva app contributor, upload your original designs and earn 35% anytime a free user make use of your premium element in their design. You can make alot of money through this as there are millions of users on canva online and they make all sorts of designs that they will require new and unique design elements for

4. You can do great graphics for advertisers like online banners, landing page elements or design highly converting graphics your own ads if you sell anything online or you are an affiliate marketer

5. Canva Pro Affiliate Partner Program.

If you are an affiliate marketer or you have a large list or followers on social media or youtube, you can join the canva pro affiliate partnership program. The program is different from the refer a friend and earn free credits that you will find on your canva account. Canva pro affilaite parnership program is cordinated by impact. You will have to register an account and pass a prequalification process before your affiliate partnership will be approved.

Once approved, you will either earn $21 per monthly subscribers you refer that is $10.5 each for their first 2 months subscription or  you earn $30 when your refer a buyer that pays for the canva pro yearly subscription.

Yearly subscription is better for buyers that are into graphic designs for a living and will be doing this for long. Also when a buyer gets the canva pro yearly susbcription they will be saving $36.

How to get Canva pro for free

If you will like to test the canva App and see whether it can help boost your graphic design productivity, you can click here to get a canva pro account for free. Yes you can use it for 30 days free without having to pay anything in that 30days. Your credit card will not be charged and you can cancel your subscription after 30days if you don’t want to continue. 

This is a good ways to test all the cool and premium features of the canva App before you finally subscribe and see if it will worth the $9.95 for 12months when you pay for yearly canva pro subscription or $12.99 per month when you pay for the canva pro on a monthly subscription.


Canva App is a highly recommended productivity boosting tool for bloggers, graphic designers, social media managers and internet marketers. Without having to take a long time to learn tools like Photoshop, illustrator, in designs etc you will be able to craft awesome designs within just a few minutes even though you never knew anything about graphic designs.

The monthly charge is so cheap especially if you are a freelancer on fiverr, upwork etc. So if you have not been using this tool for your designs, I will recommend you check it out canva pro. You can start with the free account and upgrade to canva pro as needed when you understand the platform and you have started making profits in your business.

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